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Moyes urged to drop Antonio

David Moyes has been received a radical suggestion on how to include Jarrod Bowen into the team which meets Southampton on Saturday.

With the lads having performed so well at Liverpool the manager may choose to go with the same starting X1 but Claret and Hugh follower JB15 reckons the manager needs to make what would be widely seen as a controversial move by dropping Michail Antonio to the bench.

With many calling for Robert Snodgrass to make way for the £22 million signing, JB15 – writing on the CandH website – said: “Personally I’d drop Antonio – he’s not a striker and he’s not the answer up front.

He’s incredibly effective coming off the bench and running at tired legs. I rate Haller, I just think we haven’t been playing to his strengths but with Anderson, Fornals and Bowen (replacing Antonio) behind him that should give him enough support and players who’ll create chances.

You only need to look at Haller’s goal against Bournemouth to see that he has far better predatory instincts then Antonio and in a tight game, I’d trust him over Antonio to take one of a few chances.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

61 comments on “Moyes urged to drop Antonio

  1. Have to agree! Antonio gave the ball away cheaply many times and winning it. Ask is hard work against Liverpool

  2. Let’s not be fooied we all want our team to do well, Haller is a very good forward, we bought him for a reason so why are we not backing him, or giving him support where he can get into goal scoring positions

  3. He/She’s right to a certain degree. Antonio is not a striker but I don’t think dropping him is the answer i’d play him on the wing.

  4. hmmm,

    Has this person forgot, it was Antonio who basically single handily carried us to 3 points against Southampton away this season?

  5. Ha! Thanks for the shout out guys. I’m sure this will ruffle a few feathers and before anyone loses their cool, I just want to say I highly rate Antonio, think he’s an excellent player but his skill set is more aking to causing a defence problems, rather than putting the ball in the net. I imagine Southampton are going to sit back and wait for the frustration to set in – hence why if we only get a few chances, I would rather Haller take them

  6. There are a couple of points to factor in for this game.First off we are at home against a team that is nowhere near a Liverpool or Citeh.Thomas Soucek is missing,but do we really need 2 defensive midfielders for this game? My personal pick would be-Fabianski,back four of Ngakia, Diop,Ogbonna,Cresswell. I would play Rice in front of the back four and in front of him would be Bowen, Fornals, Snoddy. Gives us pace and guile. Up front either Antonio or Haller and Anderson. Anybody got any thoughts?

    • Only one of those 3 with pace is Bowen and he isnt the quickest. Snoddy has a tendency to stay wide and Bowen is no10/ attacker. Would leave us too exposed.

    • I’d go 4-4-2 against Southampton …

                        Haller   Antonio
      Fornals  Rice  Noble Snodgrass
           Cress  Oggy  Diop  Ngakia

  7. Haller is more likely to put a chance in the net. Antonio is more likely to be in a position to score. Sums up the problem we face I guess. I think maybe I would go for play Haller with MA as sub, which a few people seem to be suggesting.

    • Aw come on guys we were stupendous against Liverpool , wow what a team, we can beat anyone with the players we have, trouble is we normally forget there are two goals on the pitch, why don’t we just play under twenty one’s now and then couldn’t get any worse.
      Dead cert three points on Saturday ( for saints) I think we have left it a bit late to be quibbling who should be playing where and when , have supported this team since 1966 and have honestly never witnessed such poor ownership, manager and players really don’t care anymore, it’s just a waste of time and effort.

  8. I completely agree about António. He should be a bludgeon we use on tired defenses. We simply aren’t giving Haller enough quality opportunities during the game. His confidence needs to be boosted with quality ball and speedy support players like Anderson Fornals and Bowen. Constantly rounding upon him is not going to help. We are under enemy fire here.
    I was devastated when Soucek got injured against Liverpool. His energy and awareness in combination with Declan’s have allowed our back four to remain in position and they have looked formidable as a result. Moyes was able to move Noble up front out of harm’s way and our Centre halves didn’t have to cover for him. I think we stumbled on to something. While Soucek is injured use Matsuaku next to Rice and Fornals as number 10.

    • Everyone saying Snoddy should be left out must have been watching a different team this season. He’s responsible for scoring and assisting more than anyone else. How does it make sense leaving him out??!! Madness. I’d play Antonio in the Soucek role, his strength and pace would mean the Soton midfield having to drop deeper to counteract his threat

  9. Play Bowen and Antonio together. Snodgrass plays his heart out, but is getting on. Play the future, not the past. Diop has played in Midfield for other teams why not us ?

  10. Hammers need a series of wins to secure enough 3 pts to avoid relegation.

    So Hammers must be more offensive. Agree Antonio almost singlehandedly beat Southampton alongsie Haller. So, must play both.

    Masuaku, Noble, Zabaletta & Snodgrass are perpetual failures at PL standards; whereas Antonio energy, pace & power crucial, especially in sad absence of Soucek!

