Moyes to read the Riot Act


Edson Alvarez’s first season at West Ham has been a double-edged sword. While he’s filled the void left by Declan Rice admirably, his penchant for picking up yellow cards is becoming a major headache for David Moyes.

There’s no denying Alvarez’s talent and impact. He’s stepped into a crucial role and generally impressed. However, his disciplinary issues are a significant concern.

Three Premier League suspensions and another looming in Europe is a huge blow for West Ham’s already thin squad. Moyes has pointed out that these absences, particularly the upcoming Europa League game, could derail their European ambitions.

Moyes has also suggested the intensity and pace of the Premier League might be taking Alvarez by surprise. This could explain his tendency to give away cheap fouls in an attempt to regain control.

The honeymoon phase is over. Moyes needs Alvarez to adapt quickly and become more disciplined. Getting carded every other week simply isn’t sustainable, especially with crucial European matches on the horizon.

Alvarez’s aggressive style is a valuable asset, but it needs to be channeled effectively. Moyes faces the challenge of curbing his yellow card problem without compromising his on-field impact.

The upcoming games will be a test for both Alvarez and Moyes. Can Alvarez adjust his game and avoid unnecessary suspensions? Can Moyes help him adapt while maintaining his effectiveness? The answers to these questions will have a major impact on West Ham’s remaining European campaign.

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