Moyes gives reasons for late kick off and they are all WRONG


Look, I don’t mean to go on and on about the bloke but Moyes has an enormous talent for walking straight into misunderstanding and confusion.

This time it is over something as simple as a late Sunday kick off for which he has come up with an explanation entirely at odds with the real reason.

It seems that unlike  most others he is entirely unaware why it’s happening.

Truth is it has been moved because of the Coronation stuff and the limited police resources as a result which had the Premier League announce this a few days ago and was reported here.

One would have thought a  of one of the clubs involved, would understand. Clearly the Scotsman has again been left behind.

Here’s what the geezer had to say as to why the match may be being played later than any Sunday match previously.

I think it’s a really difficult kick-off time, for away supporters especially.

If we were going up to Old Trafford for seven o’clock on a Sunday night, we’d be saying this doesn’t sound correct.

But I’ve been fortunate enough to manage in Spain where there are lots of Sunday evening kick-offs and it’s part of the culture.

The thing we probably find difficult is it’s not part of our culture, but let’s be fair it wasn’t too long ago we were saying Sunday football wasn’t part of our culture and now it’s a regular thing.

I think we’ve got to understand that with the year we’ve had because of the World Cup there’s probably reasons why things have got to change, or maybe they’re having a look to see if maybe the public will enjoy Sunday night football.

But at the moment it seems slightly culturally different to what we would normally do in this country.

I think Manchester United and ourselves are the teams who have had the most difficult scheduling, but I do know we’re the team who has had the most two-day recoveries between games this season.

We’ve had a real difficult schedule, but would I put that down to the reason why we have a bit of sickness? No, I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but it’s not to say it isn’t.

I absolutely give up on the bloke!

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  • Hammerswede says:

    It´s totally clear why the Hammers have a 7.00pm kick off, but Moyes just waffles on and on and on with meaningless un-related detail. Who cares if he had Sunday evening kick-offs in Spain. I am tiring of his inane excuses/reasons…..he is clearly a serial loser with his head in his less than successful past.

  • daveah says:

    The question here is why cant Newcastle v arsenal kick iff at 7pm they havnt got a game fior a week or why can’t we kick off at 2pm lick ither Sundays?

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