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Moyes to West Ham? No Thanks

Well the David Moyes rumour seems to be less likely with every passing minute largely because the fans don’t believe it’s a terribly good idea. If as we are led to believe Slaven Bilic’s time as West ham manager is at an end then surely we have the ideal opportunity to choose the correct appointment to take the club forward.

To place a manager such as Moyes in position for six months would surely create more instability and can anyone seriously expect him to be backed financially in the transfer window? Surely the biggest problem at present with Bilic is that the whole football world knows that he’s a ‘dead man walking’ and as such the players are not playing for him. Do we honestly expect the team to perform any differently for a manager who is on a six month probationary period? Of course not.

This is too good an opportunity to miss, I laugh every time I read that we’ll not approach a manager in a job because compensation will be required. We’re more than happy to pay £24 million on a winger from Stoke or even £5 million on a loan fee for Gokhan Tore but supposedly we’ll not cough up the same amount for Watford’s Silva. The manager who the board seem to truly covet is Rafa Benitez who evidently has a buyout clause for roughly the same amount that we banked for Darren Randolph but yet again we seem in a state of paralysis.

The managerial position is the most important job at any club and we are flirting with relegation so now is not the time to be rummaging through the reduced basket at Aldi. Pay the money, entice the best and arm them with a sufficiently large transfer kitty to make the position alluring.


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6 comments on “Moyes to West Ham? No Thanks

  1. This evening we are in the bottom 3.Cannot believe the owners are penny pinching over a quality appointment when every man and his dog know what the ramifications of relegation would be financially for them and the club.

  2. Being in the property game is much different from football. That’s where their expertise lies along with porn. It’s common sense to get a quality manager rather than dud over priced players who don’t give value for money. These men have owned football clubs for decades, so don’t they learn anything or do they just look at the money side of things.

    • Money !!!51% money 49% football lol 😉, its the priority for the self preservation of the Sullivan’s and gold family’s and a leach !!!
      Personally I spend zilch when I go to the running track , they aren’t giving me value for money
      So no programme or merchandise ! Zilch ! They are not ripping me of so I give my grandchildren a night out at bowling or the pictures , my family !!! Better than watching the crap on offer and filling their coffers lol and we all go home happy !!😎

  3. Spot on i would sell Arnie and go after mangers. Down to him he is the most important but but they don’t earn the most like they use too.

  4. The thing is with our owners if they sold a product that didn’t work properly and was rejected by the customers they wouldn’t be in business long.Thus buy a better product and it will last longer.
    Get a better manager and he will last longer.

  5. I do question their mindset if they think Moyes will take us forward, when they were at Brum they thought Bruce was the messiah when he was bang average; they have to identify a manager that can coach the players and get them playing at close to their potential, if a manager can improve players the team and performances in the short and longer terms the players I am sure will buy into that, to be the best you have to identify the best people it’s not rocket science just needs good research.

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