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Moyes looks set for six month deal

moyesWest Ham are tonight believed to be tying up the final details of a deal which would see David Moyes arrive as the club’s new boss.

And we believe that Moyes is ready to accept the position for six months and would appoint Phil Neville as his assistant at the London Stadium.

The club is awash with the news this evening and if concluded it means the board will have appointed the man they first wanted when deciding to part company with Sam Allardyce.

Moyes has had unhappy management experiences since leaving Everton and last season resigning 24 hours after the season ended when Sunderland were relegated – the first time in his career he had led a team to the drop.

Earlier he had been sacked by both Manchester United and Real Sociedad but now seems headed for the London Stadium in a move which, if it happens, is likely to cause some waves among the fans after his recent failures.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

35 comments on “Moyes looks set for six month deal

  1. arrghhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha wtf is actually going on. Allardyce -Billic – Moyes … this has got to be a wind up. We are pure sh*te at the moment. Do we have an ounce of ambition?!!

  3. Well, that’s it, then. West Ham racing certainties for relegation ! Sack Bilic & replace him with whom ? Moves who “led” Sunderland to an ignaminuous drop last season. Or, even better, Koeman – who has done even worse than Bilic has this season ! Are the owners determined to get us relegated ?

  4. Moyes is cheap and available-what do you expect from these *******. Time to organise a proper boycott- this i# unacceptable

  5. Is there a financial benefit from being relegated? I am seriously trying to fathom this out….

  6. Perfectly qualified to cope with a relegation scrap after his experience with Sunderland. Only problem is that he lost that one. Another decent man, but we have had one of those. What we need is somebody with experience of winning relegation scraps. I give up…Is there a West Ham rugby team I can watch? Basketball? Darts?

    • Someone who has experience of winning relegation scraps, you say? Look no further than who we currently have. Better record than moyes. Watched Paul Clements interview after the Swans got done, he made some points – the season is young and it’s not a point of desperation, a couple of wins and you’re mid table.. I’d stick with Bilic.

  7. Moyes is only getting appointed because he is cheap like our owners.I agree with Reggie.Where is the ambition? Perhaps the 6 month stint is all it will be? We can only hope.My fear is we will go down the Birmingham route.

    • One day everyone will come to see that the board are 60-70% to blame ! Its a fekin sham lol
      Don’t expect a quick fix or a long term one ! These are not the people to take our club forward , sully will not spend the money needed , and when he does spend he buys crap !! He’s a barrow boy done good ! That’s it ? He can’t see quality in players , only deals , he would do well at st Trinian’s lol! Any way you want to look at it they are going to come out of it much richer than when they arrived. That is a stone wall certainty !! I fear for our club !! 😕 Moyes ?
      Ffs !!!

  8. I agree with this given its a 6 month contract. The season is over for competing for anything and the defence needs organisation. Anyone who thinks we are not in a crisis is deluded, we’ve got tough fixtures up until christmas.

    As for the sunderland job, he came in without a transfer window with a poor squad with a side that flirted with relegation for years.

  9. This season is now a write off. Survival is what it is all about. The optimist in me is that Moyes has a point to prove and that at least he is disciplined. I’m drinking from my half full pint glass at the moment.

    • completely agree, everyone needs to be a realist about the situation. I don’t see a top quality manager we can currently attract and I can guarantee a top quality manger would need time to adopt his philosophy. As you said the season is a write off!!!

  10. Nothing those two idiots do shocks me anymore, but this is bloody stupid.

  11. I think it’s fair to say we are all sick to death of this shambles. We need a change ASAP and there aren’t to many decent managers available at the moment. Moyes was a brilliant manager till he went to man United. He got sacked by United which is a massive club. Went to Spain which he didn’t really no about and then went to Sunderland who have been dog **** for years. I’m willing to see him have a chance, avoid the drop and recruit heavily in the summer for a new manager and backroom team. Coyi!

  12. 6 months then get someone else. But will we survive? Let’s face it we don’t offer much to any manager, so why should he succeed?

  13. We have to put this into perspective. The club gambled by not bringing in another manager in the summer and instead brought in the players Bilic asked for. He had nowhere to hide and will now pay the consequences. Get the players fit and limp us to the end of the season. Moyes restores his reputation and we can sign a new manager. My fees for motivational speeches are very competitive.

  14. Think its agreed no Ines wants Moyes ESP in this situation. We have been asking them to do something and its seems hebpopped up on bookies 2 days ago now looks like set for job.
    And like said he isn’t defensive and not good in relegation at Sunderland he said the players weren’t good enough oubicky and said they would Benin relegation fight.
    I’d rather have Pardew,
    Still to me Guss Haddink for a Free agent knows Caretaker role and is defensive & Attacking was loved by Chelsea players when he was there has mgr and chose to leaves tho wanted him to stay & as caretaker.

