Moyes replacement reported to be on his way


By Simon Leyland

Yet more news on our Supremo, this time from The Times, a paper not known for hyperbole.

In an article linking West Ham with Feyernoord boss Arne Slot, The Times claims Moyes will be going even if the Hammers lift their first proper silverware since 1980.

“West Ham are expected to part company with David Moyes even if the Scot keeps his struggling side in the top flight and wins the Europa Conference League,” The Times reports.

The report claims that Slot`s ‘progressive’ style has caught the eye of West Ham and other Premier League clubs.

So it seems – if the report is accurate – that the club has made a clear decision over the style of play they want to see at West Ham from the summer.

Given West Ham’s lack of success over the last four decades, that decision may well be derided by those outside the club.

But for Hammers fans this has been no knee-jerk reaction, as we have reported on this site constantly since the beginning of the season.

It remains to be seen whether Moyes has time to rebuild confidence in him among supporters between now and the summer, despite the latest upswing in results.

Even if we win the ECL and manage to stay up, I fear the die is cast…… He will be on his way

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  • Clive says:

    If we stupidly got rid of Moyes he’d probably be snapped up immediately by one of our premier league rivals. Most probably Everton if they survive relegation.

    • Hammeroo says:

      With respect, Clive, in my opinion Everton are most welcome to have David Moyes back again. He did a very good job at West Ham for the first season and a half but has failed miserably since. He seems resistant to change and progress in his game plans, tactics, man management and methods in general, We do need a younger and less stubborn leader. One who plans to win games, not to simply avoid defeat.

  • rollercoasterhammer says:

    stupidly? he was given £180 million to improve the squad and they got much worse. against Arsenal the other day the players started to play in a way contrary to his coaching style and they were brilliant. i’m not a Moyes-hater and i’m very grateful for what he got out of that “lesser” squad for 2 1/2 seasons but he’s been found out by every opposing manager. i say let Everton have back and i’d take the chance on Slot. he might just slot in perfectly 😉😏

  • Browzer 19 says:

    Moyes has to go whatever this seasons outcome, tactically dated at best a championship manager.

  • BoleynIrons says:

    Clive,you must be a Spurs supporter wanting us to keep Moyes. Cunning plan.
    Moyes is so outdated his players shook of his negative tactics to demonstrate that there is a good team there. Just a lousy manager. He’s damaged the club to much already. Can’t wait for him to go. Utilise our youth and squad by a better manager like Slot

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