Mr Moyes we have grown apart

David Moyes-West Ham-Press conference

Mr Moyes we have grown apart

It was a frustrating evening for many writes new C and H contributor Michael Talbot who says: “Mr Moyes we have grown apart.

Frankly, for those who needed to find a pub to watch the game in the end it was probably not worth the effort as the game was excruciating to watch. In fact, nearly every match under Moyes in the past two years has been a source of discomfort. It’s perplexing how we fail to demonstrate more attacking prowess, especially considering the talented attackers at our disposal. This inability appears to be beyond Moyes’ coaching capabilities when it comes to orchestrating a cohesive attack.

Although Lucas Paqueta scored a good goal, his performance has been sub-par in the last half-dozen matches. Something seems awry, and it’s possible that the betting scandal is taking a toll on him. Ward-Prowse delivered a nice assist, but after a strong start to the season, he has been conspicuously absent in the last six games he played. There has been a noticeable void in the middle of the field during this stretch.

Also consider this. We are 1-0 up, sitting right back and inviting pressure, then Fabianski suddenly stops playing short and skies the ball at every opportunity only to give possession straight back and invite more pressure until the opposition equalises – or, in this case, hit the post. Does any other team play like this? Or is it me?

I am sad to say watching West Ham these days is devoid of pleasure, and unless the board makes the necessary decision they should have made at the end of last season, this situation is unlikely to change. Even our defence has been unreliable, to say the least, recently.

If Moyes can’t shore up this fundamental aspect of his managerial style, we’re in for a protracted and agonizing season (again !) And finally.

Dear David ,congratulations on the win, but I still want a divorce… we have just grown apart…x


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  • Pessimist says:

    Could not agree more. I am afraid Mr Moyes and I parted company at the end of his first reign. Thanks for everything, but we want the Football Club, the Players and our peace of mind. Clean Break.

  • Auslander says:

    My feelings entirely, time to go David

  • Buster says:

    You’re not wrong, Hugh. But it’s really weird reading those words about one of the most successful managers in West Ham’s history – it shouldn’t be like that and say’s a lot about some oy Moyes’s predecessors. I really don’t think there will be a parting of the ways before the end of the season.

  • SelsdonHammer says:

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s painful watching my beloved Hammers under Moyes.

  • Rozzer says:

    The Chairman is the problem if he was a fan Moyes should go and now.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Couldn’t agree more, the trend has been downwards in performance for 2.5 years, negative football has zero chance f sustaining success, might have the odd result bu the odds are stacked in the attacking teams favour as we see in every team that has won the league for pretty much the last 15 years and most of the 20 before that, with the exception f boring arsenal in the late 80’s early 90’s and Chelsea under Mourinho, though they had different rules. Most modern manager can coach teams to maintain possession and pass with tempo, we have the players to do that but we are useful at holding onto the ball, Paqueta, Benrahma and Emerson show it can be done, outside of those three though we aren’t utilising it which is a tactical failure from Moyes and if we go ahead he instantly cededs momentum and possession to the side that just conceded, never mind the often lacklustre starts to matches and waiting to concede before having a reaction. Thanks for the memories and cup but it’s Ttme to go MOYES OUT!!!!

  • norfolkhammer says:

    Moyes successful ha ha ha Ron Greenwood & John Lyall are our success managers . MOYES OUT NEGATIVE SO CALLED FOOTBALL

  • exsoulie says:

    I love the divorce part,just start playing 10CC “I’m not in love”,and tell him “Sorry Dave I just keep thinking about other coaches and systems “.

  • D_J says:

    I’ve felt like that for a long time. Almost every team we play seems better coached than us, even the European minnows at times- and Dyche’s Everton! With the squad now, he has no excuses. Time to go.

  • Martin61 says:

    Oh what a conundrum we have.
    One of the most successful managers we have ever had.
    Saving us from relegation twice (can’t recall many fans criticising our play at the time).
    Finishing 6th/7th in successive seasons (has that ever happened before?)
    Qualified for Europe 3x seasons in succession……never happened before
    Improved our squad massively.
    7th June 2023……need I say more
    We are all struggling massively with the quality of our play, the entertainment these last 18-20 months. The counter attacking play in 2020/21 was smooth, fast, skillful……replaced by a plodding, predictable style with (arguably) better players.
    Our frustration coming from the whole is less than the parts or however the saying goes.
    Moysie, if he leaves now/end of the season, will have left the club in a much stronger position structurally, professionally and image ( it has been soooo good not to have to see ‘leaks’ from the Sullivan family in the media nor seeing Ms Brady writing nonsense in the papers that drags our name through the mud).

    I would be delighted if Moysie gets us playing a more fluid, attacking based style in the 2h of this season, but I’m not holding my breathe. If not, and the expected parting of ways happens, it is a big challenge to find the right appointment of a younger, more progressive manager who can provide the top 8 plus finishes, cup runs and style of football we seek. Oh and managing to integrate our better youngsters………for if the appointment fails in any of these then we may find we are wishing for a third term of one of our most successful ever managers.
    A conundrum indeed and I no longer follow football close enough outside of West Ham to know what managers are out there to feel confident that they exist…….but hopefully Steidten does!!!

  • Rezman333 says:

    Thank You Moyes fr the trophy. How you signed so many talented players, I will never know, you are a master at spotting talent.
    But as I tell my friends, I think you are a better tournament coach than league coach. WOULD love to see you coach a country.

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