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Moyes may have problems with players AND backroom



By Gonzo


There’s no smoke without fire, as the old saying goes and there appears to be something smouldering at West Ham right now.

Ordinarily I’d not pay too much attention to tales of discontent and conspiracy theories but there’s now so much rumour that it’s hard to ignore.

The suggestion is that Hammers manager David Moyes has not only lost the dressing room but also has a strained relationship with his back room team.

Irvine …left “for family reasons”

There are numerous reports of a touchline bust-up between him and Kevin Nolan against Brighton on Saturday.

Whilst I didn’t witness anything of that description there was certainly a heated exchange between Moyes and the former West Ham captain.

There also seemed to be a disagreement between the manager and Declan Rice who had a protracted discussion whilst Angelo Ogbonna was receiving treatment.

When added to the departures of Alan Irvine (for family reasons) and Stuart Pearce (to work more in the media) it certainly does make one wonder if all is as harmonious as the club would have us believe?

Irvive was supposed to return to Rush Green on a part-time basis, in a consultancy role which doesn’t appear to have materialised. Stuart Pearce does feature occasionally on Talk Sport but certainly not enough to warrant quitting his day job.

Individually these stories don’t indicate much is wrong at the training ground. However when you piece them together there’s certainly the embers of a much bigger story.


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8 comments on “Moyes may have problems with players AND backroom

  1. It’s been there for a long time now. Moyes is stubborn but he is also bordering in being a bully. What I just cannot get my head around is the board. They look at these performances and they look at the disharmony and they still believe one man ignoring all the facts instead of analysing all the data and sacking him. Inexcusable unacceptable behaviour by the board who represent the club including players, sponsors and supporters.

  2. Sometimes Gonzo you get smoke without fire when people are rubbing two sticks together doing their best to try and make a fire.

    • Were you at Brighton. Gonzo was and saw what he saw wich has been reported elsewhere

      • I never mentioned Gonzo Hugh. I was talking about the report of a busy up that Gonzo was commenting on. Show me the footage of the bust up between Moyes and Nolan and I’ll accept it. Pardon me for being sceptical but I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t one or two out there with an agenda.

        • Gonzo explained in a piece he saw it happen. I confirmed he was there. Don’t you believe him or me.? Are you saying he is lying Clive?

          • I think you’ll find he didn’t. Gonzo said he “didn’t witness anything of that description”which I took to mean there was no bust up. Maybe you should reread it.

          • Correct and apologies. It was first discussed on a couple of other sites. It’s a tricky one to make up however. The fact remains the travelling fans were singing that and other chants at him and they are the diehards

  3. Personally, it is the little things said by the players during interviews and their body language, we pick up on that give us all the clues to the mood within the camp. Of course, they can be ignored or made out to be insignificant, but the truth is that all of these things combined give a true indication (or as close as possible) to relations within our club right now.
    Days before the Forest game, a meeting was held between all of the players without the manager or coaching staff, held by Declan… This seemed to work well enough, but I have heard of this type of playing staff meeting before with our club.
    I may be wrong, but I vaguely remember Kevin Nolan (I think under Big Sam?) when he was captain having to do this with the players.
    Just an event like this should speak volumes to most people.

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