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Moyes defends board as he buys “for the top six”



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David Moyes is keen to dismiss all ideas among the fans that there is any conflict between himself and the board over his attempted signings.

Football, being the tribal business it has always been, ensures that when things go wrong in the market either the manager or the board take the hits depending naturally on whose side people find themselves.

And that Moyes should be moved to discuss the issue demonstrates that he is keenly aware of the tensions on the situation towards himself and GSBK.

There have been reported disagreements between the two sides this summer but Moyes has now gone out of his way to tell us that he and the board are in agreement and that he is receiving the level of backing he requires.

All good to hear but doubtful whether it will be enough to satisfy the outrage we often hear as a result of social media. BIG SIGH.

Look I think as managers we all live or die by our recruitment,” Moyes told Graham Hunter.

You’ll probably lose your job if you don’t recruit particularly well, not always, but it’s got a big part to play in it. So I think getting good recruitment is really vital.

“We started well with the Czech boys, we’re now moving on. We bought players when we came in to finish outside the bottom three in the Premier League 

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“But we had an unbelievable year two years ago where we went from fourth bottom of the league to pushing fifth and sixth in the Premier League and we’ve sort of continued that.

“So the level of player (we’re looking for now), we’re looking to buy players who can get us in the top six, or keep us in the top six. So that in itself is a different challenge.

“But I have to say the club have been really good as far as they’re putting the finances up, they’re giving me every opportunity to try and do that. But we’re still building and while you’re doing that if you try and say ‘we’re going to buy the top boys’ then – this is my experience telling me ‘it’s not the way to go’.

“You put a layer on another layer, a layer on the other layer. If you have billionaires running your club you can say we can spend as much as we like. We don’t have that so you’ve got to try and do it in a wee bit of a calculated way.

“I didn’t buy anybody in January, it wasn’t because the club didn’t want to buy anybody it was because I couldn’t find the ones I wanted and we bid really big for top players. So I sort of get a bit annoyed when people quite often blame the board (saying) they didn’t buy and that. Let me tell you you they did, they tried to buy really good players.

“And what I’m trying to do now is buy really good players to help us become a top six team.

“I’m saying ‘we don’t want to sign a cheap player just to fill a space, I’d rather go without than do that because I’m trying to save your money for what I hope might come’.

“We’re in the transfer window and I’m hoping we can do that. But look I’ll have to live and die by my decisions and how I do that but we’re buying for the top six and to be better.”

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6 comments on “Moyes defends board as he buys “for the top six”

  1. Sorry but so far this transfer window (with the exception of Scamacca) has been nothing but frustrating failure. To have players that we have worked on for months and years stolen from under our noses, is an indictment of everybody involved and primarily Moyes and the board.
    Onana was Moyes number one choice. To loose out at such a late stage was devastating.
    And it is now coming out that Onana wanted to come to West Ham, and it wasn’t a case of Everton paying extortionate wages. It was purely that Onana wanted to play as much football as possible to ensure his place in the Belgium team for the world cup. And Lampard convinced him that Everton was the right choice for this. Lampard done what he had to do to get his man. Moyes didn’t. Simple as that. I think it comes down to one Man is a winner and the has won nothing.
    To make the matter worse the Belgium manager has come out today and said he believes Onana will be one of the greatest midfield players in the world.
    I know his still only potential but the fact of the matter is, this is the one player Moyes wanted and we lost out purely because of our incompetence.

    • He didn’t come because his mate Lukaku advised him to join Everton. Onana explained this in an interview

      • You can dress it up as much as you like, but Lampard got his man. Moyes was left behind.

        • I have or had no intenton dressing anything up. He went to Everton so that’s that for me. Just telling you what the player said

          • But Hugh you are being very selective in your choice of what to quote. Yes he’s signed elsewhere so no point dwelling on it HOWEVER a proper assessment of why we keep missing out is required. If Onana wasn’t essential then why did we waste so much time trying to sign him. If we can’t get “top 6” players then we need to sign players to keep us in top 10 otherwise we will slip further back and the project will unravel.

          • I have quoted everything he said on the subject

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