Moyes fits Irons bill on many fronts

Moyes allardyceDavid Moyes – with just over a year left on his Real Sociedad contract – is emerging as a clear favourite to replace Sam Allardyce should the club decide to part company with the current boss.

The Scot’s profile fits the Hammers requirements on most fronts although neither Marseilles coach Marcelo Bielsa or Slaven Bilic has been ruled out.

However, the two Davids have shown a preference for British bosses since they arrived Β in ownership at Birmingham City and Moyes was a target last summer.

ClaretandHugh’s regular sources were reluctant to comment when asked directly by us this morning but it became clear that the former Everton and Manchester United manager is on their minds.

Although reported keen to continue his work in developing Vallecano, Moyes may find it difficult to resist the opportunity of overseeing the last Boleyn season ahead of the move to our showpiece Olympic Stadium.

And with only just over a year left on his contract the Hammers would only pay a minimal amount in compensation to the Spanish outfit!

And the Hammers have another big edge with Moyes having worked with the board’s head of recruitment Tony Henry at Everton. Henry of course reports solely to David Sullivan.

Our source said: “The scenario is interesting but the season still has to play itself out. Much will depend on our finish and who the alternatives are should we decide to make a change. Obviously experience of the English Leagues is a factor.”



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18 comments on “Moyes fits Irons bill on many fronts

  1. Real Sociedad πŸ˜‰

  2. What’s the point in swapping one defensively minded manager for another. May as well stick with Sam. Now Bielsa would be amazing.

  3. Under Moyes our football will not change much, but he is the choice of the Davids by a long way. But then our football has been very good in 90% of matches this season.

  4. We surely have a real opportunity with our improving squad, the last season at Upton Park and the OS move to attract a proper manager. By that I mean someone who considers winning before not losing and tries to play with some flair.
    Just being difficult to beat = mid table. Winning ugly on a bad day is a feature of all successful teams – setting up to do so is another matter.
    I don’t know what fronts the two Dave’s are looking to cover, but if Moyes fits the bill I worry about their targeting .

  5. Yes, I agree with you: his football is not as offensive as that of Bielsa, Bilic or De Boer; I would prefer these last names, we need a mind-changing. Come on Davids, let us look forward with a little courage.

  6. I’m going to be the lone dissenter here. While the excitement of Bilic of Bielsa is fun to think about, I understand the pragmatism in Moyes. In essence, he is as safe a set of hands as Sam without being as belligerent. And regardless of what happened last year at Man U, if Fergie thought he was the right man for the job (and based on what we are seeing this year at Old Trafford it’s looking like Moyes was given the shaft), Im going to assume there is a winning manager somewhere in there. Id be fine with Mr. Moyes.

  7. At least with Moyes,even if he isnt really my idea of a manager we should go for you dont get all this self promoting,egotistical media garbage Allardyce trots out.I know it is a results based business but his constant ‘im the best’ rubbish really does annoy me.Be nice to have a guy representing our club with a little bit of class,not a turbo gob,egotist who rates himself far higher than his managerial record suggests.

  8. I think Moyes would be successful with us. He has something to prove now & if we keep Sherringham, he can sort out the front. Moyes is not as defensive as Sam, has a better repore with the players & has plenty of experience in the Premier League. How do you follow Fergie? No, i think he would sort us out & it would be beneficial to appoint someone quickly if Sam goes. Despite the comparisons, Moyes is a sensible option.

  9. Moyes would not be popular with some supporters but he would do a good job, and keep stability which is very important. He was bably treated at Man U, after just beginning the necessary re-building there. He should have been given time, and the same amount of money Van Gaal has been given. But then Brits don’t get that sort of money.
    Most people on this site will see him as boring but he will get results.

  10. Imagine having to follow Fergie & Allerdichi … 2 sophisticated managers of real class. I hope hes up to it

  11. If were going to get Moyes then it is pretty much a sideways step without the bs from allarydce.But we will do the British thing,be conservative,be boring,be predictable,keep it safe.Boring.

    • yes Tys not at all exciting. I would rather have a good up and coming Brit boss, but they’re so rare these days.

  12. I know we have the OS move that is massive but at the the same time if were not going to do something different with regards to the manager then do nothing at all.Bringing in a safety first manager to replace Allardyce is pointless.Either it has to be a totally different style of manager or unfortunately stick with the Sophisticated One πŸ˜‰

  13. Sorry dont like moyes. Reminds me of Avram Grant , always uptight .
    No fit . Irrespective of my feelings about BFS , I would keep him in front of trying Moyes an day.

  14. Only thing I like about Moyes is he gives youth a chance,but he has been under restraint with budget at Everton and made no mistakes at Man U in the transfer market un like Van G
    In Spain at the moment his football is not defencive so I would give him a go but as with most of you prefer another name
    Matte back in UK at the moment family death that’s why I have not been active.

  15. Hi bubs, welcome back. I hope you are fine.

  16. Budget option would be Sherringham.He is my long shot to replace Allerdichi. The big plus is he knows football and is not full of himself.

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