    But everyone is saying Moyes and Phil Neville as part of staff.
    They have been so indecisive and seems like they are just doing it fast now and going for easiest tgt when we have time w Intl break

  15. Hope if he comes he does well but just seems like the last person u would go to in this situation.



    PLEAAAAASEE…. :((((((

  17. I have already blogged on this earlier. People are blind if they do not recognise the job he did over 11 years at Everton with limited transfer resources. He brought many youngsters through, his teams were very fit and he invariably finished in the top 8. I’d settle for that right now and would take Moyes tomorrow. How about you?

    • As you said it, he stayed for 11 years at Everton, but since then his image has been tarnished and the game has changed and evolved A LOT. We don’t need a dinosaur stuck in the past, we need someone tonic, who can energise the club and players. Moyes would not come with a good image. Remember how the stands were emptying at Sunderland under his management ?

    • Moyes at Everton for 11 years was like Curbishley at Charlton for 10 years. Sat around mid table. Didn’t really light any fires and no silverware to show for it. If that’s you’re idea of a good manager i would suggest you’re watching the wrong sport. I am in 2 minds whether he would be good for 6 months to keep us out of the mire. With Neville as his number 2, they could be a good pair to at least sort out our defense (which is absolutely atrocious), if they could at least do that then i think we should comfortably survive this year.
      Before the season has even ended the owners need to be lining up the replacement manager. The earlier they get it signed and sorted, the better transfer window the new manager will be able to delve in to.
      What i would not like to see is that Moyes and Neville actually do well, we finish top half and the owners give them the job permanently. I think we should be extremely wary of that!!

  18. I seem to remember Bilic out managing Moyes when their paths have crossed before, seems like a massive gamble if it is true, Moyes is out of touch with the modern game which is all about the press, if he can organise our defence enough though to stop conceding stupid goals we should stay up, although it is not the option I would like (which would be a manager that will press high up the pitch and get the players passing and moving) imho as things stand under Bilic we are almost definitely getting relegated so it is pretty much a case of any kind of change has to be at least better than what we are seeing or no worse, does it really matter if we get relegated under Moyes or Bilic ? Best case scenario he surprises us all and we flourish or at the very least stay up and appoint a better manager at the end of the season.

  19. Sky is reporting that Moyes is interested in the Everton job. Mind you, I think their money man will want somebody with a bit more glamour. Leave the second rate guys for the second rate teams.

  20. I’d rather have Moyes than bilic at the min ..at Sunderland the sqauad was crap I’m hoping with the players we have he can get more out of them …we can’t do any worse that we are doing now …I maybe wrong but it might work who knows.. I’m more worries that Slav hasn’t been sacked yet..get it done

  21. Can’t believe we are going for moyes . Just seen fat sam giving it smug in he’s sons shirt on motd . Not good.

  22. Moyes……??? WTF…???

  23. We can not be that stupid, we have to lose Bilic but we h

  24. Bilic has to go … but what quality manager ( Hidinck ) or up and coming one for the future (Dyche ) would want to join the shambles that is our beloved club . Sullivan and Gold are barra boys who made good peddling porn . They only care about getting rich . They only spend the monies received from league and Sky and have never dipped into their bottomless wealth . Moyesis cheap for a reason .. because he is useless . We need a take over and fast … Red Bull Hammers might sound crass but it is probably the way forward .

  25. He did very well for Everton for years. Established them where we would like to be. Not done well since but circumstances not good for him. Following Fergie at Manu, hopeless Sunderland. Also it’s not like quality managers are lining up for us right now. I think he should keep us up (I dont think Bilic will) and so I say let’s give him a go. If we get the Everton version of Moyes we will be laughing.

  26. At the moment we need anyone who can sort the defence out. Moyes has the charisma (and the face) of a confused goldfish, but I’ll happily eat humble pie if he keeps us up.

  27. Moyes kept Everton running well let’s hope he can get some fitness back into the West Ham squad as they have looked dog tired and slow of late, never closing players down or running into good positions and letting in late goals as they run out of steam, it’s not luck that spurs keep scoring winners in the last minutes of the game it’s down to fitness and modern training methods harry Kane’s body fat ratio has improved under the spurs manager and as a result he is in the right position to score goals if only Andy Carroll could emulate this same approach and thinking he might be the player he was at Newcastle

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