Moyes: It’s not about the players and not about the manager!

Moyes: It’s not about the players and not about the manager! Moyes Hammers boss or Titanic captain

David Moyes reckons the Hammers problems are not about the player and not about the manager but how “we all get together.”

So it seems he’s not going to quit but that his departure will depend on Sullivan.

Moyes: It’s not about the players and not about the manager!

The manager delivered his verdict on today’s  and made it pretty clear he would be staying unless the majority shareholder decides it top give him the elbow.

In 1,132 games as a manager, only once has a team managed by the bloke lost by a wider margin than today although he did manage a six niller under guess who? You’ve guessed it – Arsenal at Everton!

Arsenal were unbelievably clinical whilst we were unbelievably rubbish and the only result I had at 4-0 was deciding to back the Gooners to win 7-0 before changing my mind.

Speaking to West Ham TV, Moyes said he, his staff and players would take collective responsibility for Sunday’s performance and result and would take collective responsibility produce better going forward.

That means of course he won’t do the decent thing and clear off!

Instead we heard the same sort of script from the geezer we have had so many times before and it makes you absolutely sick.

Go man – for God’s sake go!

Here’s the nonsense he chanted to the media: I don’t know the reason why [the players weren’t at it today]. We’ve had a week’s preparation, and we’ve tried to try to do things the way we would do in a normal lead-up to a weekend game.

We all know we had a great win here in the League Cup against them, and we won at the Emirates, so there was a level of confidence behind the scenes going into the game that we could get another result after those wins, but Arsenal were so good.

From minute one, we could hardly lay a glove on them, we didn’t get close to them and we probably showed them a bit too much respect.

Then we started to meet some really, really stupid decisions in our distribution and our passing and when we should pass or when we should play forward and just too many things were wrong today.

We’re not quite as big and powerful as we were last year – Declan played a big part in that –and our stature generally is what’s helped us score goals and defend lots of set pieces.

Today, we just started to look as if we’ve not quite got that stature in the side at the moment.

It’s not about the players and not about the manager. It’s how we all get together and I’ve said that to the players.

How we respond now is really going to be big and probably the levels we need to show we’re going to have to show, we’re going to have to show a bigger level of fight and commitment.

Over my time here at West Ham, whether it be this period or the one before, I really can’t remember too many of my teams performing as badly defensively and if we have done in the past maybe we maybe didn’t quite the same level of defenders or maybe not the same level of players.

We’ve got international players and just about all the slots, but I thought we were we weak in our defending, as we were at Manchester United last week as well.

To be part of a football club and be a big football supporter, there’s tough times and West Ham will know that more than anybody.

He then, as ever, tried to cover his back by giving us a history lesson about Europe adding: I look back and when I came in we had to try and avoid relegation, and we avoided relegation.

The journey we’ve all been on in the last three or four years trying to qualify for Europe, getting to a semi-final, and you all know the good times we had in Prague about six months ago.

That will not make people feel too much happier with today’s result, but I think it’s just important that we remember that those good times in football can also be bad times and today was a bad day for us.”

Not for many of us it’s not. It’s about the here and now and seven games without a win!




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3 comments on “Moyes: It’s not about the players and not about the manager!

  1. I’ll be trying to remember the good times tomorrow as my work colleagues chant “West Ham get battered everywhere they go”. I’ll be trying to remember the good times as one of the players go on the website saying ” we must do better”. I’ll be looking forward to the good times when Moyes goes. If Leicester can sack a manager who won them the league we can sack Moyes.

  2. I have said before. If the fans stop going to the games, the owners will be forced to act. Strikes are incredibly effective.
    This season is mostly lost. Unless we get a new, competent manager and buy some decent players during the summer, we’ll continue being a mediocre club.
    Just had a look at a few foreign football sites. We are famous today for the wrong reasons.

  3. As a 6 decade supporter I think the game today was one of the worst i have seen. How can the players be behind Moyes and show NO spirit, effort, or ability (apart from 2 great saves by Areola and some spirited runs by Bowen and Johnson). I begged for Moyes to leave when we won the Euro but no such luck. Maybe the graphic pictures of 000s leaving the ground around half time and the threat of falling season ticket sales for next year unless we show some big changes with management and training for the future. Presumably he thinks the academy is a waste time since apparently he says they have no chance of playing in the senior team; unlike other clubs that often introduce teenagers who become successful. To be clear MOYES GOODBYE.

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