New Hammers Sponsor Causes a Stir

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West Ham’s decision to partner with Intuit QuickBooks as their new sleeve sponsor has divided fans. While the club paints a rosy picture of a shared vision and community support, the deal leaves a bitter taste for some.

The initial criticism centres on the visual disruption. Sleeve sponsors are already a contentious addition to kits, and the bright green QuickBooks logo clashes with West Ham’s traditional claret and blue. But aesthetics are just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a touch of irony of partnering with a company that supposedly champions small businesses, while local establishments around the Boleyn ground, the club’s former stadium, withered under a lack of support from the board. This inconsistency raises serious doubts about the partnership’s true intentions.

West Ham, however, spins the narrative as a win-win. They emphasise shared goals of empowering businesses and their commitment to the local community through QuickBooks’ support for small enterprises. Extending the partnership to the women’s team is another supposed positive step.

On the other side of the coin, QuickBooks trumpets the opportunity to connect with fans and small businesses through “exclusive matchday experiences” and community initiatives. These promises sound good on paper, but their actual impact remains to be seen.

Ultimately, the jury’s out on this deal. West Ham portrays it as a strategic alliance, but fans are right to be wary. Only time will tell if QuickBooks truly becomes a champion for the West Ham community, or if this is just another cash grab disguised as feel-good PR.

West Ham must demonstrate a genuine commitment to supporting local businesses, not just those with a bright green logo emblazoned on their shirts. Fans deserve more than empty promises and a visually jarring kit.

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  • The Demon says:

    Blimey – now C&H is reduced to harking back to the move from Upton Park again (2016, wasn’t it?) in an effort to project some negativity on the club.

    Trying to link a new sleeve sponsor with the small businesses left behind when we moved is a new low, even for Simon Leyland and his pals.

    Are you sure you’re not Spurs boys in disguise?

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      there was no such connection between the company and past business. the connection was between those businesses and the shallow pockets of the club. just had the urge to come here and slag the Simon off again, i s’pose. you’re on a loop mate

  • Brian says:

    Club don’t even support their own fans so they can grab more money from the elderly and under 16s concessions

  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

    Why are West Ham United being blamed for the demise of the local businesses around the Boleyn Ground, on Match days prices went up in all the pubs and eating establishments in and around the local area extortionately. Perhaps if the owners had put some of the EXTRA monies robbed on the day away they might have had enough to help them adjust to a lower day to day turnover, they never once moaned when raking in all the extra thousands they made for well over 50 years.

  • Mike W says:

    Yawn💤💤 another dig at the club who are trying to move forward

  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

    And as for the Green Quickbooks logo on the sleeve, perhaps it’s a secret power on button that’s been incorporated into the kit to get the players into playing on the front foot instead of walking around as if they don’t give a f**k

  • John Harrison says:

    QuickBooks is a handy system for small companies which I’ve used in the past. It’s just the colour that clashes. There’s really no story here.

  • Frank Reed says:

    Don’t understand your point Simon, who gives a truck about local businesses on a match day. If you can afford the ticket to watch your club, so be it , enjoy, as for eat/drink/ buy something in the club shop, so be it. If you don’t understand sponsorship deals, maybe discard your dummy. Who likes anything else but West Ham on their shirt, love em or loathe em, all clubs cannot survive without the deal. As a kid I remember going into the ‘Bobby Moore’ shop opposite the Boleyn with my dad and he bought me a pair of football boots what Bobby used to wear, I was well chuffed, but on close inspection I noticed they were labelled Valsport. The assistant assured me “Bobby wears these boots,” try to use this site to support our club rather than continually to bring it down

  • Bib says:

    Im more annoyed that the main sponsor betway ,,is costing us 85 million . Through pacman

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