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Moyes v Bilic POLL – Shock verdict

bilic_main_3437996b-large_transpjliwavx4cowfcaekesb3kvxit-lggwcwqwla_rxju8West Ham fans would sooner Slaven Bilic stayed in charge of the Irons than the club appoint David Moyes.

Fury over the possibility of the Scot taking over at the club has hit high levels following the news breaking on Saturday evening.

And tonight we have reported the club may be ready to do a U-turn and look elsewhere for a replacement – a story picked up by other media sources.

Rather than run a complicated poll naming prospective managers who may or may not be in the running, ClaretandHugh ran a poll making things as simple as they could given that only Moyes appeared to be in the running.

MoyesWe asked whether the fans wanted the former Everton, Manchester United, Real Sociedad and  Sunderland boss to take over or keep Slaven Bilic in place.

Now with the figures passing the 1800 mark within a few hours of launching the poll, Bilic is holding a big lead over Moyes.

A total of 1,160(64.23 per) cent gave Bilic their vote with just 646 believing that Moyes was the man to fill the role.

Vote here: https://www.claretandhugh.info/the-west-ham-manager-poll/

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

10 comments on “Moyes v Bilic POLL – Shock verdict

  1. Rerun it with neither and see what happens.

  2. waste of time poll get the 50,000 fans to vote bilic would lose

  3. If West Ham are going to replace Bilic I can’t see Moyes being an improvement. I’d rather keep Bilic in place than upset the whole operation to bring in someone who’s not right.

  4. Set up a vote asking if Bilic should be sacked and it will be closer to 100% just because we don’t want Moyes doesn’t mean we want Bilic it is only useful in that it announces we don’t see Moyes as the answer to the Bilic shaped hole if he is sacked.

    • I didn’t vote because there is not a choice in their that I agree with and you can see from teh responses neither would have been the clear winner.

  5. IF you want Billic out, then you have no right to demand who replaces him, and if the owners are backtracking because fans are up in arms over possibility over moyes then the lack of leadership from them is embarrassing, and thats me being polite.
    Joke owners running the club like a circus with the ringmasters being the social media sites.
    If Billic stays because the Billic out boys didn’t like the rumoured replacement then they only have themselves to blame

    • Says who ? Every fan who has a season ticket or not has a right to choose the manager !
      Its whether they get him 😉 ? With the promises and boasts of what they were going to give us , next level and all the other lies mullarky , then they have no choice but to get the best they can and start spending the money to back up their deviouse promises ! The fans will have their say one way or another , what they would like is for all of us long term supporters to not attend or renew and fek off and let them con all the newbys creating a new culture and brand efficient supporter using the waiting list to progress it in their new athletics stadium lol !!
      We have a right and we need to make our voices heard ! And we will !!! This crap is just about to take on a new level of indecisiveness and panic which we associate with the 3 stooges ,
      Let’s hope they are listening ! Otherwise I will be Leaving the ground after the first 2 goals we conceded at home lol the exodus left me in traffic for 45 mins on fish island , not a happy man 😂 sadly I love my club more than I dislike the clowns so they will not drive me away.
      Quite the reverse if we all stick together !!

  6. This poll speaks volumes for the ‘good sense’ and sanity of the majority of Irons voting for Bilic over Moyes.

    We are not being asked in this poll if we want Bilic vs ‘any replacement’. We are being asked if we want Moyes as Bilic’s imminent (imperative!) replacement. 60% plus of Irons voting in the poll ave spoken: ‘no to Moyes’.

    This voting trend will be mindful of all the footballing evidence available. Moyes had his moment in the sun at Goodison, and nobody can take that away from him. Since then, however, his career has simply petered out. Total eclipse of the Goodison sun. So, why would Intelligent Irons want to see the club jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire by hiring him? That voting preference does not constitute a testimonial for Slaven.

    Irons fans should now be treated to news of a top notch coach being targeted by the club owners, and should not be grimacing over the conjectures that we’ll be inheriting ‘bargain basement’ coaches of the likes of Dyche, Pardew or Moyes. The usual suspects, those old school ‘managers’, stop gap, who offer nothing novel or progressive by way of cosmopolitan coaching philosophies. This poll malarkey tells us as much about the quality of the owners’ leadership vision for the club, as it does about the disbelief of Irons fans that we could be swapping Slaven for Moyes.

    In this age of ‘Post-Truth’ perhaps the Moyes malarkey is now’t but a rumour released by Arsene Wenger to take the pressure off his position after today’s debacle….

    Slaven is to be replaced though not by Moyes…or Pardew, Dyche or even Allardyce.

  7. I think we are overlooking the fact that we have had bang average players in key positions for far too many years and have masked around the cracks. Reid is overrated and wouldn’t get in many other teams and he is our rock? He is the pick over more players past their prime. Who were our last consistently reliable full backs? Noble is a legend but way past his sell by date. Who were the last wingers that got you out of your seat in possession of the ball? Apart from Payet and occasionally Lanzini, who picks the locks of the opposition defences week in week out? And finally, who was our last 20 goals a season striker? It’s OK spending millions on players you see on motd doing OK and hoping they are the answer, when in reality they are not as they are also bang average and past their best. Asking opposing fans would give you a true reflection. Stoke fans said Arnie was lazy, wow, never a truer word. We then have to manage egos before performance. Until a takeover and a clearout happens, there is no point in arguing over who takes over as manager.

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