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Moyes Fanboy Merson’s Bowen Swipe

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Poor old Paul Merson really doesn’t like West Ham very much and is struggling to contain his obvious annoyance.

Merson, you will remember, was front and centre of the ‘be careful what you wish for’ brigade, who were clearly affronted that David Moyes‘ West Ham stay had not been extended. Like many others, Merson could not wait to inform Hammers fans just how wrong we’d got it in our assessment of his good mate Moyesie.

The former Arsenal winger was so irked by Moyes’ removal that he made the bold claim that the Scotsman’s successor, Julen Lopetegui, wouldn’t win a trophy if he stayed for 25 years.

Well, the Sky Sports pundit has been at it again today, suggesting that Jarrod Bowen is “an alright player who does what it says on the tin.”

Merson then added some sour grapes to his pint of bitter as he claimed Bowen was good at blocking crosses but not capable of winning a game.

Quite incredible words from someone who can barely contain his dislike for all things West Ham.

But most preposterous of all is the fact that he’s wrong. Lopetegui, of course, has won the Europa League with Sevilla. As for Bowen, well, a winning goal during the dying embers of a European final probably answers Merson’s criticism better than anything.

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  • D says:

    Sounds like he has been drinking again! But did he ever stop?

  • John Sharp says:

    If Merson lives another 25 years he still would not grow a brain. He’s the Trigger of football.

  • zahama says:

    The article is good and makes a point – but the headline is terrible – it suggests that Merson’s comments on Bowen come with the backing of Moyes.

    Now that Moyes has left it would be nice to just show him some respect

  • IronMan says:

    I can’t honestly see why we need to show Moyes an undue level of respect. He never showed the fans any in his entire tenure

  • Pete says:

    He does deserve some respect he guided us to 3 years of European football and a Conference League trophy. Everything else mosly a load of sh..

  • Daveyghew says:

    This coming from a man who knows where the bottle and the bookies are better than anyone.

  • Jamie Hickman says:

    Truth is that Merson is really sore that Bowen was brought on for England to replace His Arsenal golden boy Saka, and was far better.

  • Rik says:

    Just shut up and go away. Bowens got more talent and class than you ever had. Can’t remember you winning anything with England. Bunch of drunks that’s why

  • Ken Brickell says:

    Can Merson even say “Bowen” without mispronouncing it? The man is a numpty and Sky should sack him. There are plenty of ex-players who could replace him. He really ****es me off whenever he is on.

  • IMP says:

    Merson is an idiot. If Rice wasn’t at that team in North London now, he’d be digging him out too!

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