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Moyes Remarkable Earthy Story is Too Late

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David Moyes has praised George Earthy in a remarkably candid interview in The London Evening Standard this afternoon.

The outgoing Hammers manager gave Earthy his debut last month, only to see it cut short by a sickening head injury. However, Earthy got a second chance when he came off the bench to score during the Hammers’ 3-1 Premier League victory against Luton Town.

Moyes is clearly delighted to have given Earthy his chance and referenced a night out in Prague and a surprise meeting which has clearly stuck in the manager’s mind.

Speaking to The Standard, Moyes said: “It was great to see young George Earthy come in and do so well for us against Luton last weekend.

“I was so pleased for him. After the final in Prague, Thomas Soucek took us out. We were walking down the street and suddenly, coming the other way, was George, in his West Ham shirt.
“It was great to see him, a player for the club but on that night, a supporter like the many thousands of others. That was maybe the highlight of an unforgettable night for me.”

It’s a lovely story, and I only wish he had recounted more of his experiences during his time with the club. Moyes is clearly far more communicative and likable than many would have us believe, but until recently, I wasn’t even sure he knew who many of the academy players were.

It would have been good to hear this story last year when it happened and perhaps some indication that he was planning to integrate some of the youngsters eventually. It all seems too little too late for a man who never really grasped the chance to use media platforms for more positive messaging.

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  • Anon says:

    A pity your website has constantly criticised him and undermined in

    • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

      In a free country. A difference of opinion should be welcomed.

    • Matthew Reid says:

      Deserved criticism. Yes we won a trophy but we were close to relegation in the same season and our form this year has been relegation worthy. He’s dithered on transfers and failed to strengthen when we’ve had opportunities to challenge for champions league places on two occasions. Not been able to integrate squad players (decent squad players with European experience) leaving them unhappy and wanting to leave. Flogging the same players week in week out, risking injury. Playing too defensive against teams we should be beating easily with the talent we have in his starting 11!! Reasons enough? I don’t even go every week, so I feel sorry for the season ticket holders who have had to watch it week in week out (bar a few fantastic performances).

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Maybe if moyes had more faith in our youngsters he wouldn’t be heading for the exit,

  • zahama says:

    I believe that when the announcement was made that Moyes was leaving by mutual consent the whole mood around the club improved – as it brought a reduction to the negative postings about him

    Luton was a great day – a happy Hammers day

    So let us bid farewell with class and dignity without looking for any opportunity to have a dig

  • Andrew King says:

    Academy Of Football it WAS.
    Kids through the system ala Moyes ?
    Luton game shows Wearthy was worthy

    • Kip says:

      Moyes is talking **** ..why on earth (no pun) didn’t he play him earlier then with all the other younger ones with talent..easy to do itvwhen you got 2 games left …what a Scottish ****

  • Steve Wells says:

    We’ll be losing Mubama too because he barely used him. Goal-shy Ings preferred, why oh why oh why? We stuck 6 past the gooners at their place in that youth cup final. Got to be talent there but they only make up the numbers and warm the bench.

  • Billy says:

    Moyes said in an interview that possibly the squads in the Premier League are a bit over-cluttered and maybe ours is as well. Maybe he had to find ways and room to get young players in. I believe he was planning to do that by thinning the squad, getting rid of fornals, Benrahma etc. I think his plan was to bring the likes of earthy and Marshall into the team. Sadly we will now never know.

  • Bib says:

    The reason moyse is going is his lack of playing time for youngsters. Instead playing over the hill players. Oggie,Cresswell zouma, and players out of position ,yes he won a cup last year.but escaped relegation bythecskin of his teeth.and still refused to buy in January. And insisting on loaning Phillips

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