Moyes ready to go for Europe again


West Ham manager David Moyes is buzzing for another tilt at a trophy. Clearly the Hammers gaffer has acquired a taste for silverware, and he’s pledged to ‘go for Europe again’.

Moyes is speaking like a man who has finally got the proverbial monkey off his back. For years the Scotsman was known as a fire-fighter, one who would be a prime candidate to get a club out of the relegation mire. His one shot at the top ended in trophyless failure at Manchester United.

Finally Moyes has added a trophy to his name, and his demeanour seems better as a result. The managers mantra of ‘I win games’ was used as a stick to against him on many occasions. It was probably an ill-advised thing to say at the time, but now he really is a winner.

Going all the way in Europe

So when he states his intention to get to the final in the Europa League, it sounds believable. After all, anyone who has reached a European semi-final and lifted a trophy in successive seasons is clearly doing something right.

Moyes is a man clearly happy with the composition and size of his squad. That much was clear when the told the press. “We’ve tried to build a stronger all-round group. I think the competition for places is good and we want to keep that strong. The players are in a confident frame of mind, which comes from playing well and victories.”

The manager is no fool either. He’s acutely aware the competition is harder than when West Ham lost to Frankfurt in the Europa Semi Finals.

“European football is really, really strong. Obviously the Champions League is always the one you want to be recognised for, but I think it’s great that we’ve got the Europa League. We’re thrilled that we’re in it again, two years out of three, and I do believe that the competition has got tougher from when we were in it two years ago.”

Moyes has the squad, has trodden the path and is aware of the pitfalls. Best of all he has the scent of silverware and he likes it.

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