    Moyes should select team as follows against Southampton:


    Ngakia Diop Ogbonna Cressswell

    Bowen Rice Fornals Anderson

    Haller Anotonio

    • With only one defensive midfielder you better hope we score 3 or 4 goals with that line up.
      Jokes aside that would be such a wicked line up if we had no pressure of relegation. Just let them go out and play.

    • Totally agree with John here. With Soucek out this is the most positive line-up. Snoddy and Noble are far too slow and Masuaku is a serious liability. Zabba’s best days were long ago. Time to be positive.

      • Fantastic team but there is one problem, Moyes does not have the guts to play this type of team. The reason he must be sacked as he just does not see how poor both Noble and Snodgrass are.

  11. If anybody wants to drop Antonio they´re deluded!!… against Liverpool he was stretching them with balls being played over the top and him running in behind!!.. Haller has the ball to feet and doesn´t run in behind players, hence up top on his own he´s pretty easy to control for defenders… What you do is play Antonio up top with Haller not drop Antonio …ridiculous suggestion!

  12. totally agree John, we have to use Antonio still, he frightens defenses, but him and Haller together if we can sort it out somehow would be great

  13. Well if you managed as well as your idea we would be relegated bynow boys well done

  14. Is it April fools day already?
    Ffs! Antonio has been the only outlet since his return. If anyone would prefer to see Haller up front on his own instead, then they must be clinically insane. Yes, play someone alongside him, but to drop him????
    While I’m on one, if Moyes is so worried about playing the Championship’s top scorer because he doesn’t want to drop him in it so soon, why doesn’t he care about throwing in a kid at right back?
    This thread has proper wound me up!!

    • Steve, not suggesting seeing Haller upfront on his own – suggestion was Bowen, Anderson and Fornals support Haller, the former two having pace to compensate for Antonio’s absence.
      It’s not clinically insane, as you put it, Antonio has scored ONE goal this season. Anderson, Bowen and Fornals should, theoretically, be enough of an outlet

  15. On current form Antonio has to start. Can we afford to see Haller mope around for 70 mins before we bring Antonio on to rescue a game? He has had his chances and the manager will pick players who he feels will fight for the cause , which is why Snod and Antonio are going to be in the line up. Antonio isnt a striker but if i were a defender i,d rather have Haller coming at me than Antonio thats for sure. Let Haller come on when legs are tiring because he has no pace and in a tight game will struggle. We could even start with Anderson and Antonio up top and replace with Haller and Bowen if we need goals after 60 mins.
    Watch back Liverpools 3rd goal. Ball comes out from us and Haller is in front of Liverpool defender, the defender sees Haller waiting for it and Haller turns back when the challenge comes in. Haller should have fouled him or stopped that guy putting the ball back in. Thats the difference. Antonio will bust a gut for the club and fans to stop them crucial moments happening . Look not at the goals but the lead up to the goal. Haller could have done more to stop that happening.

    • Remember the first half when Antonio failed to track TAA and he had unchallenged effort on goal that fortunately Fab saved. There are lots of ifs and buts with hindsight but the sensible point made is that we should back our top scorer in a game we need to win. Antonio is unpredictable and quick but he does not take his chances.

  16. Hahaha.. I’ll say this, everyone has a right to an opinion but to even think about dropping Antonio is an embarrassing suggestion. It’s not as if we’ve got strength and depth in any area of the pitch. Look! We’re in the “doghouse” and the only way we’ll survive is if we have battlers who have strength and determination, and he has that in abundance. Clearly some of you suggesters have short memories as he is definitely one of our more consistent players. Leave out Antonio and we’re as good as down and out.

  17. Team
    In the above team, you have enough pace, determination and drive to get behind defences.. Period.

    • Barri,
      You’re laughing at someone and then putting Masuaku in the team.

      I’d play the same back 4

      Snodgrass off after 60

  18. Utter nonsense play him with Haller or out wide with Bowen on the other wing that’s how Haller was played last season in Germany two quicker players giving him service we dont do when his up front own his own Antonio has to start full stop

  19. Sorry guys – but Haller for what ever reason ain’t cutting it as a Premier League striker. We were playing better with him off the pitch against Liverpool.

    If we sold him tomorrow (Transfer Window permitting) would we get anywhere near the 45m we paid for him

  20. What was the point of buying Ajeti? He is or is he a 2nd striker? And Fabianski needs to see a therapist got to get Roberto’s punching habit out of his game?punching it away the other night instead of collecting it , I remember he punched it on to Ogbonnas head for Brighton’s first goal? Or is it because Moyes kept Pellegrini’s goalkeeping coach who coaches punching out ? Not to keen on punching goalkeepers

  21. Antonio’s best position and the one favoured by the player himself is the position he played at Nottingham Forest which is left winger. That’s where he scored most of his goals from in his best season. In interviews Antonio has said that’s where he would prefer to play, on the left. Which is great because we now have Bowen to play on the right side to balance things up. Now we can choose to drop anderson to the bench as sub for either right or left wing or we can play him as attacking midfield or even as striker, why not. Moyes turned arnoutavic from an ineffectual winger into a striker after all. Infact you play Anderson upfront we can then drop Fornals in behind him in the centre attacking midfield role.

