Moyes edging closer to Irons

MoyesmeetingDavid Moyes is this morning being strongly tipped as being ready to take over at West Ham.

Much of what is being written covers old ground but there is a certainty from the Sunday Mirror that is worth reporting here.

The new element is that apparently the Scot has decided that he wants a Premier League return as soon as possible after earlier reports that he was happy at Real Sociedad.

He has a year left on his deal and The Mirror claims the Basque club won’t stand in his way given he has allegedly made up his mind for a quick PL return.

The Scot insists publicly he is revelling in his time in La Liga, and has stabilised a Sociedad side who looked bound for relegation when he took over. However, that has been seen locally as little more than the minimum requirement.

And while he has created a decent impression Β he is not seen as a long-term option at the Spanosh cub..

The Irons have always had him as their number one choice to take over from Sam Allardyce and David Sullivan has never been a man to give up easily on his “chosen one.”

With Moyes’ former chief scout Tony Henry advising the board independently of the current Upton Park managerial regime, the appointment is the perfect fit for the Hammers.

However, the club insisted to ClaretandHugh again this morning that no announcements will be made until the end of season review meeting has been held with Allardyce.

However, it is known to us that at least two lists of possible candidates have been drawn up and that Moyes is at the top of List One.


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22 comments on “Moyes edging closer to Irons

  1. Yes, our little group were talking about this yesterday and the concensus was that Moyes was the man – big Premier League experience, plays some good football, already has a relationship with Tony Henry etc etc

    A big thing was that at Everton he had a reputation for working miracles on a tight budget – at West Ham it won’t be quite as tight but there are constraints and he has the experience.

    Job done!

  2. I have reservation about Moyes very similar to the ALLARDYCE school of thinking not a fluent manager BUT he does bring youth through, will he bring big names to WHU who knows.

  3. I agree. We need to be strong defensively but we should be able to attack teams like 10 man Burnley much better than we managed yesterday. Moyes would not be an exciting appointment but I think he will be a sensible step up on Allardycci. I very much doubt any other manager would make the choices SA does.

    Nene showed enough yesterday to ask why he has not had a chance since he first signed months ago. Same as Amalfitano who after months of inactivity, gets to play left midfield although he’s right footed! Downing who is left footed, played his England form at creative attacking midfield, also once again gets stuck on the right wing where his form is indifferent!

    And why does Nolan still get to play 2nd striker/attacking midfield when there are so clearly a lot of better alternatives. Nene, Amalfitano and before them Zarate and Morrison, have been evicted for falling out with SA and I have some sympathy when it is clear that they could see a lumbering player whose only use is to look for Andy Carroll knock-downs. He isn’t creative. He has stopped scoring and makes frequent mistakes. AC is long term injured yet the weak link still plays…?

  4. I dont care who it is anymore,Alan Partridge would do for me as long as it aint Samasaurus.3 Matches & counting till his desk draw gets emptied of his chewing gum packets.I have read people saying Moyes is no better or a sideways step compared to Allardyce.Are they for real.A sideways step compared to Allardyce,that doesnt exist unless he has a twin in management that has been hiding under the radar winning games 1-0 or respecting the point in Outer Mongolia or Peru who we dont know about πŸ˜‰

  5. get rid of sam

  6. I’ve got to a point where I’d prefer my dog on the bench instead of the dinosaur… said this, Moyes wasn’t my first choice, but ehi… there’s 2.000.000 years of football’s knowledge between him and the hipposaurus… lol


  7. Like others here Moyes doesn’t get me jumping for joy but at least he’ll make use of the academy that we were so famous for Sam your days are done so get a “wrigley” on and go!!! Ps don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out !!!!!!!

  8. If Moyes can find a Rooney,Rodwell Or Barkley in our club he will do for me,
    Plus lots of players that turned us down were quite happy to sign for Moyes,
    I also think the time in Spain will have helped and I still think Man U did not give him enough time and the board backed the squad and not the manager which won’t happen at our club,

  9. Whilst I almost agree that anything will be better than our current Neanderthal, Moyes is dour and flair free.

    Ah, well…..

