New Hammers Signing Faster Than Mbappé!

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It seems that West Ham have done their homework and due diligence with the signing of Luis Guilherme, who many believe to be perfect for the Premier League.

While much has been made of Guilherme’s super-talented Palmeiras teammate Endrick and his transfer to Real Madrid, many shrewd observers of Brazilian football have noted that West Ham have signed the one best suited to the Premier League.

The Brazilian wonderkid has blistering pace, good upper body strength, and is an exceptional dribbler. His top speed has been clocked as faster than Mo Salah and equal to that of Kylian Mbappé (thought to be the fastest player in world football).

None of this will come as a surprise to Guilherme, who is fully aware of the fast-paced physicality of the Premier League: “The Premier League is the best league in the world,” he remarked. “The games don’t have clear favourites, and it’s fast-paced. The intensity here is very high, which is important.

“Playing against the best is always crucial for growth. The Premier League is a huge challenge, with its high intensity and level of competition compared to Brazil. I hope to improve and achieve great things. I believe I’ll improve a lot here with the entire staff at West Ham, which is crucial for my development.

“We always dream, right? Since I was eleven, I had this dream, and now it’s becoming a reality. I’m very happy about it and grateful to West Ham. Let’s go for it!”

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  • Ageing Hammer says:

    I like the sound of this lad. So hope he lives up to expectations. COYI

    • Hammeroo says:

      And probably like you, Ageing Hammer, I hope to live long enough to see Luis Guilherme live up to expectations! It’s nice to lower the average age of players within the squad too.

      • rollercoaster hammer says:

        with blokes our age we’re just keeping the supporters’ average age quite high 😂🤣

  • Brian Fuller says:

    As a life long hammer, first game march 1958 west ham 2 _ grimsby 0 ,I like most fans have always look forward to the new season, but this year seems like we are really going for it with young players,but we must try and rid ourselves of some of the older players even at a loss.


  • Hammeroo says:

    Good to read posts from some senior Irons fans on here. I started watching the Hammers at The Boleyn Ground in 1961.

    I was at Wembley in 1965 to watch us win the European Cup Winners Cup 2-0 against TSV Munich 1860.

    And I was at Wembley again in 1966 to watch West Ham beat West Germany 4-2 in the World Cup Final! (well, we had England’s key players)😊⚽️⚒️👍

  • Ageing Hammer says:

    Maybe I’m not quite so ageing, first Hammers match I attended was a 4-2 home win against Burnley in 1967. Living in Eltham I’d only been to Charlton prior to that, however that first match standing on the South Bank under the floodlights……hooked for life

  • Paul says:

    Paul here from Grove-Park-SE12 just around the corner from ”Ageing-Hammer. first game my old-man took me was ”Harry-Cripps-Testemonial” playing alongside another great of the great back then ”Keith’y Weller-Both-Of-Our-Arched-Rivals-Millwall” and still to this day i’m 66 years young, i feel like 166 lol

    I as well as all ”HAMMERS-FANS” would love to see the kid ‘Hit-The-Floor-Running” and smash in a hattrick and get MOTM. buy give the kid a bit of breathing space guys, i’m a million % sure hes gonna be a fantastis signing. and i just wish that ”Mark-Noble” was still playing for us he’d take him under his wing and bring him up to pace of that i have no doubt guys. all i’m saying is give the kid some time to bed in. for wjhat it’s worth and in my opinion we’ve got the next ”Rolnaldo on our hands…….mark my words

    Cheers Paul COYI

  • cockney george says:

    Another old ammer, who can remember seeing musgrove,winger .First time was taken by our nabour and his son,we wear in the chicen run ,the irons scored and an old boy with a wooden leg paessed around what l now know was a bottle of navy rum lwent to take the bottle and got passed to the front with the restof the kids.I too have still got mine and my wifes ticket stubs and programs from the F.A cup and the cup winners cup as it it was called at the time.Good memeries ,lets hope for more but bigger,so cumon you IRONS.

  • Ian says:

    I first watched the hammers over three quarters of a century ago , standing in the south stand so that we would not be blinded by the sunshine. I barely saw the top half of the pitch . often the men around us would hoist me up above head high and pass me down to the front .(remember the terraces were more sparse in those days) .I would spend the rest of the match
    Worrying if my Dad would ever find me at the end. He always did of course.

  • Kevlar says:

    I’m an old Hammer but by comparison a young gun! My first game was west ham v saints Boxing Day 1973 4-3 we won! I just want west ham to challenge the top four even if we don’t achieve champions league at least we had a go! Just like my favorite west ham player BILLY BONDS

  • Ageing Hammer says:

    We’ve all got great, (and some not so great), memories from a time when football really was for the working man. My all time hero to this day is Sir Geoff Hurst and to be honest I’ll be very happy if I can just pronounce correctly the name of our next signing.

  • rollercoaster hammer says:

    brilliant reading all of these, really is. mine is a long-distance love affair. my Italian dad used to take me to this little suburban ground in Sydney to watch the local state league, where the home team wore Claret & Blue.the atmosphere was nuts. watching Brian Moore on the only football show on Australian telly bar the Bundesliga (which then was like a sleeping powder) i saw a team wearing the same kit and my dad pointed out this bloke and said “that’s the guy you want to be watching”. Treveor Brooking. they lost that game 6-1 to the Arse. watched us win the 1980 FA Cup at 14, Brooking scores a ****ing header! beat the Arse! have a friend who was a WH physio in the late 90-2000s, Lucas Neill, Stan Lazaridis, Dylan Tombides. 57yrs old, Hammer for life ⚒⚒⚒

  • Hammeroo says:

    Great to read all these accounts of the good old days at Upton Park. Cockney George mentioned winger Malcolm Musgrove. I’d forgotten about him but he was one of my favourites along with John Sissons.

    My hero was and still remains as Bobby Moore. I was his newspaper delivery boy for a while when living just a few streets away in Barkingside, Ilford. He also used to come into the newsagents real early in the morning to pay his bill. Trevor Brooking is my second all time favourite, he used to be an Ilford County High School boy. Unfortunately I used to attend one of the dodgier schools but I think I played against him in the school team. My best mate was his team mate playing for Essex Schoolboys.

    I live in Perth, Western Australia nowadays and haven’t been back to visit the UK for over 10 years now. Maybe I’m better off watching the Hammers on TV over here as I think the ticket prices are pretty expensive there now by all accounts. And even worse now that the club have apparently pushed the concession seniors to the dodgy seats up in the gods.

    When Hughie Southon passed away recently I think we lost a good soul who us oldies could easily relate to. I wonder how he would rate his website now? RIP Hughie!

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