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West Ham United are on the cusp of finalising their second summer transfer, with RTI Esporte  suggesting  that a  £11 million bid for Fluminense forward Jhon Arias has been accepted. The Colombian attacker is poised to join the Hammers, bringing a unique skillset to bolster their attacking options.

Positional Flexibility: Arias thrives across the frontline, offering manager Julen Lopetegui tactical flexibility. He can play effectively on the right wing, his natural position, or adapt to a central attacking role or even the left flank.
Pace and Technical Prowess: Described as “rapid” with exceptional dribbling ability due to his low centre of gravity, Arias has the potential to unlock defenses with his speed and skill.
Balancing the Attack: Right-footed wingers have been a rarity at West Ham in recent seasons. Arias’ arrival provides a natural balance to their attack, complementing their existing options.

Reports indicate the deal could be finalised within the next few days. West Ham might pay an additional £1.8 million in bonuses if Arias achieves certain performance targets.

With the Arias deal apparently nearing completion, West Ham fans will be eager to see if the club pursues further reinforcements, particularly in central defence to address their vulnerabilities from last season. The summer transfer window is just open, and the Irons might have more surprises in store.

This has all the makings of a fantastic transfer window !

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  • John Ayris says:

    Jhon Arias, well it’s a promising name…

  • Steve says:

    Good to see transfers being or attempted to bo done early. Better than attempting to do something in the last 24 hours of a window.

  • David says:

    First time I have commented on any site. I have supported West Ham for 58 years. I felt that this new stadium needs pace all over pitch. Finally this coach relises the same. I am super excited for this new season.

    • B says:

      58 years?
      You must be some kind of ‘newbie glory-hunter’ mate!!?? 😉


    • Old Man says:

      Is that all, 58 years makes you a youngster but I’m glad you’re onboard this new J-Lo ride😉

    • Paul Whitehead says:

      Right wing, you’re right we need more of those. Only position we have covered 🤣

  • Kevlar says:

    I’m 65 years young and a west ham fanatic been supporting the Irons since 1973. And I’m really excited for next season now Moyesball has vacated the premises COYI

  • David says:

    Hi My father took me to Upton Park when I was six and I was hooked to West Ham. He is 93 with altseimers and the only conservation I can really have with is West Ham. That’s the power of football and West Ham.

  • Aki says:

    I’m 63 and been supporting Westham since 7 years old . Friend of the family took me to my first game at Highbury. Arsenal v Westham 1972/3 season . We lost 2-1. Seen hammers at Wembley 7 times

  • Robert says:

    Guys I so glad that we having some sensible transfers. We have had Fabianski playing a false number 1 for several years.

  • Whambo says:

    I’m 70 and I’ve not been as excited about West Ham since Greenwood and Lyalls days and. the brilliant football they produced. I’ve been hugely disappointed since. Let’s hope for a bright and successful future. ♥️⚒️

  • elduder says:

    this guy looks pretty average

    in that he’ll be of sufficient standard to be a squad player in the premier league but without the potential to shine

    we need his kind of quality at the age of 20-23

    hopefully he’s a late blooming and he isn’t already at his peak

  • Ron says:

    Have been a fan since 1963.
    Last season was not good.
    Weekend matches in Australia (Perth) start at 10 pm or 11 pm and it has been really hard to justify staying up as they were playing so defensively.
    Hoping for some good signing in this transfer window.

    • Andy says:

      I’ve been a fan since 1969 deciding West Ham were the club for me because my dad boxed for West Ham Boxing Club (at age 5 I thought they were one and the same). Staying up living in New Zealand where I lived for 23 years was not an option with the defensive football. I’be relocated to Europe after retiring in March and so excited about the season ahead.

  • Albert says:

    Another old Aussie Hammer here and I have stayed up till 1 a.m. watching the turgid rubbish that Moyes served up because I couldn’t not watch. My first match in 1952 against Notts County made me a lifelong Irons supporter and I agree about Ron Greenwood and John Lyall after growing up with Ted Fenton and the likes of John Bond, Noel Cantwell, Malcolm Allison, Ken Brown and Frank O’Farrell. Could this really be the start of a new dawn. Let’s hope so.

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