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Moyes: Fan comment really bugged me

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Outgoing West Ham manager David Moyes has shared a story about an encounter with a West Ham fan following the team’s recent defeat by Crystal Palace. Moyes was noticeably irked by the comment from the supporter who informed him that West Ham’s Europa Conference League win meant ‘nothing’.

Clearly, whoever Moyes spoke to would have been in the minority, as many West Ham fans cherished their first experience of The Hammers winning a trophy. The multitude of fans who travelled to Prague and the huge numbers who followed the victory parade around East London clearly demonstrated how much the victory meant to so many.

However, the encounter has clearly stuck in David Moyes’ mind. Sometimes criticism can linger far longer than praise, even if the vast majority are complimentary and grateful. Perhaps it’s another example of the manager staying on for one season too long, to the point where the team, and the defence in particular, was never going to withstand another season fighting on both fronts.

When speaking to The Standard, Moyes said: “One of the most disappointing things was after our game at Crystal Palace recently,” he admits. “We had lost heavily but afterwards, I decided to go out and sign a few autographs – just thought it was the right thing to do.

“I was standing there and a West Ham supporter came up and said to me, ‘That trophy meant nothing. We only beat two teams, Alkmaar and Fiorentina’.

“I told him he was entitled to his opinion but that really bugged me. Aston Villa would have done anything to have reached this season’s final but they went out to Olympiacos who we had topped in our Europa League group.

“We’ve had three years in Europe in two competitions and won our group on all three occasions, playing Thursday-Sunday which, believe me, is a real challenge.

“That fan who thought it was ‘nothing’ has his opinion but I can tell you that I have had supporters from many other clubs telling me they think West Ham have done amazing.”

It’s a shame that Moyes has taken that one comment to heart so much, but it is human nature to do so. I certainly hope that he can one day take comfort from the thanks he will surely receive over the years, which will undoubtedly outnumber any criticism.

Whilst I personally believe the time is right for Moyes to go, I will always be grateful for that trophy win, and as Aston Villa discovered recently… it isn’t as easy as it seems.

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  • East Kilbride Hammer says:

    Well let me tell the muppet that said that I am 57 years old and never thought I would see us win anything again in my lifetime. Moyes is right to be irked because as much as I think his time is up and right to go he deserves so much respect for winning that trophy. We have done something that most teams would dream of.

    • John simmonds says:

      I’ve had all the other teams fans taking the ****
      Micky Mouse football plastic cup etc. But out of the top self elected ” big six” how many of them would rather have been in Prague playing/supporting? Or sitting at home watching on the box. 5 out of the 6 of them that’s who. Micky Mouse football or not
      All except Citeh. Not one English team in a euro final this year proves how easy it is not.


    • D.f.butcher says:

      Everyones entitled to their opinions,

  • Billy says:

    I’ve seen comments on here from people putting down Moyes achievements as if they meant nothing. They are probably the same fans who left early at the end of our last home game. While the majority stayed and applauded Moyes and showed him the respect he deserves. I even heard chants of David Moyes claret and blue army, and we’ve got super David Moyes.

  • Anon says:

    Moyes is right to be annoyed by this fans comments however this divisive website is partly to blame by it’s vehemently anti Moyes stance and pro Sullivan bias

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Moyes is right to be ****ed off by that so called fan I’m not a huge fan of moyes but he deserves all the credit and thanks for winning the europa conference league which as Aston Villa found out it’s no easy task ok things have gone belly up since the start of the year and moyes is moving on but he will be held in high regard for bringing our first trophy in over 40years which means he will always be remembered in West Ham’s history

  • Len Scannell says:

    The problem is really that most fans have a problem in explaining face to face why they don’t like the football style of Moyes. I’ve heard fans say the trophy meant little because other fans say it to us. I’ve seen fans say they hope we lose games so Moyes can be sacked. When you aren’t used to explaining the reason you don’t want a manager of your team these are the things that get said but really, the reasons are more about awful and boring football…

  • Ken Edridge says:

    My question is why did the fan feel the need to make this comment? Could it have been that he was sick of the teams coming to London stadium and having 70 or 80 percent possession. Was he sick of watching the team virtually being made up of pretend goal keepers for that time. The supporters spend a lot of money every year to be entertained by the team they love. Sure we are all grateful to Moyes and the teams achievements but let’s be honest, most of the games were very disappointing , entertainment wise

  • WestHamGebby says:

    That fan doesn’t speak for the massive, that cup win was amazing and being in Prague with 26,0000 fans was the best experience I’ve had as a Hammer, I’m 52 years old. Thank you DM.

  • Colin says:

    Trouble is their not really west ham fans, real fans, support there team through thick and thin, good and bad, even footballers are human and can have a bad day, we all have them, in reality those sorts are not supporters at all, they are in fact infiltrarors, probably mostly jealous spurs fans who can’t remember the last time they won anything.

  • Edward Clark says:

    Have you heard about 16 year old Fletcher Boyd of Aberdeen fc who scored on his debut last weekend.
    Perhaps Geo knows about this young kid who looks as if he has some future in the game.

  • Alan Nicholls says:

    This site has criticised David Moyes at every opportunity.

    This has been our best 4 years in top flight in my lifetime.
    The person who criticised has no idea history / now / future…
    He has probably been brought up on the unrealistic nonsense served up here.
    Who do want as your next manager come first week of December.
    You guys really don’t understand basics . Look above us in the league. Only Newcastle is a maybe. We actually won the Orem also rans. That’s a helluva achievement.

    Nobody could manage through the Moyes Out movement. He is only human and the players would have found it difficult.
    Why did you mess it up .
    It’s the best it’s been.
    Distraught! To say the least.

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Shouldn’t be so touchy

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