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Moyes to stick by his transfer window policy

Make no mistake things are going to change in the transfer market under David Moyes and that will no doubt start the war cries from a certain section of fans who think of £100 million here and there as ten bob!

Moyes has made it plain in the past – and looks set to do so again – that he will be dipping into the Championship for the majority of his purchases.

That  was his modus operandi at Everton and despite the Jordan Hugill disaster he is talking like a man who knows exactly where he is going to do his shopping.

Interestingly, nobody has yet mentioned the major Hugill error of judgement but he will need no reminders of how badly that went wrong and the fans certainly won’t be ready to accept anything else of that nature.

But talking to reporters about how he will approach the signing of players he appeared to make it clear there will be little change in the way he operates.

He explained: “We might have to buy an expensive young player to get him’. But there just might have been a little bit of change .

I think we need to get good young, progressive players with something to prove, trying to climb the ladder, coupled with that  you still might need your Mark Nobles and more experienced players in the team.

You still might have to sign a 30-year-old players now and again even if it might not be your policy, but yeah I actually think that how well Sheffield United are doing with what looked like the team which has come up from the Championship, has proved that there might be many Championship players who can step up and do well in the Premier League.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

23 comments on “Moyes to stick by his transfer window policy

  1. I think most have been pretty harsh when it comes to Jordan. Nothing that happened was his fault. I would welcome him back to try and stake a claim. He’s young and hungry and was never given a real opportunity to shine.

  2. We have a 30year old in midfield already in Noble so we don’t need another one in Allen. I really fear for us with this type of thinking.

    • Agree 100%, we need a young, athletic, aggressive midfielder (like Kouyate when he was at his best). Moyes has said himself that that’s what we need, players like Joe Allen, Harry Arter, Wanyama etc don’t match that.

  3. I think it’s less about the amount and more about what it’s spent on. If there are a few more Hugill’s then no doubt people will be angry, and rightfully so, but if they turn out to be like Antonio + Cresswell, then I don’t think they’d be any complaints

  4. Hugill wasnt a disaster. We played 1 up top which was Arnie, Carroll as an injury prone back up. If Arnie got injured it left us with no one so we signed hugill as back up. Arnie never got I hired so hugill didnt play. Simple as that.

  5. Deja Vu. Mr Moyes at his best – or worst – making mediocrity sound like aspiration. Dominic Cummings at No 10 had best be looking over his shoulder!

  6. No Hugill was bought as an insurance policy that if we had dropped down and Arnie and the rest of our inept stinkers left us in the lurch he was a proven goal scorer with PNE in league one I think
    .and to.be honest I think he was DS signing more than Moyes. Unless Moyes was trying to help.his old pals outat PNE with a few million ??

  7. More worried about who he didn’t sign. The Dendonkers, Maddisons etc. You could have gone onto any forum at the time to know they were good enough. Probably not all his fault given the standard tight purse strings.

    • Spot on Hammermax – Dendonker, maddison, the little bald midfielder who went to brighton whose name I have forgotten – all are proving themselves n their new teams

    • Problem was that the board didnt want to sign Dendonker as they didnt want to pay the fee.

  8. We just need to accept that we will never ever be a premier league top half team. Leicester, Wolves and Everton will leave us in their wake and others will follow. The best we can hope for is perennial relegation survivors if we’re lucky, a situation which will delight Sullivan and Gold as it will mean minimal investment…….and to think we all fell for the hype of a top 6 finish when we left the Boleyn. Good luck Leicester and Wolves, your owners have ambition and financial clout to be premier league club owners, wish ours had!

    • I didn’t fall for it and I’m surprised others did. We have never been a top 6 club since I’ve been supporting them. I accept what we are and carry on supporting. End of

    • Well, clubs like Sevilla in Spain, Braga in Portugal and Rennes in France were considered mid-table (or worse) mediocre teams. And they have now been playing in the Europa League. What happened? They had good management teams and a long term plan. We seem to improvise and make it up as we go along.

  9. I’m in the get behind the team and club camp right now. There seems to be loads of second-guessing about what he WILL do and who he WILL buy. This is a waste of energy and it’s fair to say that he wasn’t allowed a proper crack at the job last time around. I also remember he wanted to buy John McGinn when he was here the first time around, he’s not a bad player and the type of player that we need now. It seems that, that type of player has been needed for some time at this club.
    It’s worth remembering that Championship players are there Not because they aren’t good enough, but because they haven’t been given a chance in the Premiership.

  10. Last time he went for Evra and Juan Mario as well as Hugill
    Neither of them fit the profile!??

  11. Great policy if he buys the best quality young championship players. Like other clubs have done in recent years. Like Man U have done with Daniel James, like Tottenham did with Kieran trippier, etc etc. Probably much better examples out there than those two.

  12. It wasn’t that long ago Man City were in the third tier so who is to say we can’t do it. They moved to their, publicly owned, stadium in 2003 and were bought the the Abu Dhabi group in 2008, having been previously acquired by the Thai PM.

    Wolves were in the Championship 18 months ago and no-one considered Leicester as contenders until a few years back.

    Not sure the Dave’s can take us to that level but they can get us ripe for the next step.

  13. Moyes will get the best out of Haller just like he did with Arnie after Bilic left.
    Bilic and Pelle need to ask themselves a question as to why they couldn’t get the clubs best striker playing – why they were played out of position or not used to their strengths.
    Moyes transformed Arnie.. he will do the same with Haller, it’s not rocket science. We have one of the most powerful strikers in the Pl, who can play on the ground or in the air, and yet we never get any quality crosses in. Shame we sold Chicca, he should really have been the perfect foil for Haller, feeding off his knock downs.

  14. Solid experienced back four and then of course get some young quick, hungry youngsters in a few of the other roles.
    Look at Abraham at Chelsea what a revelation!
    Give them a chance a few of them will excel…
    Yiu cant keep spending 30,40,50 million and hope a player will adapt. I’d way rather take an 18 -20 year old and give them the chance to shine!!!
    Maybe we’ll find a young Rooney?

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