Stats give real perspective of Moyes West Ham reign


By Simon Leyland

Does our supremo really deserve all the opprobrium (for any Millwall fans reading this – it means criticism) he currently receives?

Our favourite anoraks have been busy with their big shiny computer and have put together a table showing how the Irons have fared during David Moyes time in charge.

The table only shows the 15 teams that have been in the league during Moyes`s reign

Go on have a look….and be somewhat surprised

  1. Manchester City – 122 games, 283 points, +205 GD
    2. Liverpool – 122 games, 248 points, +128 GD
    3. Arsenal – 123 games, 234 points, +84 GD
    4. Manchester United – 122 games, 220 points, +52 GD
    5. Tottenham – 123 games, 212 points, +71 GD
    6. Chelsea – 123 games, 211 points, +72 GD
    7. West Ham United – 122 games, 168 points, +9 GD
    8. Newcastle United – 122 games, 167 points, -18 GD
    9. Leicester City – 123 games, 163 points, +12 GD
    10. Aston Villa – 123 games, 161 points, -9 GD
    11. Brighton – 121 games, 156 points, -2 GD
    12. Wolves – 123 games, 149 points, -44 GD
    13. Everton – 123 games, 139 points, -47 GD
    14. Crystal Palace – 123 games, 138 points, -51 GD
    15. Southampton – 123 games, 136 points, -64 GD

It is actually not too shabby, as I thought we would be a lot worse than that.

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  • ChunkyMonkeyUK says:

    Current form is the only thing that’s relevant. How does the table look if you consider only the last 56 games?

  • The Cat says:

    Before the internet, social media and 24 hour news feeds, people had more time and space to reflect and therefore held a much better “Perspective”

    Fighting against relegation is something which has happened often throughout my time supporting West Ham and it is never an easy ride or something that any supporter wants to go through.

    Over the years I have always credited the spuds supporters with having an inflated view of themselves (a hierarchical order) and where they feel they DESERVE to stand amongst the elite in the top flight, consequently their online presence is always TOXIC.

    I just hope that we aren’t viewed in the same way by opposition supporters.

  • Clive says:

    Moyes record prior to this season was probably as good if not better than any West Ham manager in history. This year is the problem but in that way Moyes is in fact now a victim of his own success. Absolutely true that he has raised expectations at our club. I was expecting a blip this year to be honest because of the transition with new players coming in and because of the winter World Cup on top of European exertions. I still believe though if Moyes is allowed to remain in the job, next year we will be vastly improved.

  • master says:

    So in around 3 games time we will be 10th?

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