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Moyes not the future – this guy is!

Without any fuss, protests or over-reaction from the fans, Eddie Howe has steered Bournemouth away from the perilous relegation area they inhabited earlier in the season.

The man plays exactly the type of football of which most Hammers fans approve but there’s a steel to the ‘get it down and play’ philosophy he has employed since Day One at the club.

His achievement in taking the Cherries to the Premier League from the edge of extinction is amazing. Keeping them there has been not so much miraculous as a tribute to his managerial techniques.

OK, we all remember his tongue in cheek remarks on Boxing Day when we were cheated out of three points but that’s meaningless in the great scheme of things.

Howe has shown that playing on the deck football is possible for even teams without the resources enjoyed by the likes of City, United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

He appears to be a good judge of players and his man management techniques are excellent – there’s not many noises come out of the club.

If David Moyes keeps us up which I believe he will that will be job done for me. We say thank you and move on to a manager who will provide the sort of stability required along with a brand of football which will always be required at out club.

Whether this board can attract such a man and keep him happy is the big question.

I would want to hope so.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Moyes not the future – this guy is!

  1. I think you are too late to the party.

    We should have hired him at the time we took Bilic but there were too many voices claiming that he lacked PL experience. I really don’t know why he would want to come to us now. Aresenal could do a lot worse than hire him.

    • I was one of those saying he hadn’t proved himself yet, but he has been my 1st choice for some time. 2nd choice for me was Chris Hughton.

  2. You’re probably right Innocuous but no reason not to have a go

  3. Just thought Moyes got the line up and shape wrong from the start yesterday, but we still kept in the game, then no defence. no it would be wrong to retain him, always rated Eddie Howes.

  4. Difficult one this.I would take Howe any day,but think the board will decide to stick with Moyes and give him some money to spend in the Summer to build a team he can call his own.Cautious manager not renowned for flair but looks like he has kept us in the premiership so deserves it.

  5. The statistic often used to rate managers is the win % – Moyes is now on 6/23 or 26%

    I beleive that for life in the premiership a more realistic statistic is the points per game ratio – since we had 9 points when he took over Moyes has 26 points in 23 games a ratio of 1.13 which would give us 43 points a season – enough for safety but hardly the next level

    Eddie Howe would be great but can’t see him coming – but I agree there is nothing wrong in wishing

  6. Howe is on a low salary, Sullivan would probably try to offer him a 5% pay rise. it’s well worth a punt, with a decent offer, even if it just gets a “thanks, but no thanks”.

  7. I think the important question is “would he want to leave Bournemouth?” If he feels he’s taken them as far as he can, then perhaps he would be open to the idea. But suppose he reckons he can see Bournemouth into a new dimension? Would he want to turn his back on that?

    • I doubt it. I expect he could find find a better club than us if he wants to move but if we don’t try……

  8. I voted for Howe when we had Allardyce, but he would have been a gamble. I wanted him in September to replace Bilic, but Bournmouth would never have let him go in the middle of the season.
    In the summer it’s possible if he wanted to come, but we will get Moyes because it’s probably decided already. I don’t have a great hatred of Moyes.

  9. im sure everyone realizes that the dildos WILL be giving moyes a new contract if we finish 17th or above.

    He WILL be able to bring in 3 or 4 new players (with the same amount leaving).

    We WILL finish around 16th to 12th next season, start games without strikers, only making subs in the 75th min after we are behind, grinding out a few goaless draws against the top 6.

    it absolutely suites our owners strategy down t o a tee.

  10. The future for this club lies with Julien Manglesmann of Hoffenheim.

    Young coach, who plays great football. We have most of the players he likes already. Young enough to bring a fresh approach which is what we need. Enough of using the same old managers lets go out and get someone from left field. This guy is going to be big.

    We would probably need to sell it to him big time though, but if we give him everything he wants I believe it will work out very well.


  11. 4 things need to happen ….. stay up , get rid off Moyes and most of the team and the Owners to crawl back under a stone and get new professional management from top to bottom .
    If we achieve point 1 we will have the same circus next year …

  12. Even if we lose all of our remaining games just managed to stay up Moyes is still going to be staying at West Ham :'(

  13. My calculation of points gained under Moyes is the same as Zahama’s so we can’t both be wrong. If we had got 26 points from the first 23 games of the season ( & Moyes had no pre season & no say in the players handed over to him)we would have been precisely mid table along with Watford. Hardly grounds for getting rid of him, unless we are absolutely sure a better replacement is ready & willing to come to the LS madhouse!

    As for his treatment of Rice, that would be the worst possible reason for getting rid of him. In my job I had a lot of experience of working with 19 year olds & you do have to assess their personalities before you decide how to deal with their mistakes. Some need a boot up the backside, some don’t. Like everybody else on here who doesn’t know the young man I have no idea what Rice’s personality is like. I notice Moyes has made a point of referring to his ‘potential’ when asked about him. You can undermine a young man’s confidence by calling him out. But you can also ruin him by letting him get away with making too many mistakes. Moyes would know Rice better than any of us & it is just possible that he had a think about this before he spoke out.

    • Spot on 64. Moyes is vastly experienced in player management, and former players have said they had no problem with his methods. All this rubbish about the nasty man being horrible to the poor little boy is way of the mark.

  14. Howe was always my choice even before Sam ..to late now ,one of the big clubs will take a chance o n him soon ..very good manager plays good football and very humble bloke ..I would like to see him with some money to spend …he would of been perfect for us

  15. C & P’d this from another forum. Sums it up rather well I think.

    A lot of people, well me anyway, think that changing the manager will make about as much difference to our fortunes on the field as replacing the tea ladies in the players canteen. Until there is a root and branch restructuring of the way the club is run we will continue to struggle. It is a ****ing mess from top to bottom.

    Eddie Howe’s teams play better football than West Ham?. Well, they have scored fewer goals for starters. I accept some people might not want Moyes but why on earth anyone would want Eddie Howe leaves me puzzled tbh. He seems to be one of those people who is a good fit at a particular club. A bit like Matt Le Tissier and Trevor Brooking. He left Bournemouth for a short spell at Burnley but left there apparently because he was homesick. And looking at the photo Gonzo has put up her wouldn’t he be a bit silly to leave that to come and work for the Dildo Brothers ?

    He has done excellent work at Bournemouth. That can’t be denied. But he has had the support of a top quality owner in Maxim Demin. He would not be working with the same calibre of owner if he came to our place. I personally think he is one of those people who has a comfort zone. And he’s in it. He has exceeded expectations at his club. Nobody expects them to challenge for European qualification, survival is all they ask. Why would he want to leave having spent almost all his professional career at that same club ?

  16. Wanted Eddie Howe as West Ham manager when they hired Avram ‘Shambles’ Grant…. but oh well….
    I suspect he may be lined up to take over at Arsenal, and I bet a mate of mine he’d be an England manager one day…..

  17. I see Everton are up to 8th place.

    Isn’t it funny how the original Moyes champions are now changing their tune. But I doubt any manager could do a decent job with the and their apprentice in place. You just have to look at their track record in club ownership.

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