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Moyes: “We thought we could just stroll about”

David Moyes has been elaborating on his post match comments after the shocking defeat at Swansea yesterday.

The manager declared himself embarrassed by what he had earlier claimed was the worst performance during his time at the club.

And he added: “We had no intensity in our play, we thought we could just stroll about.

We played so bad. I couldn’t assess it, it was that poor,” declared the Scot.

“The fans travelled through the snow to get here and we let them down badly. That was the poorest performance since I came here. I’m embarrassed.”

Winston Reid was concussed during the incident that led to his early departure but Moyes added that he was more concerned by a secondary injury to his knee which looked very badly twisted.

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19 comments on “Moyes: “We thought we could just stroll about”

  1. We are looking at another re-launch of our season. One game against Burnley and then 3 weeks off so we can yet again re-group.
    Reid doesn’t look good, but we should have Ginge and Ogbonna back again, and hopefully we start the rest of the games with Antonio in the team. We badly need his aggression, work-rate and goals, up front.
    I don’t care if Hernandes ends up on the bench. It is more important to get our attack working again, at the same time getting our team defending properly. We badly need Arnie up top supported by Lanzini and Antonio. Masuaku must soon be back at LWB; he owes us.
    I still think we will stay up, even if it is because several other teams are a lot worse.

    • Hard to imagine right now which teams are worse than us , sleeps . Seems to me we are the team most out of form in the entire division . We are currently the worse team . You can’t paint over it . Unless the team gets a massive injection of encouragement and goodwill the moral is in danger of sinking to the lowest I Have seen in 60yrs . Will we avoid the drop ? ,, the way we are performing at present doesn’t bode well for survival . We can only hope Palace lose to United otherwise we look very much like favourites to go down .
      Our Claret & Blue verses the Clarets to escape the relegation zone . Sounds like something from The Game of Thrones ( battle of the b@stRds ) .

  2. Clearly a set of bad characters at the club. Antonio and Ayew whispering at the final whistle annoyed me. Mark Noble walking in the background obviously annoyed too.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing 22 new players at the club next year.

    • Noble was annoyed because his V12 turbo scooter had battery problems due to the cold ?
      Maybe that was down to kouyate hanging onto the back of it on a skate board 😂

  3. Get relegated and you’ll get you’re wish !😉

  4. Players have been strolling about for 18 months headed up by the same illustrious captain but that ain’t the problem it’s the marchers fault 😂

    • Its absolutely ridiculous that certain people are blaming the March as why we are doing so terrible… I mean do they really believe that everything was hunky dory before the idea of the march came along ….baggers beliefs…. Get a grip

  5. Yep ! I’ve heard max mosely is leading it 😁 they’re handing out the jackboots on the day 😂
    Stukas to arrive at 2 pm and the sappers to target the bridges to stop the board leaving after the game 😂.lofl .

  6. To begin with it was a nasty long coach ride to the Liberty Stadium . Not the best preparation by a long shot . Players having a kip with Thier headphones on .
    What concerns me though is the Team Talk delivered by Moyes before kickoff . It most certainly didn’t motivate anybody . It should of but , it didn’t . The players knew before the game just how important this 90mins was going to be . God , what is wrong with them ? .
    Obviously moral is low , and all these protests are only helping to lower it more . The LS is not a happy place and it is effecting the team . We are all human and can be influenced by events surrounding the club . That’s back to back 4 – 1 defeats ; against Liverpool ( ok they are a great team ) and Swansea ( not a great team by any stretch ) . They got soundly beaten by Brighton 4 – 1 but managed to get it sorted against us . Deplorable . Now we have yet another back to Back must win game ,,,,, it’s none stop . So much protesting is having a seriously negative effect on the players , staff and people in general . Protest all you like after the season is concluded, but please leave it alone for a bit and let the team settle down to some football . None of us want second division football . We’ve been there too many times before … the LS is not and never was to blame . It’s goes far deeper than that .

  7. Fek me kev ! Ain’t you come down yet ! 😂 so when did the marchers that have not marched yet at the beginning of this season and last influence the results ?
    Give it a rest ffs 😎

    • Loads of clever little ditty’s from you , Laz . Face reality mate . Fans are an integral part of a teams success . Players and a team need to play to an audience to get them going . It’s part and parcel to a club . Making humerous remarks is all well and good mate , but truth is we need to get a bit more serious if we are to avoid Championship football . We have visited the second division too often . I only ( like others ) have West Ham United at heart .
      Don’t want to there again ,, it’s too painful with no guarantee of coming back up .
      I reckon we have both seen enough to realize protesting don’t work .
      No , Laz , I haven’t come down … probably won’t untill the season is done and dusted .
      Where we find ourselves at the end of it , God only knows .

  8. Let’s see the vision on new signings….How about tryinext to buy Ramsey and wilshire from Arsenal……that would show some ambition for starters ..lascelles from Newcastle would be a decent shout too….and adama Troare from Middlesbrough…….there’s 4 players I’m confident would grace the London stadium and put a decent solid core into our first team …..but we need more than 4 players ……but those 4 would be a statement of intent ….

    • Champions league players aren’t coming here. We are aiming for the likes of gross, classe, arter, evans, etc. And if you think they’re ‘sh!t’, let me just tell you we don’t even have their standard right now.

  9. Players at this level should be motivated everytime they step out on the pitch, they shouldn’t need a manager pumping them up.
    I’m not a great lover of the board in any way but what is the aim of this march? To repeat everything that already has been said, board out, lies, broken promises, stadium, badge etc etc. What it certainly wont do is motivate the players, along with the poisonous atmosphere in the stadium on Saturday it is not going to help anyone, well maybe Burnley..
    But everyone is entitled to an opinion, as long as it’s anti board

  10. How long has a march been mooted? 6/7 weeks? How long have we been playing jank? 15/18 months? No correlation between the two whatsoever. People that blame our form on the march have very short and selective memories.

    • And that ain’t rocket science is it mooro ! Some of the posts are unbelievable mate! They simply cannot see it !😉

    • The fans didn’t want Fat Sam, he went
      The fans wanted Bilic, they got him
      The fans wanted Julian Dicks, they got him
      We were doing terrible last season. the fans backed Bilic
      The fans have created a negative atmosphere at Stratford
      At which point do the fans take some responsibility?

  11. Do you honestly think 70k a week is going to take notice of a march ! That hasn’t even happened yet ! Wake up !! Its a fans right to protest against this mob , we still turn up to cheer them on ! The players know that , the board know that , theyve stated that numerous times in their brown nosing ! Its not the support that’s lacking its the board who haven’t delivered !
    Was we marching last year ! Get you’re head out of you’re proverbial Kevin you’re talking nonsense .

  12. I have some symapthy for the marchers – I wish that Sully would get some class and agree with Ruffelite on Karen Brady. I am not sure that rich foregin owners are the solution (Hull anybody)? SuGo do not have the best record in appointing managers (Alex McLeish, Avram Grant) so I think that Moyes is about as good as it gets from them

    Hopefully we stay up through luck (the post being man of the match in a 1-0 win over Burnley) and then Moyes can reshape the squad to his specifications – I believe that the possible lack of activity during the January window was at least in part due to Moyes reluctance to sign players that he ahs not personally watched

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