Moyes would weed out West Ham moles

Moyes allardyceIf bookies favourite David Moyes takes over as West Ham Manager next season, he would quickly implement a zero tolerance for moles in the dressing room or training ground releasing team information.

Real Sociedad’s team was recently leaked days before their clash with Valencia  and Moyes threatened to find the dressing room mole and remove him from the club.

The former Manchester United and Everton manager was upset that his selected team appeared in the media last weekend before his team’s Sunday lunchtime game against Valenica.

In a press conference before the game he said: ‘For some reason our team is in the newspapers [on the day of the game]. I don’t get the opposition team. I didn’t get Valencia’s team but the opposition get my team. I don’t think that’s right. It doesn’t seem correct to me that our rivals find about our team selection because of leaks.’

Moyes has made several changes since arriving at Real Sociedad last November, reducing the number of public training sessions in the lead up to match days and limiting daily injury updates because he believes it helps inform rivals.

If he arrives at Chadwell Heath over the summer you can expect more of the same and a complete clamp down on the leakers.


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13 comments on “Moyes would weed out West Ham moles

  1. All sources thrown out,nothing for Sean & Hugh to report about.We are all doomed.Mind you,i think if you are looking for any West Ham leakers they are on wetpants 😀

  2. Is that it Hugh? Come on mate you can do better than that!

    In other news Moyes will not allow wife beaters, child molesters and players who wear different colour laces in the dressing room!

  3. maybe Hugh could,maybe he couldnt,will we ever know.Sean wrote this 😉

  4. WhuG returns what did you expect,
    If Moyes catches a mole in the changing room he will hang them by there cajones and force them to read columns from wetpants.com until they get a wet sensation,
    It must be so active over there if you have to come here to read
    Are you saying you have breaking news that we have child molesters at the club ?

  5. I hope all this minute examination of David Moyes and how he might do things differently, doesn’t turn out to be one huge disappointing waste of time and all those fans wishing the season would end so they can cheer Sam on his way out the door, doesn’t turn out to be one of those ‘be careful what you wish for’ things and we all have to face the reality that he isn’t going anywhere

  6. Moyes is reported as directly telling a journalist yesterday that he is definitely NOT leaving Real Sociedad and will be there next season.

  7. Correct in Spain Moyes is saying he is not going anywhere.
    can has find I thing different then be careful what you wish for,you repeat it every week,
    We will be so greatful when it happens,

  8. im sorry moyes is not a step forward hugh 😀 he will not improve us as much as u think he will sorry fella better manager is needed to push us forward.

  9. Ok so Moyes doesnt come,but if i read one more person on sites say we should give Allardyce a new two year contract i will scream.**** in hell,no away win in five months,three wins in eighteen matches,yeah he really deserves a new contract.What a bunch of ****heads.Have our fans really become so easy to please we give a new contract to a geezer any other club would have probably of sacked.Unbelievable,i can only guess the majority of these people dont watch us if they want to ENJOY another two years of Allardyce football!

  10. What will we have to talk about? What a killjoy!

  11. We could talk about the odds betway will give for Nolan to leave the club still on 99,
    We could talk about how much are we going to pay other clubs to Nolan O,Brien,Jarvis,Magia off our hands
    What about a spread bet how many games Carroll is going to play next year ?

  12. What a total non story Sean
    Seriously, if theres nowt happening, do some gardening instead of writing this crap

    1) Moyes is not our Manager
    2) He won’t be
    3) Knowone will accept a leak at the club
    4) What’s special about Moyes being ****ed off about leaks

    Total waste of a write up

  13. icwhs how’s the spuds coming on or was it your Leeks
    Bet the grew better after that bull ****e we played was put on them yesterday,
    But you probably won’t read this because you are so busy,
    Could you take on BFS in your garden we would all like him to take garden leave

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