Former Hammer believes Moyes may walk away


Ex-West Ham fan favourite Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Allen, feels it is the right time for David Moyes to go after the Europa Conference League final next week. This is after a disappointing season in which his management style has been constantly questioned,

Despite faring well on the European stage, our domestic campaign has been very poor with the Irons flirting with relegation for the vast majority of the season.

Moyes has  received criticism from many for what has been seen as his negative approach to games and they believe a change in manager has been required.

However, there is a strong belief that should the Scot lead our Hammers to European glory next week and book a place in next season’s Europa League, he should be granted a stay of execution.

Former midfielder Allen talked exclusively to The West Ham Way on his weekly podcast ‘Mad Dog Bites’ and believes that Moyes will walk away from East London this summer whether we win in Prague or not. He feels the boss hasn’t been overly supported despite his reign being an overall success since his return to the hot seat back in 2019.

He’ll walk away I believe,” stated Allen on the Podcast. “Lets be honest he hasn’t been appreciated despite delivering success. We have had it really good for a long period under Moyes.

“I was at the Fulham away game and fans were singing ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’, putting up a ‘Moyes out’ banner. You could see it hurt him. If I was him, I’d say thank you its been a pleasure, but I am off.

“Then what do we do? Who do we get in? Easy to keep saying ‘get rid of Moyes’, but I struggle to see who with.”

Thereby lies the problem, there does not seem to be sufficient candidates about at the moment.

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  • Legin says:

    I’m so fed up with these poxy stories questioning Moyes (although this is supportive).

    I’ve had years of watching West Ham teams fold when they go 1-0 down, often it would have been worth walking out with the masses that often do (I always stay to the bitter end). Yet since Moyes arrival we have a team that is fitter, generally better organised and a group that never gives up. When we do go a goal, or even two down, I never feel it’s over with Moyes’s team. That is a absolute god send compared to the past!

    To be fair to Martin, he never gave up, you just didn’t know if he’d burst the back of the net or put the windows out in the flats behind the North Stand!

  • West Aussie Hammer 1 says:

    I hope he runs, the Football he has played for over 18 months has been negative and we have been on a downward spiral.
    But with also having a disorganised club on top, is embarrassing.
    We need Ange Posticoglu he will sort us down the better and has a great record.

  • Tez knows says:

    there does not seem to be sufficient candidates about at the moment.”

    Really ? Its the close season coming up and we can’t find ANY sufficient candidates in all of world football.


  • Buster says:

    I agree with Martin Allen. If David Moyes leaves this summer it’ll be because he wants to. The board won’t sack him.

    Be careful what you wish for is my advice to Moyes’s critics. Ipswich Town are a good yardstick – even though they were not in the Premier League.

    Ipswich were going nowhere in the Championship a few years ago. The had a good experienced manager in Mick McCarthy who’d spent six years worked with a Championship budget and keeping them safe as a mid-table team. Their fans weren’t happy, they voiced their opinions and abused McCarthy, and just before the end of the season on his contract, he walked. Next season Ipswich finished rock bottom which devastated the die hards, and it’s just taken then four years to get out of League One.

    Sometimes football fans don’t know when they’re better off. Allegedly, David Sullivan will sell out soon and the club might be in a better financial position to compete for a Champions League place. Look at what’s happened at Newcastle this season. If David Moyes has one year left, he will keep West Ham safe, and if things go well next Wednesday, there will be another season in the Europa League alongside Liverpool and Brighton. COYI

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