Alan Shearer is at it again and clearly has very little on his mind than West Ham United.

After various blistering attacks on the team of late he has now used another of his various media outlets for Coral to launch a new broadside at the players.

This time he appears to be basing it on the fact that they are hiding behind stadium issues despite them not being heard to do so which makes it all a bit odd and unfair.

He appears to have based his comments on the manager’s defence of Rush Green where Manuel Pellegrini said: “We have excellent training pitches, which mirror the exact layout, dimensions and quality of our home match pitch at London Stadium.”

However, not allowing the facts to get in the way of a good moan Shearer writes: “You cant keep using that as an excuse, you cant use that as an excuse for players going out there and not having the right attitude,”

“It’s the same size pitch, it’s the same football, it’s the same size goals, there’s not excuse for going out and not working and not trying hard. sharpish’

“And that’s what I saw at the weekend against Wolves, they didn’t work hard and they didn’t try hard enough. You can’t use the stadium as an excuse for that. Fans want 100% commitment. That’s all.

“I think fans will put up with having a poor result if they see the players giving absolutely everything. They didn’t see that at the weekend, that’s why West Ham got booed off and rightly so.”

However, Shearer continues to back Pellegrini believing talk of an early departure is simply not on.

He said: “I think it’s far too early to be talking about a manager being sacked after three or four games particularly with the number of players you’ve brought in to try and get that team together.

“He has to be given time but also you’ve got to see an improvement because of the money that’s been spent, you’ve got to see an improvement in players attitudes and that has to happen sharpish.”