Moyes Explains Subdued Reaction to Fan Chants

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David Moyes has revealed the heartwarming reason behind his reserved response to West Ham fan chants during their final home game of the season.

We all have to admit that tensions had been high leading up to the match, with speculation swirling about Moyes’ future and criticism aimed at the club’s handling of the situation. However, the week culminated in a fitting farewell for the manager.

Throughout the 3-1 win over Luton, West Ham fans chanted their support for Moyes, calling him “Super David Moyes” and acknowledging his European achievements.

Despite the outpouring of appreciation at the London Stadium, Moyes remained stoic on the sidelines. Some interpreted this as resentment, but the truth was far more noble.

According to Moyes, his subdued demeanour stemmed from a desire to show respect for Luton manager Rob Edwards and his team, facing potential relegation. He believed celebrating excessively would be insensitive given their situation.

Moyes clarified that he was deeply touched by the chants, acknowledging the fans’ recognition of his achievements over four and a half years at the club.

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  • Westham64 says:

    Classy to the end.

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    The guy might be stubborn in his ways and a little one-dimensional in his tactics, but nobody can say he isn’t a class act as a man, and I wish him all the very best at his next club. I have no doubt we’ll see him back in work very soon. Good luck, David.

    • Pete says:

      “David Moyes David Moyes David Moyes”
      I was a teacher back in 1957 and read.out the names for the school register , 3 David Moyes in the same class I ask you !

  • Darren Turner says:

    I was there and apart from the odd person trying to sing his name there was no chanting his name.

  • Pete says:

    I wasnt there

  • Pete says:

    I wasnt there but if I was then I would have been.

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