    • Ffs……..I sold my seats yesterday and for the first time since I was 6 years old and began to support my team I kind of wanted West Ham to get beat yesterday as I’m sick and tired of wAtching boring defensive football backed up by a poor tactician of a manager who makes pathetic substitutions which make no sense and no impact. I kind of wanted burnley to beat us because I want him gone so badly….! Moyes….absolutely he’s in a different class and is intelligent. Ok so he may not be all out attack but if he was good enough for Man Utd, albeit for a short spell, he’s good enough for me. I just hope and pray we can ALL get behind him become West Ham UNITED again! Come on you irons!

  10. I kinda know how you feel Johnny,i have had my enthusiasm evaporating away for the last year or two,apart from the brief spell when we were great,though not all Allrdyces doing no matter what some say.Certainly a laege portion of luck not judgement.I never want us to lose,i want to see us stuff everyone.But i do find myself wondering if losing the last 3 matches will be good to finally nail the coffin lid shut.Im sure Hippohead will go anyway but if it helped seal it then short term pain for long term gain could be the way to go.Before anyone says i aint a real fan because i would even want our team to lose,i didnt say that,i said it may have beneficial consequences if we did lose the last inconsequential matches,which they basically are.So no one even question my loyalty,that includes you 647580,lol,dont come looking for an arguement πŸ˜€


  12. Felt the same did not want us to loose but would have settled for 4 draws til the end of the season,but not sure what he will have to do to our club before the fire him,
    Moyes is not here yet so fingers crossed Rafa or Biesla can be attracted.

  13. Despite all of the inside info from Hugh to the contary, I firmly believe that Big Sam will be awarded another contract as West Ham manager. having come this far, West Ham will want to stay in the Premier League – relegation in our final season is not an option. The owners know that another contract for Sam will affect season ticket sales so they are making us renew early, or commit to renew, before the contract is announced. The owners also know that season tickets holders, and more, will want to go to Stratford during the first season to see what it is like there. Two year contract for Sam is my prediction.

    • Ahaha… Yes oldgit, and Sam is the right person For this mission? Since xmas we have a relegation average… Lol


  14. Appreciated your post Rads, you summed up exactly what I meant and yes Bubs Rafa or Bielsa preferably but right now I would be happy with any one who’s half decent and doesn’t cause such division and unrest amongst the fans. I’ve bought my season ticket for our last year at Upton Park (Boleyn Ground???) and really want to see some entertainment and goals again. Ohh….and hopefully when it’s not working a manager who knows how to make various tactical and formation changes and not the same old same old week in week out and then claims to be a tactical genius when finally due to law of averages one week it actually appears to work. Relegation? More chance under SA than anyone else IMO and think the board will see it that way too after watching our demise throughout 2015…and will want more for the money they’re willing to pay……3 more games and it’s time for change I think we’ll see it too.

  15. Jonny I agree how tha stats add up since Xmas make BFS a bad bet to keep us in the premier and he was lucky at the beginning of the season,where people have been in the last 3 months I don’t know ,
    If he gets 2 years we will be sacking him next Jan or before when he starts the season with Nolan still captain and Carroll back up front and we are bottom,
    What will that cost and will managers like Moyes be available then ?
    BFS will not sell Nolan or ditch O,Brien,plus Nene and Zarate will be gone,
    We must move forward sorry oldgit but as another oldgit I don’t think he will stay regardless of the results for the rest of the season ,

  16. Hippohead is history,i dont even worry about the fact he might stay.He is gone,seeing out his last 3 matches,then its Arriverderci Allerdici (sorry for abusing your language Matte) πŸ˜€

  17. Ahahah… Great rads! I’m teaching my language here… Lol but it’s better “addio” instead of “arrivederci” (see you soon)…

  18. Ahhh,ok Matte,the Addio Figa is better for him then,lol πŸ˜€

  19. Ahahah… Yes… Ahahah

  20. I cannot imagine for one second, Moyes playing a team that’s built around Carroll upfront and Nolan behind when he has players like Valencia and Sakho and that’s all I need to know…bore me to death with these two Moyes, I’ll survive

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