New ticketing system – not all plain sailing

juve_726ClaretandHugh follower Mick Miller has explained his experience of ordering tickets via the new West Ham system.

We were promised a much smoother operation after the problems many have experienced this season. Here’s Mick’s experience when booking for the prestige pre-season friendly.

I booked my tickets for the Juventus game this morning and learned a few lessons along the way which I will share with the ClaretandHugh mob to save them from the grief that I had.

Firstly, the last line in the WHUFC.COM article is important – you have to go on to the new Ticketmaster site – eticketing.co.uk/whufc/ and activate your ‘new’ client reference number and create a new password.

Where do you get this ‘new’ client reference number from I hear you cry! Well West Ham are keeping this a secret. I’m told they sent out an email last week, but I didn’t receive it. I may not be alone!

How I found out my ‘new’ client reference number was to phone the Ticketmaster – West Ham Call Centre (0871 529 1966) and quote my postcode and surname; the operator can then give your new number. I originally tried to log on to the new Ticketmaster site with my current client reference number/password and soon learned the error of my ways – it doesn’t work!

The new client reference numbers are a little curious, my existing number is six digits, my ‘new’ client reference is eight digits and bears no relation to my old one. My brothers existing client reference number is five digits, his ‘new’ client reference number has a leading zero but then is the same as his old number but now of course six digits – no, I don’t understand it either.

Armed with your ‘new’ Client Reference number you can now go into the new Ticketmaster site – eticketing.co.uk/whufc/ and activate your new account and create a new password and amend your details.

I bought my Juve tickets over the phone and then went into the Ticketmaster site and activated our accounts. I also called the West Ham Box Office (0303 131 1966) and sorted out some of my other queries. Firstly, I should have received an email last week explaining this stuff, I told the girl I hadn’t and she told me that quite a lot of people had already been on with the same query.

Secondly, any credit I’ve got from my Ticket Trader Account is supposed to be transferred over to the new account at the end of the season – good luck with that! Lastly, the balance of next seasons Season Ticket is supposed to be paid by June 5th.

I hope this helps – good luck!

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9 comments on “New ticketing system – not all plain sailing

  1. I did get my email last week and it is a bit of a faff to set up the new account as I have 5 to do and they couldn’t be done all in one go (or I couldn’t work out how to if you can).
    Once I had set up each account I was able to link them all so when I paid the balance of the season tickets it was easy to do. I bought the Juventus tickets yesterday and it was very easy to buy all of them at the same time and was a very smooth process. I am hoping that now the Ticket master accounts are all set up that any future purchases will be a lot easier than we have all experienced this year.

  2. Now I am confused. My old Membership Number works and lets me log in!

    • Now I am confused. My old Membership Number works and lets me log in! Obviously this is on the new site!

      • My old number worked as well – used it to set up my online account, and also when I phoned for my ticket for Juventus, with no problem at all.

        Will say, didn’t much appreciate the bloke on the other end deciding to go through all the T&Cs

  3. I used my existing client reference number to activate my account and use now when I log in to the Ticketmaster site. Using that I have paid the balance of my and my son’s season tickets and bought tickets for the Juventus game. The whole experience has been a piece of cake for me, so much better than the old ticketing website.

  4. I paid up the remaining money for my 2 new season tickets yesterday and my 2 Juventus tickets were already automatically reserved for me in my new seats. It took me less than 10 mins to do the process and I found it really simple – I didnt have to contact ticket master at all, I did it all on the clubs website – easy as pie

    I think some people might be finding tough as Juve tickets are only on sale at the mo to season ticket holders for next season, if you have only paid your season ticket deposit you are not officially a season ticket holder yet. As soon as I paid up my full season ticket amount my Juve tickets we reserved for me automatically it was great.

  5. Reserved mine without paying my season ticket balance, but with a note that if I didn’t pay by the deadline I’d forfeit my £50 Juve ticket. Used my old number to activate the new account, but many of the new set up features still take you to the old site. Oh, and my ‘friends’ arrangement didn’t transfer so I couldn’t buy my mates ticket at the same time as I normally do.

    Semi-shambles really.

  6. I used my old client reference number and found it really easy to book tickets for juventus. I assume I will be using same swipe card at new stadium too or are we supposed to receive a new one?

  7. I had fully paid for new season ticket in advance at the reservation centre and my seat was already reserved for juventus game. I just went online and paid the twenty. Job done.

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