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Moyes has done the club proud …BUT!

By CandH Facebook follower Steve Abbott
Although I think David Moyes is great for our club he can exhibit some very cowardly behaviour.
Yes, he has established the equanimity we have needed for the past two and a half seasons and has stopped us from being the laughing stock of the league
Sadly. however, he gives far too much credence to those clubs deemed ‘The Big Six’ with  defensive set-ups which belies his  statements that he wants to compete with them and his managerial record against them, at all clubs, has been shockingly bad.
He talks of us being a sleeping giant and yet he plays against those clubs as if we’re a ‘Cup giant-killing, League 1 or 2 club’.
Look at the clubs that have taken points off of these ‘Big 6’ clubs this season alone; Southampton, Brentford, Brighton, Newcastle, Everton, Fulham, and yes, us (1, against Tottenham, our game of the season).
These teams are our nearest rivals and some of them have hammered the ‘Top 6’ teams they have played. Yet, Moyes –  every time we play one of them –  sets up with a low block, 1 player up front, rarely supported by more than 1 midfielder and makes the most ludicrous substitutions.
Who knows what may have happened at Chelsea had Benrahma and Cornet been brought on earlier given what came at the end.  Chelsea AND Tottenham have played poorly for the majority of this season and yet he sets us up as if they are Real Madrid or Manchester City.
I know the moronic ‘Moyes Out’ brigade will lap up this post and I can assure you i am not one of them, but having watched every single game for the last three  years, i am bored 90% of the time of watching his style of football.
He has done us proud as a football club, granted, but his brand of football dull and uninspiring and does he illicit cowardice on a regular basis.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

10 comments on “Moyes has done the club proud …BUT!

  1. 100% agree against the teams we should be very competitive against, Moyes sticks with 1 up and plays Soucek in midfield with Rice. It really asks a serious question why spend all this money on players like Scamacca, Cornet, and Paqueta to leave them sitting on the bench or why bring them in and leave players like Benrahama on the bench. It makes absolutely no sense and this is why I have also said that Moyes (he has done brilliant) but he too defensive in his selections and too stubborn to change, this will ultimately lead to him being sacked. I really hope he realises this and for me he needs a team with Fornals playing deeper with Rice, with Benrahma, Paqueta and Cornet linking off Fornals making our transition from defence to attach much quicker and then we will see players like Anotnio and Scamacca scoring stats going through the roof. Watch on Thurs night he will deply two defensive midfielders, what an opportunity missed.

    • Yes Johnham1 I agree the midfield transition is where we are slow and weak, and should now have the players to move the ball quicker. This is why we are susceptible to the high press because we are ponderous in playing out. Attacking games we don’t need both Rice and Soucek; defensive games, maybe a back five when all fit. We are currently lacking skill and pace mid-pitch.

  2. Spot on!

    Plus, he doesn’t seem to recognise the existence of the centre of a pitch.

    The most predictable and unwavering brand of football I have seen over many years.

    Please move on from 4-3-2-1

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with this post…

  4. I agree with you regarding Moyes parking the bus in front of goal. It drove me mad in the first half and then in the second half he played the way we should have from the very start. Enough of these pedestrian and passive first halves! No more giving the opposition more respect than they deserve.

    On a different subject, I thought I read recently that claretandhugh were to be gaining a proof reader. Hugh, please expedite this, you certainly need one!

  5. Have been saying the same for a while and after the Chelsea game I’m even more concerned.
    Part of being a WH supporter is believing we can beat anyone on our day but this is less likely to happen if we don’t ‘give it a go’. Still there is hope that when the new players settle in we will again play like a proper football team against all comers.
    Brian the god of manager’s Clough said ‘I pay my defenders to defend’

  6. I can agree with some of the comments but in last two years have seen some great matches at our stadium with plenty of goals and excitement. We have done better against the top six than previously. It does feel we do not have plans b and c if things not working. Moyes has commented in last couple of weeks that he is trying to change our style of play with new signi gs coming on board. Time will tell and I am prepared to keep the faith as the whole club is stable now with at least a sense of direction and a Board that is behaving like they should do with the team being the story!

  7. I agree completely. I hate sitting with my heart in my mouth, watching sides that should not be fit to lace the Teams boots,. Keep attacking and attacking and getting in shots. Whilst the Team sits deep and defensive and hoping for a goal from a break. We have bought the Players now let’s play the game the West Ham way.

  8. Benitez available & Rodgers soon will be……..
    Moyes has gone stale, now is the perfect time to get rid of him & let a manager / coach come in who knows how to man manage players not ostrasise them & knock any confidence they may have out of them ( Benrahma )

  9. I’m partly with Bella 100. Don’t think he should be given more than 3 Prem games to improve our slump as he doesn’t seem to have that extra drive we need. Painful to watch us play at times. Thanks for the past 2 year’s DM but your job seems done. Apparently a manager has just become available!

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