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Moyes dilemma under the microscope

David Moyes’ position as West ham boss this season and next remains under the keenest scrutiny and later today we will be publishing the result of our poll on whether fans think he’s the right guy for the job in 1920/21.

In the meantime reegular CandH Facebook follower Richard Di Bona gives a well considered view on where he thinks the club should go on what maybe a prickly problem.

By Richard Di Bona

It’s not a simple yes/no for me

If he was a fit for West Ham he shouldn’t have been allowed to leave last time around.

I don’t think his typical style suits West Ham and I also think we should have bigger ideas but let’s not be duped by an over-hyped footballing fraud as was the case with Pellegrini

Better stick with Moyes than risk Pellegrini version 11.

Also bear in mind who else we could realistically attract especially if Moyes were chopped again at season’s end – following reassurances if his future has already been given.

As a result  decent up and coming managers / those breaking through now, would be rightfully put off joining.

So in conclusion:

I am still not convinced that Moyes is the RIGHT manager for West Ham

But I think we need to stick with him next season (assuming we stay up)

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

16 comments on “Moyes dilemma under the microscope

  1. It’s not clear to me that what David Moyes’ style is these days because both times he’s been in charge of West Ham he’s had to make do with a bunch of poor players and players affected by being involved in a relegation scrap. I do know that when he was at Everton, he produced teams that would work hard for 90+ minutes, on a budget and got the close to the Champion League once or twice. He also provided stability to an unstable club that was constantly flirting with relegation, and had different managers every couple of years or so (anyone remember what a disaster so-called big name manager Walter Smith was for Everton?). The Everton he took over bit like West Ham does today (except Everton played football in a stadium configured for football).

    If Moyes can provide some stability, build a team that is hard to beat and has us knocking at the door of the Europa League regularly, he’ll have achieved more than any other West Ham manager in the Premier League, and any other, era.

    • Has the worst record of any west ham manager since grant and that’s a joke. Wrong guy and has a good bunch of top players to have us nowhere near relegation. Pelle bought some duds like Sanchez and Roberto and ajeti but that’s because the money ran out after buying quality players. Moyes bought two excellent players sou and bow which I think gets him at least next season to see if with full backs and a couple of others brought in a chance to at least get us among the top half regularly. Personally kovac would be my choice and his young still and hungry for success.

  2. A major factor in our problems have been involving money spent on players who have failed to make any impact. We seemed to have amassed a list of second raters, injury prone guys or some who don’t give a damn. If Moyes is ever going to succeed then every new purchase must make in improvement.

  3. My dilemma with Moyes is that I think he could actually be excellent in a Director of Football role for us, rather than a manager.

    The reason for saying this is that his vision for the club is excellent – stability, a transfer strategy, he personally scouts players and understands how to build a club with fairly limited finances. The two signings he’s sanctioned so far are huge successes and he hasn’t had enough credit for that. He spent time with RB Leipzig and is modelling their transfer strategy on us which is the right way to go – developing players from lower leagues who are hungry, young enough with plenty of potential.

    On the other hand, his coaching does seem to be dated. Tactically, we don’t seem to have a lot other than knock it up to Antonio and let someone play off him. We’re defensively fragile (although he doesn’t take all the blame for this) and it worries me that there’s not a lot to our game – except our possession stats hover around 30% for the majority of Moyes’s games which tells me he wants to play on the counter, except we’re not good enough defensively to do that.

    If Moyes keeps us up, he deserves another year for sure. If he brings in 2/3 young players of the Bowen type and we have a solid year where we don’t fight relegation, that has to be considered a success. Whether he can then take us to where we feel we should be, around 8th in the league, I don’t know.

    There’s a reason why the likes of RB Leipzig appoint young, up and coming managers.

