Moyes massive gamble might just work


Moyes massive gamble relies on Paqueta fitness

Whilst I’m absolutely delighted with West Ham’s victory over Brentford last night, I’m still baffled at how much David Moyes has disadvantaged himself.

It was clear for all to see how much the team benefited from having Lucas Paqueta back and playing on the front foot. The early impetus gave the team some breathing space and clearly relieved pressure on a creaking defence. Therefore, it does beg the question; why don’t we attack teams more frequently?

Moyes massive gamble paid off against Brentford

Moyes massive gamble worked, but could it have been avoided?

Moyes isn’t a stupid man; surely, he’ll have noted the uplift in the team’s morale as well as the tactical advantages. I guess I just find it frustrating that Moyes has to find himself perched on a precipice before he’ll remove the handbrake from the team.

Which brings us to the subject of Lucas Paqueta. If the team is so dependent on a playmaker, why do we not have a reserve? The transfer window was an ideal opportunity to purchase or loan a player who is comfortable on the ball and can thread a pass. Traditionally, that squad role would have fallen to Manuel Lanzini, who would have slotted in to cover for Paqueta perfectly.

Moyes can’t be oblivious to how important the Brazilian is to his teammates, so why not have an understudy? It all seems like an unnecessary and avoidable risk but also demonstrates why Moyes must not be in charge of the club’s transfer strategy.

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  • ResultsMatter says:

    I guess I understand football less and less. We conceded 14 goals in the month of February. 14!!!!
    Our defence is a joke. And then we rely on a player or two to be on fire to score goals. For a while it was Antonio, or Lingard. Now it is Paqueta and/or Bowen. If they are “off”, there is no Plan B.
    You can’t run a serious team like that. If West Ham aspires to be more than a mid-table club, we need to have a bench with one player of equal quality for each position. Then injuries or loss of form are less of an issue.
    We did pretty much nothing during the January window. How could the owners allow this to happen? Who is driving this bus? That is the real problem.
    And then we have this obsession that only players or Managers with Premier League experience are worth considering. Tell that to Darwin at Liverpool. Who had heard of him in England? Only those who watch continental football. We need to have scouts all over the place, particularly in other countries’ second divisions. That is where young bargains can sometimes be found.
    Until we have a proper Director of Football and an attack-minded coach we are going to be spinning our wheels.

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