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Moyes must not be allowed to replace Declan

West Ham look certain to be making the two biggest decisions in their history next summer – how much they accept for Declan Rice …and who replaces him!

And there is a third question before that happens – do we trust David Moyes to be in charge of such incredibly important issues.

It may be pretty obvious to most by now that ClaretandHugh believes the guy is past his sell by date as our manager and thus far on what we have seen has not brought in seriously top-class players.

He had the same sort of experience at Everton with Wayne Rooney and if memory serves brought in the likes of Victor Anichibe.

It will be the toughest job of the Scot’s his managerial career to replace our captain with the game having moved on so far that top players only want Euro involved clubs.

That was demonstrated when he went for Raphina and Kalvin Phillips and they finished up at Barcelona and Manchester City.

There is absolutely no way in the world we are going to get like for like when Dec – as most expect – is gone.

The question is: Can we expect to get anyone approaching or even close to top class given the circumstances. The abnswer has to be No.

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There was of course the big hope that such would be our progress this season that with the arrival of quality players Dec might possibly be persuaded to stay.

None of that has happened and with the club telling us earlier that things may well happen on Dec in the summer these are worrying times indeed,

Is Moyes the man to sort out this situation…frankly our answer has to be a NO”



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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “Moyes must not be allowed to replace Declan

  1. I had high hopes that Moysie was going to create something here,but football has evolved and he cant deal with change when its needed.His transfer record is getting worse every window,it would be damaging to give him ANY transfer cash should Deckers be sold.IF Declan is sold then a rethink and rebuild with a new manager.Lets be honest,do you think Rice will want to keep on playing in a David Moyes team that struggles from week to week,let alone not winning cups.Ask a question,why do so many young players leave?why do the squad look like they wouid rather be somewhere else on matchday?.If Dec leaves and Moyes stays if fear we will go down.

    • Totally agree 100%, Moyes is a dinosaur & is not fit to oversee another transfer window, he is totally killing our youth development squad & if he is to stay in charge we won’t have a youth development system, get dinosaur Dave out ASAP so we can move forward again.
      Could anyone blame Dec for wanting to move on whilst this bloke is slowly but surely killing our club.
      GSB & K take action now & get him out of our club before it’s too late !!!!!!

  2. Never wanted Moyes from day one if honest and certainly proves me right why his not for west ham if we’re going to progress. Scottish allardyce mark 2 . Get in a top coach now stop waiting around and let him get the players we need still like left back and right back and start playing the players who need a system that doesn’t mean goi g out for a draw then trying to push forward when going behind. It doesn’t work Moyes so retire or go and coach a low league club for survival Totally agree that he should not be the one to get in a replacement for Dec if his sold end of season. .

  3. Aside from the odd dud, he has bought in good players so i don’t think it’s fair to question his transfers. Raphinha and Phillips were never going to go to a club the size of us. That’s not his fault. Kostic, likewise. I’m amazed we got Paqueta. He’s starting for an amazingly talented Brazil team tonight in the World Cup. Scamacca plays for a very good Italian team (albeit one that isn’t in Qatar). Cornet is a very good player, proven in the Premier League. Aguerd started for Morocco yesterday. These are good players, maybe as good as we can expect to get. The problem isn’t the players, it is Moyes’ tactics that don’t get the best out of them. There are teams in the Premier League that have much less talented rosters than ours that play better than us and are in a better league position and it’s due to coaching and team management (i.e. tactics and selection).

    • The point about Moysies transfers is ,try and defend and counter attack,is the only system he plays,therefore you need to look at players that will work.Haller,Vlascic,Paqueta and Scamacca are quality but not right for his system and there is no other.

    • 2 out of how many !!!!!
      You really are having a laff aren’t you !!!!!?

      • He has signed decent players but has no idea how to integrate them into a fluid attacking force. Minimum six man defence and one up front to get on with it is not sustainable. Moyes, like BFS, plays survival at best football. I really can’t forgive the ruin of our top U23 team. They can’t wait to get out.

  4. Surely David Moyes would love the Rangers job. Why not get him the advert and even offer to get the fans to recommend him ? The whole problem would be solved. He could manage a side he would love to manage and we can get a Superior Manager to not only help us keep Declan, but help enhance his play.

  5. Looking at this season’s signings the best three have hardly played due to injuries(Aguerd, Paqueta and Cornet) so passing judgement on their contribution and Moyes judgement in buying them is premature to say the least!
    My other gripe is I constantly hear about Moyes out etc but nothing on who comes in.
    Names please!

  6. SAUL


  7. I do agree with Budgie in as much as who replaces Moyes? If we just appoint another journeyman manager who’s never achieved anything, like Moyes, I’m not sure we’re any better off. I think we have a strong enough squad and ambitious enough owners to attract a better manager. What’s the worst that can happen? We play relegation form football for a calendar year?

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