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Mystery deepens over Diangana fee

West Ham are refusing to give precise details of the fee West Brom have offered for Grady Diangana.

That Slaven Bilic has moved in on the Irons academy product appears to be a given but it appears – from two or three sources – that the fee will eventually be closer to £18 million than the widely reported £12 million.

Club insiders  were coy under persistent pressure when asked to give  details when questioned this morning but there seems little question that Diang is on his way.

The initial story of a £12m bid was denied by the club but it appears that with various add ons – either included or to come – the fee will be closer to £18 million.

The club refused to confirm or deny the report claiming they will not divulge confidential matters – a sure sign that a deal has been agreed although the player still has to agree personal terms.

A club insider said a deal was a long way from being done and it was not 100% that he will be leaving.

The 22-year-old player was reported to have asked for guarantees that he would be in David Moyes’ plans for first team football and see regular first-team action.

It is has been suggested that favored agent Will Salthouse is involved in the deal and that the proceeds of the sale could allow a potential bid for Brentford’s Said Benrahma who is a Salthouse client.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

29 comments on “Mystery deepens over Diangana fee

  1. This just about sums our club up, probably one of the best attacking young midfielders on the books to come through as of late & all the owners can see is pound signs, why have WHU been so uniquely affected by covid19, its embarrasing that championship clubs & league 1 clubs are out spending us. Shame on you G,S& B, another relagation fight coming up but this time i cant see us escaping 😪

    • We are going to look really stupid getting relegated whilst the baggies stay up. In almost 60 years of being a fan this Board’s transfer policy is by far and away abysmal. This is a ridiculous transfer there a a dozen or so players on the squad who should be sold before we even think about Diangana going.

  2. I have defended the board previously and felt like we didn’t need to make signings – part of the reason being that Grady was essentially, a new signing. He fits in with this clubs DNA, a young, British academy product with pace and who our £45m striker has said he loves playing with – so what do we do? Sell him to a relegation rival for peanuts.

    I’m sorry, but this is indefensible. I don’t care that we ‘might’ bid for Benrahma (who statistically, was not much better than Grady last season). What sort of message does this send the fans?

    Then to top it off, we want to ‘loan’ Bernardo.- I’m from Brighton he’s genuinely a championship quality LB who can’t get near Brighton’s first team. Gaetan Bong kept him out of the team, following by Solly March who converted from a LW to a LB.

    I feel sorry for Moyes – I wouldn’t blame him for quitting. He’s probably the only manager (with Allardyce) whose delivered on what he said he’d do (twice) at our club, and rather than back him, we strip him of an asset.

    I’ve avoided being dragged in to the GSB OUT brigade, but if we’re down to asset stripping with cheap replacements, then I’ll probably reconsider

  3. This is a terrible bit of business. The whole world of football is laughing at us.

  4. Why the surprise.West Ham are generally speaking a “selling” club.Any chance of making a few million is always grabbed with both hands.The last few years have been a disaster both buying and selling.About time someone is held responsible for the clubs actions and then employ an expert who knows what they are doing in the transfer area.Another troubled season ahead.

  5. I have to agree with the comments above. I can’t actually believe this as having him back in the squad was like a new signing. Out attacking players have quality in abundance and I was very optimistic, however if we sell a top player for peanuts once again we deserve everything we get! I’ve backed the owners many times but this is indefensible as JB15 said above. We cannot justify getting rid of a talent for 12 or even 20 million. Fair enough if we got 50 mil but no less…the owners are supposed to be businessmen but they have shown how pathetically inept they are from previous transfers – namely Payet and Arnautovic – this is just unacceptable and Bilic must be laughing big time here. Shocking news – I do hope DM has his say and surely it’s up to him who stays and who goes, unless of course big offers come in. If Diang wanted assurance over starting every game well that can be difficult to give for any player – either way, the club better come out with a real good explanation if this is all accurate. Meantime if we go for cheap defenders just to get numbers up we will be fighting bottom 5 rather than competing for top 7…

  6. Moving on the dead wood I see, and getting in young hungry successful players from the championship 🤣

    Absolute joke of a club.

  7. What a joke we can’t afford to sign anyone apparently because COVID has affected our club more than any other club. Because smaller clubs can and are signing players . So we sell a talented youn player and go for worse options GSB are on track to ruin the club and certainly disgruntled the fans . Wow in living in a nightmare .

    • Anyone with 3 brain cells will tell you to keep him. We are looking for young talent. I do not think so. In my 70 years as a supporter this may be the craziest thing I have heard.

  8. It’s like selling your house for a tidy profit and then buying the one next door at the same price.What have you achieved?
    Very disapointing if this does go through, just when we think things cannot get any worse!

  9. Personally I don’t see why people are so ****ed off with this, the deal is supposed to reach £18m which is far more than he is worth, he has been shipped out on loan for the last god knows how long, seven assists and eight goals, yeah that’s in the championship that’s Grady Diangana’s level. I doubt he’ll be as prolific for them in the premier league. Lets see who they replace him with before getting too worried about letting a product of our academy go. He didn’t really want to be here either he was asking for first team assurances and lets be honest he shouldn’t really be dictating when he plays that is the managers job. Sell him now while he’s able to be sold or before his stock crashes.