  22. Wonderful idea … lets drop Antonio who has pace and scares defences but keep Noble . All they see is his shadow as they run past him .OMG he is terrible week after week . It is the formation that is wrong . The set up depends on Rice and Noble to break up play and keep the midfield competitive . Trouble is Rice is doing it on his own . Noble contributes nothing in defence or attack and couldn’t lead a pack of Girl Guides .

  23. Hes a great outlet, but maybe he should be dropped to the bench for this game, we really need to get an early goal and we have more clinical players currently not starting.

    As a sub chasing the game or to counter attack, I cant think of much better defenders are not going to like a fresh antonio for the last half hour.

  24. I just can’t understand why we can’t have Formals in the team? He proved against Liverpool what he’s about so I think we should give him a chance.

  25. I get the impression that Antonio knows he is highly rated and appreciated. In his last 2 matches he played without much zest.
    And yes, he is definitely no lone strike, and is at his most awesome when he comes off the bench.
    And oh most certainly the sooner Moyes gets Jarrod playing a full match, the sooner we will win games.
    Antonio, Haller and Anderson must sort out their attitudes and their current form, and start making match changing contributions to West Ham who pay them very handsome salaries.

  26. Antonio is at his biggest threat on the back post against the fall back as he showed when Payet was here with Cresswell on the left.

    His ball carrying is eye catching but his biggest threat/end product is in the air.

  27. Haller has been hung out by Moyes, playing him on his own is just plain stupid. I blow hot and cold on Antonio, he has had some influential games of late but his lack of technique/vision drives me to distraction. That take on the edge of the 6 yard box from a brilliant ball in against liverpool was just embarassing. But that isnt what he is about, I get that. But he is never ever a No. 9. Would love to see Bowen get a shot in the team, and would like to see him just off Haller in the middle. Cant see Moyes ever doing that though.

  28. Drop are best player yeah… Drop noble ffs

  29. dropping probably our most effective player this season? No Chance. if anyone has to make way, it should be Felipe Anderson or Mark Noble. Anderson because he looks like half of him is on the pitch and the other half on a beach in the coco cobana. Noble because his legs aren’t what they were, and they were’nt all that when they was.

    I agree, we do not need two holding midfielders, we just need to outscore the opposition, and against anyone in the league other than Liverpool and Manchester City (plus the rest in Man United, Chelsea, Spurs and Leicester). We can do that.

    My team would be Fabianski in goal, with Ngakia, Ogbonna, Diop and Cresswell at the back. Rice holding with Fornals and Lanzini in front of him creating chances aswell as covering the midfield, with Antonio on the wing with Bowen on the other side and Haller up top. If Bowen is quiet, then take him off and Bring Anderson on. If Fornals or Lanzini are quiet, then bring Snodgrass on.

    Just go out and outscore the teams we must be beating.

  30. agree with that suggestion re Bowen, but would drop Anderson instead of Antonio. straight swap positionally. Anderson onthe bench. gave the ball away at least 3 times against Liverpool. he looked a lttle better and put the effort in but Antonio isas quick and a lot stronger. that’s my 2 cents.

  31. Possibly the most ridiculous suggestion I’ve heard in 10 years. Drop the one player that provides us with something different, works extremely hard, offers an outlet….a totally ridiculous article

  32. I can’t agree with this, Antonio works hard and is a constant threat. From Monday nights performance there are only two players that I would consider dropping from the starting line up, Anderson and Noble. Fornals and Bowen to come in.

  33. Drop Antonio ?
    Who are these idiots.
    They nothing about Football.
    He played in two sublime balls that if Firminio hsd played them pundits would be creaming themselves.
    Haller and Bowen should of finished both.

    Typical of this site that something like this gets a page

  34. Not when they are ludricuos like this guy. He’s even suggesting we play the same XI when for one Soucek is out injured.
    He’ll have the out of form and even the lazy Anderson and Haller who missed a sitter against Liverpool.
    You surely can’t be serious Hugh.

    • His suggestion is that Antonio is better coming off teh bench scaring tired defenders and that he is not a natural striker, both points with which I agree. I am not an Anderson fan but I see no mention of Soucek although I note he includes Fornals so not quite sure where ur coming from there. Michail has never been seen as a natural striker and his goals tally reveals that. You may not agree with it but I see nothing wrong with his thinking at all and much rests on Haller fnding service and form.

  35. All of this is semantics…. First decision is to get rid of the Captain from the equation and then pick the team on merit and play people in their correct position . If Noble plays we will continue to struggle as we are a man short . .. end of …

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