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Neville calls for points deduction for six greedy clubs

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville is furious with his own Manchester United and five other clubs who have agreed to join the European Super League.

Neville told Sky Sports TV viewers “I can’t focus on the game, they should deduct points from all six teams that have signed up to do it! Deduct point off them all. To do it during a season is a joke!”

Speaking on camera Neville added “It’s been dammed and rightly so, I am a Manchester United fan and have been for 40 years but I am disgusted, absolutely disgusted. I am disgusted by Manchester United and Liverpool the most. Liverpool, the pretend (with) ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (they are) the people’s club, the fans’ club. Manchester United – 100 years, born out of workers. And they are breaking away into a league without competition, that they can’t be relegated from? It is an absolutely disgrace. Honestly, we have to wrestle back power in this country from the clubs at the top of this league, and that includes my club.”

Neville went on to hit out at the owners of England’s biggest clubs, many of who are foreign-owned with the Glazers owning Manchester United. He added on Sky Sports: “I’ve been calling for 12 months, as part of an another group, for an independent regulator to bring checks and balances in place to stop this happening. It is pure greed. They are imposters. The owners of this club (United), the owners of Liverpool, the owners of Chelsea, the owners of Manchester City, they are nothing to do with football in this country.

“Manchester United aren’t even in the Champions League. Arsenal aren’t even in the Champions League. I watched them earlier today and they are an absolute shambles of a football club. Tottenham aren’t in the Champions League and they want a God-given right to be in there? They are an absolute joke.

“The time has come now for an independent regulator to stop these clubs having the power base. Enough is enough. The motivation is greed. Deduct them all points tomorrow, put them at the bottom of the league and take the money off them. Seriously, you have got to stamp on this.

“It is criminal. It is a criminal act against football fans in this country. Deduct points, deduct money and punish them.”

A fifteen point deduction would cut Manchester City’s advantage and leave them on 59 points and within reach of Leciester City and West Ham United while Manchester United would plummet to seventh place on 51 points.

On 31 points Arsenal would be in real danger of relegation, Spurs would drop to 15th, Liverpool 14th and Chelsea 13th as they paid the price for their treachery.

The Hammers would be promoted up to third place in the Premier League table and almost guaranteed Champions League football but at what cost to the game as a whole.

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27 comments on “Neville calls for points deduction for six greedy clubs

  1. Ban them from every competition.The EPL,FA Cup,League Cup.Their soon come rushing back.

  2. Well thats great. So theyre deducted points-this- season but is he saying then just carry on.Thats it ?gguess it stops man u and the rest from being banned from domestic football ? No way! Deduct points if he wants but they must be thrown out as has been said by the premier league. Guess he forgot to say that. wouldnt get too carried away by what he says -more what he didnt. say ! Dont think never mind the premier league wolsd accept them still in Domestic competition.

    • Looking at latest news all six would be expelled from league and all Cup competitions.Good riddance!

    • I would let them go and form their own dull league which is what it would be but for this season deduct each of the six teams 30 points. New top sides would then emerge in the premier league next season, ourselves, Leicester, Everton, Aston Villa, Newcastle. It would be an entertaining exciting league unlike the new European league which will implode as interest falls away. These so called big six clubs will then want to come back to the premier league but they should then be made to rejoin via league two and work their back through the divisions into the premier

  3. As a Manchester United fan I am not surprised by this news, this is exactly what the Glasers is all about, MONEY. Not the Clubs not the players or other staff, money for their pockets. I like many football fans have just watched United struggle against Burnley, Arsenal drew with Fulham and Spurs drew with Everton, are these really the results of “Superior top six” teams. Its time F.I.F.A, U.E.F.A and governments moved to stop this and stop it now, it is not in the interest in football at any level and will eventually take the game further and further away from the fans. And herein lies the key. These clubs are nothing without their fans, they need us more than we need them and if they decide to go ahead with this move we the fans should walk away. F.I.F.A should ban all these clubs players from international football, U.E.F.A and the FA’s should ban the clubs from competing in their leagues for at least 5 seasons and then relegate them all to the lowest professional division (League 2) if they wish to return. Take the players and the money away and these owners will soon regret their selfish greedy decisions. I have little time for those in charge of football at the moment but even less for these owners who only have wallets for hearts and zero love for the clubs they own or their fans.

  4. Boot them out of the Premier League – they can’t have it both ways, if they want exclusive money we don’t need them in open competition.

