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Moyes to take Irons in new recruitment direction

David Moyes insists he wants West Ham to go in a “completely different direction” when it comes to the club’s recruitment policy

The January transfer window is currently open, of course, but there has yet to be a senior arrival.

It does not appear to be a major priority, and Moyes insists that he has earned the trust of the fans and the board when it comes to making tough decisions, particularly when it comes to potentially replacing Seb Haller with a different striker in this window.

But Moyes says that the club, which he describes as a “monster” in terms of its size, are beginning to turn a corner and chart a new course.

Speaking to reporters ahead of this weekend’s clash with Burnley, he said: “It’s something which I always needed to get. I think all managers need to get a level of trust there, whether that be from your board or whether it be from supporters, I think all managers need that level to do the job well. You don’t always get it.

“Maybe I have had to keep the team up twice to get to gain that. I think also with recruitment, I want to go in a completely different direction, I want to sign, and I’m not saying that won’t happen in this window, but the truth is, we’ve got something else we’d like it to look like. But we are trying our best to make sure we turn a corner.

“This is a monster of a club. It really is. And it’s turning, you know, I wish I could turn it really quick, but most of these big, big vessels can’t turn quick, they have to take their time. And we are one of them and certainly try to get back on course.”

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About Dave Langton

A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

8 comments on “Moyes to take Irons in new recruitment direction

  1. Personally, I have understood where Moyes was headed with us for quite some time, as I have listened and noted most of what he has said over time and his long term views on what needs to happen at this club. To hear him say the things that he has said, makes me feel vindicated regarding everything that I have observed about him so far.
    Sometimes we will occasionally stumble as it’s normal for this to happen, but we are still moving in the right direction. I have said this on many occasions, that he has “earned my trust and respect” to make the decisions that he does. I may not always understand his reasoning for certain decisions, but I’m just a supporter and he’s the Professional…. and a top one at that.
    Moyes sounds like a manager that is absolutely in love with this club who eats and sleeps, West Ham. He sounds like a man with a “Plan”.
    Moyes is the manager that I have been waiting for at this club since John Lyall.

  2. What is he talking about???? Turn a vessel around ???? He is supposed to be a football manager not a boat captain!!!
    Needs to go and buy 2 forwards a left back and a central midfielder if we want to challenge, suppose that’s why he has never won a thing in his life.

  3. I’ll go with that ‘Cat’ & that’s not very clever ‘Trevor’… !!!
    Two contrasting comments that reflect the overall 50/50 concensus of our supporters.
    Moyes’ “MONSTER” comment is bang on the mark, and I for one certainly understand the logic regarding “VESSEL”, even if Trevor doesn’t, and I totally agree with the Writers’ comparison with the late great John Lyall in respect of his love & commitment to our great Club.

    • And I’m with Paul and The Cat, which makes it a 3 to 1 vote in favour of Moyesie. In my eyes, if given the chance, he’s well on the way to being the manager we’ve been crying out for for at least 30 years. Maybe longer. Perhaps the anti-Moyes brigade listen too much to the tripe spouted by the Twitterati and the professional pundits about Moyes. His record isn’t perfect in management, but it’s a lot better than the bug name five-minute wonders we could have in charge.

      • I’m with The Cat as well. So that’s 4 – 1. Hope that’s the score for us v Burnley. Can’t see us scoring 4 though.

  4. Make that 5-1 & another 3 magnificent points for West Ham United ….. COYI

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