New Captain inadvertently revealed on You Tube

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Eagle eyed viewers of West Ham’s official kit unveiling yesterday have picked up on what they think might have been an inadvertent ‘reveal’ of the new club Captain. West Ham released behind the scenes footage of the club’s new away strip onto their official web site and You Tube channel.

The video featured some of the club favourites including Jarrod Bowen, George Earthy, Mohammed Kudus and Edson Alvarez all promoting the new black away strip.

There has been much speculation since the signing of Wolves’ captain Max Kilman for £40 million that he may be Lopetegui’s choice for the armband. In any case, last season’s club captain Kurt Zouma is officially up for sale and unlikely to force his way into the first team following a lukewarm season as leader and doubtful mobility thanks to his long-standing fitness issues.

However following the release of the video yesterday there has been a suggestion that the identity of the Hammers’ new captain has been both selected, and inadvertently revealed.

One of the photographers used in creating the photoshoot yesterday is, according to those who’ve watched the video, clearly heard stating “We’re going to take you over to do stills, Captain”. And this was not aimed at Kurt Zouma.

Edson Alvarez was apparently the target of the comment.

This appointment, if true, would make sense both in terms of his on-pitch displays last season, showing passion and leading by example if sometimes a little too passionately which ended in him receiving 11 Premier League yellow cards during 23-24. Considering also that he and the head coach share a mother tongue, there might be more to fuel the speculation.

Alvarez-injury-Mexico-west ham

El Machin – club captain designate?

Clever detective work or just wild guessing? It’s clearly correctly reported – you can check out the video yourself here West Ham You Tube  after about 12 seconds, but it was obviously shot some time ago and quite possibly before Lopetegui was officially appointed.  In that case it is premature to suggest that Mexico’s captain might have already been appointed club captain too. Factor in his recent injury and likely absence from the pitch for the first part of the season and it becomes a good old conundrum.

A popular and logical choice all-round, though, I’d say, and certainly one who would be a fan favourite, (mine too) – not afraid to get stuck in and wearing his heart on his sleeve. A pretty good fit and from my standpoint far better for squad morale that appointing ‘imported’ Max Kilman. Call me old fashioned but the Armband has to be earned.

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  • Graham says:

    So Lopetegui appointed a captain before he got the job and without meeting or training with the player in question? Absolute nonsense.

  • Hammeroo says:

    So, Martin Treasure, you don’t think Jarrod Bowen has earned the right to wear the captain’s armband?

    • Martin Treasure says:

      Haha Now you are putting words into my mouth! All I suggested was that, in my opinion the armband should go to a player who has ‘earned the right’ to it rather than arriving from another club and being immediately proclaimed – whether Max Kilman or AN other. Bowen would be one who certainly fits into the ‘earned the right’ category.

  • Hammeroo says:

    Thanks for your answer, Martin. It’s appreciated!

  • Jim Lucas says:

    Edson is captain of Mexico, more likely a nickname he has as a result.
    My money is on Cresswell for Club Captain and Max as Team Captain, we brought in Nolan as Captain remember and look how well that went

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