Moyes masterclass or Lucky Lucky Hammers?

Moyes masterclass or world class goalkeeper? 

What a rollercoaster of emotions that game was? I mean, who would’ve thought we’d walk away with a win after the way things were looking in the first half? Moyesball at its finest, indeed!

Let’s be honest though. For a good chunk of that match, I was feeling more frustrated than the 10 year old version of myself with a Rubiks Cube. Our defence was shaky, sure, but relying on Areola to play superhero between the sticks wasn’t exactly part of the game plan. . . or maybe it was? It felt a bit like daylight robbery.

First half, it seemed like we were just hanging on by a thread. Everton had us on the ropes, and if it wasn’t for Areola’s heroics, we could’ve been staring down the barrel of defeat. That penalty save? However, that worldie from Thomas Souček really hit Everton hard. Talk about turning the tables!

But let’s give credit where credit’s due. Moyes may have had us scratching our heads with his tactics at times, but in the end, it’s all about the result. Somehow we sit seventh in the Premier League table? I’ll take that any day of the week.

Soucek scored a world class goal against Everton to help Moyes deliver his masterclass

Moyes masterclass or rescue act from the players?

Despite us being under immense pressure for much of the game, I thought our goals were excellent. That flick-on header from Zouma was incredibly well placed. And Souček’s thunderbolt? Talk about a strike worthy of the highlight reel. And let’s not forget about Alvarez, stepping up and putting the game to bed with a clinical finish. He was magnificent throughout the game and has become Mr Reliable.



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2 comments on “Moyes masterclass or Lucky Lucky Hammers?

  1. With respect it is not all about results. There are a lot that want to see some decent football as well and Moyesball so called is far from that too often. An unused acadamy and pretty sterile tactics most games does not seem to match the recent Steidten and co appointments.

  2. Can someone tell me why the club are allowing Moyes to decide on his and the clubs future at the end of the season. Doesn’t West Ham have enough trouble getting players signed early let alone look for a new manager in the off season if Moyes (maybe after a week or so of discussions) decides not to take up the offer. Seems utterly ridiculous to me.

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