Moyesasaurus turns into Moyesiah with Emerson switch


Sometimes, you just have to admit when you’re wrong.

When David Moyes seemed poised to substitute West Ham’s injured top scorer, Jarrod Bowen, with Aaron Cresswell, I was far from pleased. In fact, my favourite multicolored pen was hurled across the room in sheer disgust.

I was stunned and momentarily speechless at the Hammers manager’s decision to swap a forward for a defender when we needed to regain control of the game. I found it foolish, unnecessary, and destined for failure. If I’m completely honest, at that moment, I thought the Moyesiah had turned into the Moyesasaurus Rex and lost his mind. I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Moyesasaurus genius substitution-West Ham v Wolves

Moyesasaurus genius Emerson substitution won all three points

Moyes’s choice to deploy Cresswell in a back three and push Emerson forward turned out to be a stroke of genius. The Italian/Brazilian left-back was liberated from Moyes’s tactical straightjacket and excelled. Emerson played a pivotal role in West Ham’s victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers, and I’m eager to see more of the same. More crosses, more dribbles, more shots, and more pass-and-move.

So, kudos to you, Mr. Moyes. Whilst I was rummaging for my pen and grumbling to myself about Maxwel Cornet, you were having an epiphany, and it paid off handsomely.

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  • allprp says:

    I agree (of course). Am for and against Moyes, but I think it is true what M says about changing and evolving and if that plays out, that’ll be brilliant. WHU are more often on the front foot now, not against Tottenham for example, but that is a good call I think. So he is mixing it up more it seems, am sure he is getting more valuable tactical advice on the touchline because he cut an isolated figure for a while, there. Also bringing on Johnson, that was a great choice. I know McAvennie, said he does not get stuck in enough and I know what he means, but maybe that is a lack of assuredness, because he played his heart out for the Hammers against Wolves, keen to take the ball at the top end and support his teammates. He brought something extra, 100%. If we could get more youth to bring in their energy, speed, skill and commitment from the Academy, then I would definitely take my hat off to Moyes.

  • Anonymous says:

    He is definitely a lucky manager, no doubt about that.

  • Michael says:

    Moyes is a dinosaur; his default position is to defend, even when a couple of goals down. WHU could win every game until the season ends and I’d still be happy to see him gone.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know what you mean, we have thrown games away because of that and so often sat back waiting to be slaughtered, with our players run ragged and getting crucified. I still think it is better than last season in style of play – which is progress. Maybe you are right, but I like that he is a footballer and committed, not just plying his trade. Maybe with Moyes + Steidten + Noble (somehow getting academy players actually playing in the team) we’ll have something that will grow? Anyhow, we shall see. Leverkusen next… oh, oh.

  • paul lewis says:

    Michael, what a ridiculous comment, if we win every game to the end of the season we would be Europa league winners, and be at least 6th in the premier league. And you say you would still want him gone??????

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