No apology after Independent man’s Irons attack

You may recall that last week we ran a piece from The Independent which had caused some bigwigs inside the club to claim they were still awaiting his apology for a rather savage attack on the decision not to renew Sam Allardyce’s contact in the summer.

The piece had appeared in The Independent under a headline “Welcome to West Ham United: the home of deluded fans and the most clueless owners.”

The author of this piece – Kiran Moodley – had declared of the board and our new manager: “Even worse, there is no direction as to what to do next.

“Rumours they want Carlo Ancelotti; they made an approach to Jurgen Klopp; they are planning on getting Rafa Benitez: if any of these men do come to E13, it would only be because their club of choice did not take them.

Oh but don’t worry, there’s always Slaven Billic. He’s never managed in the Premier League before – whereas Sam has for over a decade – but hey, we’re business people, we know how to hire managers. Remember Avram Grant?”

Moodley later contacted ClaretandHugh explaining that he would give his response to www.Westhamtilidie.com where he writes under the pen name Bobby Shovels.

It seemed a tad strange as the more usual route is to give a response to the media outlet who published the story but move on he clearly had his own reasons – maybe “traffic” – who knows?

The piece is now available to read under the headline:

No apologies – just the love of the club and the ability to express myself. 

The first line declares: “Blogging is just graffiti with punctuation.” – whatever that is supposed to mean.

And the final line says: “PS: As I wrote this week – again for the Independent, it’s best to listen to the great David Bowie – and stick to what you believe.”

Dunno about David Bowie. I remember my Mum and Dad telling me that! However, I mention these two lines to allow you to work out what comes in between.

The piece is on www.westhamtilidie.com now if you want to read what he has to say!


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

23 comments on “No apology after Independent man’s Irons attack

  1. 502. Bad Gateway

    It appears WHTID has crashed or been taken down

  2. Here you go Mr Moodley:


    You can borrow it, if you like.

  3. I dont know about Bowie but maybe he’s Elton … after all Sorry seams to be the hardest word

  4. Yep.

  5. He really is a p###k, calls himself a West Ham fan….. c###…..!!!!!!

  6. Seems like all the C&H readers rushing over to read this post have crashed the site!

  7. I just googled ‘Kiran Moodley’ and his ****ter picture appeared. Lets just say he looks the &^$* that he appears to be. Why would a West Ham fan write what he wrote? I can only guess that he was a Sam sniffer.

  8. Must be the only bloke who would be less welcome at UP than Lawrenson.

  9. He’s just a samette ! Ignorant , no knowledge of football , definatly no knowledge of west hams past ! And definatly no class !!
    It takes a man to apologise and self denial not to !!
    He is also delusional in thinking that because he writes a piece for the independent that he is head and shoulders above us as we write our graffiti compared to his masters degree in journalism ? ( not ).
    I had no idea this idiot was the infamous bobby shovels !!! from wet pants !! say no more !! Squire ! Say no more !!!!
    You did not express yourself as much as expose yourself , NOT A CLUE !,,

    • Couldn’t have said it better Johnboy, as for the writers on WHTID it went from abusing people who never accepted Sam philosophy and treated like idiots and ganged up on, belittled to then those same people then saying they always support any manager to the hilt when it was proven how limited Sam is.
      I stopped reading a long time there, some disgusting people who write and supposed West Ham fans.

      I’m so pleased Bilic has made all those anti football lovers look stupid.

  10. This guy. Richard Keys. Lawro. Piers Morgan. All sad publicity seekers. Don’t give any of them the satisfaction. All w@$&ers

  11. I read it earlier, it is a strange article, he says there is nothing to apologise for, even if the piece did seem like a drunken rant and anything but objective, if he feels no apology was needed I am not sure why he felt the need to bore everyone with his long winded response. To me that looks like the response of an immature person that realise they dug themselves into a hole and I guess like the pen name cant stop shovelling 😉

    • The site is still down. Did you read the comments? Were they particularly abusive? He’s not well liked on there but I suspect he’s a bit of a teacher’s pet, I’m wondering if Iain’s taken it down because of the abuse.

      • There are two sides to every story, The comments weren’t particularly abusive and probably 70 / 30 against him. I was actually writing a comment when that strange message came up and the site disappeared!
        Personally I think Iain could have just removed that article without the site going down, so I suspect it is down for some totally different reason.

      • Yeah there was nothing too abusive, was just an odd post, very defensive of his original post, the one that was a bit more like a drunken or childish rant.

    • It wasn’t out of hand, the support he was receiving was the right to have an opinion. Not sure what has happened…

  12. I can’t really believe that WHTID allow him to post his anti hammer Rubbish on there. The mans a tw@t. So who took the wet pants site down then?

  13. Read comments. Some were defending his rights to say what he did as a West Ham fan. Probably the same ones who have a go at that Billericay bloke for calling Valencia and co mingers.

  14. Back up, have a look…

  15. Wetpants now are becoming a Support Hippo for ever site,
    Anyone with any football knowledge knows as a club we did the right thing and the fans are happy now apart from the few BFS fans,
    Any comment against the club at the moment which could cause division in the fan base is stupid and I believe are made by non Hammer fans

  16. …so he’s probably a closet Blunderland supporter…

  17. Shi£e shoveller actually States he is not really a west ham fan ! He only goes cos his grandmother bought him a season to let and he went from then onwards ?
    Strange is probably a understatement ?
    Delusional !!!

  18. To let , ( ticket )
    Mind of its own sometimes !

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