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Moyes: Is it just bad luck?


West Ham boss David Moyes is under pressure.

The Hammers manager has struggled in recent weeks and the defeat to Crystal Palace at the weekend led to  signa of fan unrest.

However, there’s a fair argument here that it hasn’t been down to mismanagement, butpure bad luck.

Take Michael Olise’s winner yesterday. Yes, he had too much space, but his shot was deflected, and gave Lukasz Fabianski no hope. The opener, too, came from a Thilo Kehrer mistake.

Against Manchester United, David de Gea was unbelievable, and the Hammers deserved at least a point.

Liverpool, at Anfield, too was a game in which the Irons were actually the better team, particularly in the second half, but were again left empty-handed. Chelsea away should have been a point; VAR intervened to chalk out Maxwel Cornet’s perfectly good goal.

Versus Southampton, too, the Hammers had 25 shots but could only score once.

If you add these up, the Hammers should be in a far better position than they are currently. They’d have seven more points, if they drew all of the games mentioned, and beat Southampton.

Seven more points would give the Hammers 21 points, and leave them seventh, two points clear of Liverpool and level with Chelsea.

The ball just hasn’t rolled the right way; at some point, the luck surely has to change.

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  • johnham1 says:

    Not bad luck just pure bad management in all cases. Team set up too defensive and making wrong substitutions. Those games aandcresults have nothing to do with bad luck but all to do with bad management.

  • Pessimist says:

    With the greatest of respect it is not bad luck. Firstly, judging by the way England reacted to Declan Rice’s tiredness recently. Declan was over trained and exhausted. I think that is the case for most of the team. Mr Moyes and Co, are trying to make them super fit and are achieving in wearing them out. I think the Team is tired and the training should be eased off a bit.
    Secondly, formation we are so predictable. Everyone now knows what West Ham will do.

    Finally, we are defensive to the point of being obsessive. We seem to have no sense of urgency.
    All of these factors are down to the Manager not luck. We need to review what Mr Moyes is up to and either get him to alter it, or change the Manager..

  • Clive says:

    Totally agree we’ve had a lot of bad luck. Of course the haters will use it as a cue to bang on the anti manager drum just as they always do.

  • Hammers in the blood 1 says:

    I don’t want to criticise but there are a few things here . Yes we should be more attack minded bit atilll need a defensive base . We need to press more and work harder . We can look at all sorts of things . However let’s not and just say to the team , manager everyone work hard together and get those performances where they should be ⚒

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Have to agree with the comments, bad management not bad luck. Self confessed concentration on a small inner sanctum group has just worn them out, annoyed the other squad players and caused youngsters to vote with their feet. Setting up so defensively, with at least 75% of the outfield players defenders, has left huge gaps front to back, choking us playing out, and surrendering to the opposition. One up front, too easy to defend. Too predictable, unable to change or sub effectively. Woeful.

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Sorry I meant 60% to 75%

  • The Moyesiah says:

    Nothing to do with being unlucky…. We’ve become predictable in the way we set up and Moyes is completely risk averse and that’s translated into players not expressing themselves.

  • danielson79 says:

    We are the most predictable team in the prem. Paqueta must be thinking what the hell have they even bought me for, Benrahma arguably our best player at the moment hardly gets a look in because he wasn’t Moysies signing, Bowen will always predictably get the ball the practically run it back into our own half, and if you’re not part of Daves gang you don’t have much chance. The kids are all looking for contracts elsewhere as they know they won’t get in the team.

    Oh and the mistake by Kehrer, how very dare I badmouth him but it was Dawson who hung him out to dry.

  • hammeroo says:

    You make your own luck and David Moyes unfortunately is not helping himself or the team. Most of us can see his failings but I wonder if his coaching staff are letting him know. Probably not. It’s a shame that Moyes passes it off and just says that everybody seems to be an expert. He has done wonders for the club and obviously has brownie points saved up. He might need them soon to avoid getting the sack. His stubborn nature and outdated methods could come back to haunt him. And he is apparently the oldest manager in the Prem at the moment. And it shows. Wake up David, before it is too late!

  • danigood82 says:

    Swings and roundabouts, we have been very fortunate ourselves with some recent decisions. Not bad luck, bad management

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