Moyes draws line in the sand over Steidten

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David Moyes has dismissed claims of a rift with West Ham technical director Tim Steidten, yet he cryptically emphasised that “every manager has their boundaries.”

Steidten has been instructed to keep his distance from Moyes and the first-team squad for the remainder of the season as he leads the search for Moyes’ potential successor. This news was disputed by the club, however Moyes’ comments will have only added further fuel to the fire.

Moyes, whose contract expires at the end of the season, noted that no definitive decision about his future will be made until after this month’s final game, although it is widely anticipated that he will depart from the club.

“We don’t want any distractions; we’re keeping our eyes on the ball,” Moyes stated. “Tim has his responsibilities, and I have mine. We have three games left to play, and our focus is on those.” Moyes hinted at an outside chance of qualifying for the Europa Conference League, a prospect viewed sceptically by many.

Steidten, who joined West Ham last summer after a stint at Bayer Leverkusen, had reportedly experienced early tensions with Moyes concerning transfer targets. Despite being a regular fixture at the club on match days, when asked about any friction, Moyes clarified, “No, not at all. I’ve always said that Tim has his job to do, but as managers, we have our boundaries, and I have mine.”

Whilst Moyes was trying to tread a fine line with his press conference, his comments will have fooled nobody. Clearly there has been a falling out and lines have been drawn at both the stadium and training ground. The sooner this debacle ends, the better it will be for all concerned.

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  • Billy Bonds says:

    Please go Moyes. Thanks for what you have done but your style of football is boring many fans into missing matches. You also waste hundreds of millions on players then play them out of position or alienate them.

  • Phil Baker says:

    Moyes is a bust this season and must leave now to allow a new manager time to assess the current squad and decide who has a future before they quit .

  • zahama says:

    I agree that it is time for a new manager but the way that Moyes has been treated by the board is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the club

    Moyes will want to win the last three games to prove a point so he is quite right to draw his boundaries

    • G Pawley says:

      Jeeps says

      1 down 2 to go.
      Is there any team who has a subs bench as weak as West Ham?
      Academy players are only there to make up numbers as he never plays them (or just gives them 5 minutes).
      Europe games, why 2 goalkeepers on sub bench?
      Has no confidence in younger players.
      He’s a mockery to the academy .
      Had Cole Palmer gone to West Ham he probably would have been added to academy squad so that he could used to playing main stream.
      Need a manager who will explore these avenues not one with a blinkered view.

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