  4. Moyes is a dinosaur . Many moons ago he inherited a young talented team with a couple of big names . and managed to keep it going . Since then he has been an abject failure everywhere . He has no modern tactical awareness and is loath to take chances with the youngsters so we end up with players like Cresswell and Noble who are way past their prime while talented youngsters leave or go out on loan . He has no defensive nouse and has failed to bring in a coach who could help solve the awful defending that we see every game . He is also the person who brought in Hugill but turned down the first refusal options we had on Dedoncker and Jotta for silly money …. really ?? He is not fit for purpose in todays climate . The game has changed ( for the worse you could argue ) but he is still stuck in his time warp .

    • So is Moyes to take the blame for players who joined the club as kids or in Cresswell’s case under Allardyce and it would be nice to see some specifics among your very wide generalisations on tactics etc. He’s only been at the club less than a year over two spells

  5. Unless we could get Nuno Espirito Santo or Marcelo Bielsa am not sure who we should go for, Everton have a better squad of players than we do and a manager in Ancelotti with pedigree as both player and manager and look at their shocking attitude. Moyes hasn’t had enough time or money for us to make a properly educated choice. A lot is said that he was a failure at Man U, actually other than Solskjaer his record was the same as the other managers and his failure is compared to the most successful manager in PL history… so was he a failure really ? At Sunderland and in Spain the two clubs were basket cases, it could be argued ours is also in that category. Imho give Moyes another season allow him to get more hungry players in and see where we go but next season will probably be another transition. We are looking better organised than before lockdown and are creating a lot of opportunities which we never did under Pellegrini so maybe keep Moyes or go for a hungrier coach ?

  6. Hugh

    The evidence is there for all to see . . I do not understand the Cresswell comment . . He was a terrific player and has just reached the end of his Premiership career so where is blame involved unless getting old is a crime . The problem is his inability to recognise when players can no longer hold their end up . As with Noble who has been a tremendous servant whose talent was limited at best but provided the work horse every team needs . Once he was unable to run he should have been replaced . Bracket Noble with Pike , Parris Holland and Bovington but not with Brooking , Devonshire , Peters , Bishop and a host of other talented midfielders .that have worn our famous shirt . I cannot remember one occasion where a Moyes substitution has turned a game in our favour . We were desperate last week for a goal and we ended up with abject ramdom sustitutions . .Compare Moyes to Dyche , DiSantos , who manage to blend a team of players who lay their bodies on the line for the team …. then look at Anderson , Haller , , Lanzini amonst others . . A tackle out of any one is enough to make them man of the match . Teams picture the personality and charisma of their leaders . We have nothing from Board room through the manager down to Captain . No spirit and no pride in wearing the shirt .

  7. Peter, our Captain is Mark Noble. Are you seriously telling us that he has no spirit or pride in wearing the shirt?

  8. Mooro . At what stage did I see he has no pride in wearing the shirt . That is not in question . The point is that pride is not enough unless it goes with ability . He is no longer worthy of a starting position and the only place he will lead us is the champoinship . We need a true leader by example like Rice , Ogbonna , Souchek . There is no motivation from the touch line and Noble does not inspire those around him . He has been a good servant and a good squad member but never a great . His time is past . The problem is the Andersons , Hallers and Lanzinis in the squad have all the talent he never had but do not have the spirit or claret and blue running in their veins . Time has passed him by . He found his level at Norwich but he will get overrun by the villa midfield who are younger and more athletic .

  9. “No spirit and no pride in wearing the shirt”, were your words. I mostly agree with the rest of your comment. A replacement for Noble is already here in the shape of Souchek, and no doubt a new Cresswell is already being looked at. Moyes did not buy the players you rightly slated and no doubt, considering his work ethic, is as frustrated as the rest of us.

  10. Yes Mooro . .. badly composed . My comment referred to the previous sentence re Anderson and co but i stand by the no leadership comment and Moyes inability to weld a team of individuals into a combatative unit .

  11. Perhaps next season, when more of the them will be “his” players, that may change.

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