New West Ham Kit Leaked AGAIN

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Benjamin Franklin once stated that only death and taxes were certain in life. Clearly, Mr. Franklin was never a Hammers fan because he could have added the ceremonial leaking of West Ham’s kit to that list.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether the kit manufacturer is Adidas, Umbro, or anybody else; keeping a shirt design secret is clearly beyond the will of men.

And so it is once more that an image of West Ham’s latest shirt has been revealed on the internet. In keeping with tradition, the picture is grainy and depicts a crumpled shirt clinging to a hanger as if its very life depended on it.

No doubt the garments will look much improved when modelled by an athlete and captured using the appropriate photographic equipment. Unfortunately, until that time (believed to be next week), you’ll have to make do with squinting at a pixelated image on your phone.

West Ham’s 24/25 shirt . . .someone needs to run a iron over the collar

If you’ve detected a note of sarcasm and cynicism in my words, it’s with good reason. I lost the will to get excited about an overpriced t-shirt, which will ultimately be claret and blue, the moment they started costing more than £30.

That being said, this particular offering doesn’t look too shabby at all; however, I’ll probably wait until it’s on sale in the club shop next next year.

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  • mqmorasch says:

    Conveniently left the sleeve sponsor off of this “leak”.

  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

    Gonzo, on the other leaked image a week or so ago the diamond in the centre of the Umbro logo was Red where that one looks white?. Only time will tell. Also I’m of the same mindset as you, don’t buy the shirts anymore as overpriced and always the same colours 🙃😵‍💫🤪

    • Charlie says:

      The shirt with the red diamond was not the real shirt, it was a mock-up made to showcase the umbro badge, and I’m honestly not sure why the whole internet decided that was the real thing, when the creator never claimed that it was. To me, this badge appears to white with a light blue diamond in the centre.

  • Not so sensible says:

    That’s nothing like the new shirt, looks like a mock up someone has put together themselves out of a couple of old shirts 😄

  • Charlie says:

    Not amazing by any stretch, but I’m happy with this, I like what they’ve gone for.

    Looks a bit cheap but it out does our current home kit in just about every way. Honestly not sure what West Ham and Umbro were thinking when they gave us the plainest and most bare minimum claret shirt with the tiniest blue sleeves possible, and then just slapped some coffee rings on it and tried to claim they were bubbles, but it was a lazy excuse for a traditional home kit- I’d take the modern 22/23 kit with claret sleeves over that any day. Personally, I’d always take originality over tradition.

    But this is a traditional home kit done right. I had a feeling they would go for the blue badge, I actually made a mock-up and sent it to the West Ham Way, and that was almost identical to this, except the hammers were white and it had a v-neck collar. I didn’t think the hammers would be claret, but I definitely like that. I was getting really bored of seeing the same old badge on every home kit, the white hammers from 2 seasons ago were a nice touch, but this is really different and I like it.

    I just hope the sleeve sponsor isn’t green… And why does it look dusty?

    • Charlie Farley says:

      Judging by the attempts at originality over the years, I’d settle for tradition any time. Since the club first abandoned it in 1976, most of our shirt designs have been dreadful. Though I liked the Adidas ones that had sky blue sleeves, and the Fila tops that Di Canio wore. The last Macron top had some nice detail, but following the last ‘Boleyn’ season, Umbro just ran out of ideas with their poor attempts to go retro with the exception of that worn during the 21-22 season.
      There will be something totally unnecessary about this new shirt and if the sleeve sponsor logo is green, it will be the eyesore that the red BAC Windows logo was back in the day!

  • Ian says:

    Looks like something my old Mum could knock up in her spare bedroom on her 1950’s Singer hand operated sewing machine!
    I’m way too old to wear football shirts anyway 😉
    I’ll leave it to the under 30’s to decide if it’s ‘cool’

  • Jj says:

    Oh they’ve gone back to 60s heavy cotton I see. You lot are complete mugs if you think that’s the shirt

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