  10. Diang demands guaranteed, first team play. A privilege you earn, not have your agent negotiate. My guess is he made the transfer request.
    Our “embaressment of riches” in these positions is a consequence of spending without thinking. Ngakia was a loss because he has skill in a position we are weak, but he knows he is not as good as Ben Johnson.
    If Declan reads the comments above he will be wondering if he should stay. Fickle fans aren’t fun to play for, if they can be considered fans at all. Ever heard a parent boo their own child?

  11. If he is sold then everything written above is spot on. What concerns me greatly is that we would spend the money on another midfielder the like of which we are tripping over. If we do get this money the top top priority is and must be a LB because what we have now (Cresswell and Masuaku will send us down.

  12. Once again an appalling bit of business by the West Ham Board, Anderson is too light weight for the premiership, Haller is not much better he needs support, so what do they do sell the one player who appears to help him. Sorry but I can only see one direction and that is DOWN.

  13. Followed West Ham for over 50 years, I hope they are relegated with the lowest points ever, anything to clear our those thieves who pretend to run the club, they have ruined our club, I am just sickened by them, I wont attend another game while they are there

  14. Grab a bargain month down at the London stadium. If Sullivan is in severe financial trouble as this madness would suggest, then sell up.

  15. Im still in shock over this, somewhere between furious and in denial. Surely its not true. Diangana has been one of our best players in pre-season and looking like our Bowen option for the left side. I havent been in the GSB out campaign, but if this is true I will be. Its unbelievably poor judgement on their behalf.

  16. I’m seething, **** em ,I’m up for any anti board stuff now ..I’ll take 2 relegations and lose all our players if it gets rid of them ,and start from scratch yes hugh I did say that.
    ..and yes it’s been said but my god how the brum supporters were right..its just getting worse …I’m done for while unless there is any petitions to help get them out…they have ruined us after all the dross with the new stadium and crap .enough is enough. …BOARD OUT from Now on ………..2 bit tossers…..diagana was the last straw today ,in a long long line of unprofessional fu## ups
    Sad sad day not just about diagana but the **** storm this will cause just before the season starts ..🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


  17. Just don’t get it, unless he was dissatisfied with Moyes’ assurances. No player should be guaranteed first team football – everyone has to earn it by working hard – but if that’s not the reason, it’s a real shame.

    • It’s not the end of the world , we have too many midfielders .Grady is a good price for a young player.Spend the money on a left back , center back and a loan deal striker and all good

  18. young hungry players who are top performers in the championship… nah we aren’t interested in those, least of all when they come from our academy

    i have defenders the owners more than most but this is outrageous

    we have 10m from sales, that is enough to get in a left back and we can loan/bosman a reserve defender and striker is no one in our youth team is up for it

    but to sell grady… just disgusting… utterly disgusting

  19. I have to say I am very concerned about this. Moyes want’s to build a young, hungry squad and yet we want to sell one of those young, hungry players who had a good season last season and should be given a chance. We have plenty of older players who should go well before Diang. It’s not his or the fans fault, that the board allowed Pellegrini to buy players at overpriced figures with overpriced salaries. Sell one or two of them for a loss, rather than sell a youngster who signed a new contract not long ago.
    I’ve always defended Sullivan & Gold but if this is allowed to happen (unless Diang has asked to leave), then I can’t defend them any further and after 40 years, I doubt I can remain a fan whilst they are in charge.

  20. Diangana was promising when he played for us in the prem but he was mostly all show and no end product. He did much better in the championship and managed to add some finishing quality, but it was still in the championship. Is he really premier league quality? Not so sure. Take the money I say and reinvest. He might never be worth as much as he is right now to West Brom.

  21. He’s young, hungry, will go up in price and exciting to watch.
    I liked him when he played for us.
    Plus his wages are probably low and he is being sold for peanuts, we are hardly going to get someone better for the same price (inc wages).
    This is a step to far from the board, I can just about bare not buying but keeping the decent players but selling for peanuts is too much.
    I don’t trust the board if they do this, they are up to something deeper than just fleecing the club here imo and I have always been a board backer

  22. I went to see us play West Brom at the Hawthorns in Dec 2016. I arrived way too early in our colours and was the only Hammer there. All the Baggies staff and fans were welcoming and we chatted and laughed about stuff for an hour. When the game started I saw local mothers and children scared of the hooligans I shared the stand with and who hurled filth and abuse at the home support and even our own players if they made a mistake. Diangana will find a better home there and I wish him luck.

  23. Yes please don’t. We could do without fans like you at the stadium that want us to get relegated. Yes real fans use words like “us” and “we” when talking about West Ham. They don’t say things like I hope “they” get relegated. It’s easy to spot the fakers and the plastics. They are always the first to melt.

  24. Why are we still going ahead with the sale of Diangana? Arteta of Arsenal want’s to sign Anderson. We would get a lot more for Anderson. Why don’t we just hold off on the Diangana sale until and if Arsenal buy Anderson. Or do the board have another agenda all together?

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