  5. It’s time we put a stop to these teams even calling themselves “top six, or the big six” it’s all self serving and ironically has been perpetuated and maintained by pundits like Neville and carragher in the past. They are always talking about the big six clubs etc.. it’s time everyone refused to use the phrase. I certainly wouldn’t call Arsenal top six anymore, or tittenham. They’re worried about teams like West Ham and Leicester breaking in, taking over from them, that’s what their worried about. They want to keep it all to themselves. So a nice little money making league all of their own where there’s no promotion to it or relegation from it suits them just fine. They don’t care about the grass roots of the game. They are all up themselves too much. Foreign businessmen, Greedy beggars buying up our clubs. Makes me glad we haven’t got foreign owners frankly.

    • I agree with you Sarah. I think it’s interesting that if you research the idea of Nguyen this breakaway league first started to gain credibility in its current format is the same season Leicester City won the Premier League. Nothing focuses the minds of those who have money than the threat of someone taking it away from them. It’s the same with status. They will argue that this is all about accessing fans globally and football is now a global game. But there is no doubt that it simply serves no purpose for those local fans who would not want all be able to follow their team around these leagues. The novelty will wear off very quickly. American owners will point to the fact the franchise football without promotion and relegation works in the United States and across all of their sports. However, that completely misses the point the football is not like that never has been.

  6. If they want to leave, let them. The EPL will live on, and be better competition without the greedy gits. A league with no relegation or promotion will soon be dead in a couple of years and I would hope UEFA Chuck them out too. It is a disgrace and once they leave and eventually have no real fans, they will come running back with their tails between their legs

  7. Do Tottenham’s owners not realize they’ll finish 12th in that 12 team competition every year? I’d love to see them in it.

  8. Bans. Points deductions. Expensive litigation and football will suffer. If they want to play their first teams elsewhere, sobeit. Just don’t allow them to field their reserves in PL or EFL. Let them go and leave our leagues to the clubs who value their collective importance.

  9. Better than that kick them out now and expel them from history, no more big six they won’t be missed!!!

  10. deduct points now and if they go through with it then boot them out ban all players from International and when they come crawling back they start at the bottom of the pyramid

  11. Any thoughts of winning the euros or even world cups would be kissed goodbye as players would be in more risk of injury or even exhaustion.

  12. It wouldn’t be an ESL at all, French Clubs have refused and German clubs are predominantly fan controlled so they aren’t going for it either. Essentially it’s an England/Spain League. I really don’t think it will happen. COYI

  13. Going to get very messy though I don’t think it will happen

  14. An issue i see here is that UEFA and FIFA have never exactly been full of morals themselves. They shout now about banning teams from leagues and players from international duty but show them a cool £1bn or two and all of a sudden i can see them changing their minds. UEFA and FIFA WILL see the £ signs and change their tune, you can count on that.

  15. See how many players they have when the players find out they can’t play in World Cups or for their national teams, it could be a good way to sort out the greedy players from the ones that want to be the best players, I hope it goes ahead, looking forward to finishing higher in the league this season hahahaha if we take the results of games against them this season out for all teams I wonder how the whole league will look ? We have lost twice to Liverpool and Utd, drawn and won against Spurs, drawn and lost to Arsenal, drawn and lost to City, lost to Chelsea so we would be 5 points worse off but with a much better goal difference.

  16. No relegation from the PL this season and 6 teams coming up, they could sort out the championship to make it smaller as it’s too big, why not finally merge the Scottish PL with the English leagues or invite Rangers, Celtic, Hibs, Hearts, the Dundee teams and Aberdeen in to replace them… it would certainly be a great way to pick up the nations of Europe we could all have a laugh at the capitalisation of Football and watch as it falls flat on its face with the European Super League that has to be propped up by foreign investment funds.

  17. Great idea 32, bring in Rangers and Celtic and the top 4 from the championship I say.

  18. Cancel this season’s results by those six clubs and throw them out NOW……. Never ever allow them back under any circumstances. Award the FA Cup to Leicester and the EFL Cup to Brentford. Allow Fulham, West Brom and Sheffield United to stay up, promote Norwich, Watford and the next two into a revamped 18 club Premier League as too many fixtures already exist. Never allow those clubs to play in any competition other than within their own Elite cesspit. Never all players of those six teams to play in the World Cup and Euros.

  19. Get a petition going. Its the only way the gutless football administrators will be forcex to act. They are more than happy to condemn smaller clubs like Bury into extinction through hefty and unfair points deductions but without outside pressure its unlikely they will do this when its actually justified

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