New shirt revealed


New shirt revealed

The website Thick Accent has just posted ‘leaked’ CGI images of next season’s West Ham kit.

As with all things in the internet age, nothing is a secret anymore and pictures have reportedly been floating around on social media for the last few weeks before being picked up by the site.

But it appears that most West Ham fans are now saying the same thing – they really don’t like the bubble pattern on the strip.

What may have seemed a good idea is not going down too well with West Ham fans judging by comments on social, fan forums and in Hammers circles on WhatsApp.

Cast your mind back to the West Ham’s Pony centenary kit of 1995 which also featured a bubbles pattern., but that had the numbers 100 inside the bubbles which was more pleasing to the eye.

The mixture of different sized bubbles on the new strip has fans disappointed, though.

Many have commented that it makes it look like a Lego kit, craters on the moon or cheese !

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  • Buster says:

    Please tell me that this is a joke?
    Or designed by a 9-year old.

    West Ham played in claret shorts a few years ago – and ocassionally as a change in the past two seasons. The sky blue first choice always looked better as did the sky blue socks.

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