New twist set for Gomez saga


By Sean Whetstone

The next forty-eight hours are crunch time as the Hammers continue the relentless pursuit of Maxi Gomez.

Valencia could pull out of an agreement with Celta Vigo to sign the Uruguayan striker over demands for £2.7m in agent fees and higher wages for Gomez.

Sources close to negotiations suggest a new twist could hit the situation with Valencia hedging their bets by switching an alternative striker target in France.

In the past hour, Claret and Hugh have been told by a senior Hammers source on e mail: “We think Valencia are looking to buy a player from France in next 48 hrs, if they do then our position on Gomez strengthens”

Late last night West Ham submitted a record £44.85m bid direct to Celta Vigo offering to pay the sum in instalments. It has been reported that the release clause technically requires the full sum paid up front to La Liga to be legally binding.

Meanwhile, West Ham are said to be waiting for a response to their bid from Celta Vigo.

Maxi Gomez’s personal views are still unknown although the Spanish media repeatedly quote sources close to him and his desire to remain in Spain.

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  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    I’m unsure if media sources (like this and others) are trying to get us excited, but I for one am getting pretty frustrated by the constant half-baked no-new-news speculative articles on this. That’s not a criticism of you writing the stories – just my view on the whole saga.

    If the player doesn’t fancy us, then leave him be and find someone who does. Who wants to spend £45m on a player whose heart isn’t in it?

    It’s all turning into a bit of a time wasting pantomime, and I’d hoped we were moving on from that.

  • the iron man from essex says:

    I’ve been bored of this drawn out saga for ages. Until he holds up a WHU or Valencia shirt I won’t believe a single word from anyone

  • mark wiggins says:

    I want him and we should do everything to get him for sure . However it’s a saga which is starting to bore me claim & counter claim . Just get it done end of . ⚒

  • bubbles says:

    Mr .Buddy it sounds like you must be new to the scene following the mighty Hammers . We have this and worse every window . Sullivan and Gold love to be linked to top players but have no intention in buying any . They are low life . We need class owners as well as good players . Do you think the Payet , Sackho , Arnie situations would happen at any other club ? of course not …. sad but true .

    • james says:


      Firstly we was linked with our number 1 target Anderson last season and we broke our transfer record and signed him.

      The transfers is now done by our sporting director not the owners, they are only when the check needs to be signed.

      We have also broke our made a good offer for gomez, which would break our transfer record again if we land him.

      Who knows if we will sign gomez or not, but if we don’t this time it will not be down to the owners, or lack of trying.

      You sound stuck in the past tbh, re-fusing to let go of your grudges.

      you naive if you believe we are the only club, where players force away out off the club.

    • This is about Pelle and Husillos – not the owners. You asked for this and then continue as if it never happened. Don’t get you at all Bubbles. Well perhaps I do and that’s the problem

    • matty53 says:

      you have not been around for a while bubbles
      But you still talk cr@p

  • TerryM says:

    I agree, I don’t think any of this ongoing speculation does any good at all. In truth the people who know what is going on are the ones sitting round the table negotiating. Basically all we really care about is whether he signs or not.

  • Phil says:

    Just leave him. He’s this year’s batshuiyi/ Carlos Bacca, where we waste the transfer window hunting someone who doesnt want us/ looking for other contract terms. We could have had ronson and another in good time. Gomez at best will have one season at West Ham before his agent moves him on. Let him go

  • Adji says:

    Celta vigo is smart club, they used press media to trick west ham there are competition, then got the price that they want

  • HammerHearted says:

    This is a situation that has been rumbling on since January. It’s unfortunate that it plays out in the media but that is the nature of the beast. Since the club distracted idiot boy by putting him “in charge” of the women’s team we have got much better at keeping our cards close. Nothing to do but wait and see how it pans out… and hope we don’t get strung along right up to the line and end up panic buying another Hugill. But I think Pelle and Husillos deserve some trust, not least because their interest in getting this sorted is totally vested. They need this to happen, and if it doesn’t they need to be certain they have appropriate fallback positions in place. I believe they do.
    Maybe turn off alerts for 48 hours and check again… save yourself from the stress if you are struggling.
    PS: Adji, are you seriously suggesting that Valencia are not interested? Thats as daft as anything Bubbles has mumbled.

  • rraza59 says:

    Why are we chasing him so hard? from what I read his stats arent that great. He shows no desire to want to play for us, just another player who wants a good pay day and will offer nothing in return. Lets look elswhere plese !

  • Jamie says:

    Am beginning to believe theres no bid so the board can say we tried
    We need to sort it out asp .

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