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No boardroom appetite to fire Slav

BilicReports and speculation that the Hammers are globetrotting in search of a new boss are nonsense and can be totally forgotten by the fans.

The West ham board have no intentions of firing the manager despite the unwise public announcement from David Sullivan that it is now down to the boss to do the job.

That is the root cause for all the reports that he will soon be on his way and although there may be an understandable tension between the two men as a result, a sacking is not on the agenda.

That’s why the claim that the Hammers are looking at Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri is so far wide of the mark. The truth is there  is absolutely no appetite to sack Bilic within the Irons boardroom.

Sarri has  a buy out clause of around £7.5 million should another club want him and in West Ham terms that is an unthinkable amount to pay anyway.

The Hammers face four games at home out of the next five – including the League cup match against Bolton – and things could look much healthier at the end of a period.

League games against  Huddersfield, West Brom, Spurs and Swansea offer the opportunity for the team to collect a reasonable number of points and leave the poor start as an unfortunate memory

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “No boardroom appetite to fire Slav

  1. Some points would be nice……. but given the injury list already(!?!?!!?!) I’m not overly confident.

  2. Sullivan has ‘thrown Bilic under the bus’ by talking about him turning down some potential recruits, which was Sullivan deflecting criticism about the Transfer Window (again!) and putting the blame squarely on Bilic.

    Then Bilic laughing about the ‘Dildo Brothers’ stuff, and saying Sullivan ‘likes to talk’ – well, that indicates their relationship has really broken down – I can’t really see any way back!

    But, it depends on the Huddersfield result – if West Ham lose he could be gone by tomorrow night – if we win or draw the inevitable will be delayed!

    • I think your right mate but sad as to be honest is anyone calling for Klopps head after a football master giving him a thrashing on tactics with a good bunch of players too. I bet coutinho is really angry he didn’t get his wish to go to Barca especially as the deluded coach and fans think they can become a top four team regular. It’s the dildo boys that we need to get rid of asp.

  3. Clinical psychology is not my forte so i don’t know about their relationship breaking down.I will have to take your word for it.

    • One can but laugh mooro when you read fans declare that Bilic doesnt have any man management skills…is too soft in training or in the dressing room.You can only assume they have a spy fly in the dressing room or are a player who uses the blogs and forums.Its very amusing as they dont ACTUALLY have a clue.

  4. Who knows what the future will bring.Im sure Slaven will have the support of the fans at the ground.Not every fan wants his head even if the armchair amateur managers would have you believe so.

  5. I agree with the article, Slaven is a nice guy and everyone wants him to be successful. Unfortunately his decisions, tactics and team selections in the first 3 games have been terrible. In my opinion his team selection and formation tomorrow against Huddersfield is crucial. If he selects the correct team and formation and we lose then I lay the blame at the feet of the players. If he picks the wrong team and formation then I believe he should be sacked if we lose. The wrong team imo would be starting Carroll, playing Ayew in a two up top, playing Noble ahead of Obiang or Kouyate, playing a 4-3-3 tomorrow night when it is obvious we need to play two up top at home. I believe if he send out the wrong team and we lose he is in big trouble – big enough trouble to deserve to be sacked.

  6. I like Slaven as a man – but I don’t think much of him as a Manager – his decision making, his tactics, the line-ups, playing people out of position – you could pick him up on umpteen things – I just don’t think he’s up to the job!

  7. HAs to be either 4 3 3 or 4 4 2 for me . Would understand Carroll not starting but , if he is fit he should come on at some stage . This is a very big game for Bilic and if he starts with one up top we could be in trouble again ., and so could he . We most definitely should be expecting a win , anything less would be bad news .

  8. The way Citeh lined up with a 3-5-2 yesterday looked good, with 2 up top (Hernandez and ?) But seeing as Antonio has to play and can’t play wing back, that formations goes out the window. Shame.

  9. Ridiculous for anyone not present to state what the relationship is between the owners and the manager. Ridiculous to blame the owners for a lack of activity in the summer transfer window – a new RB with Prem and inetrnational experience, Britain’s goalkeeper, Chicharito, Arnautovic – looks pretty good to me. Far too much being read into the odd comment by manager and owners by those paid to sell papers to the fickle and gullible – round here we call it ****-stirring. Last year and this year so far we have failed to have a properly organised defence. Both Benitez and Allardyce managed to turn around teams who had the same problem within a few weeks and with (IMO) less quality. So yes, I believe Sullivan has a right to roast Slav’s toes in private. After all, Slav is an employee and the boss has a right to thump the desk. I don’t see any public comments from Sullivan that are being disloyal to his crew – just honest answers.

    • Sadly can’t agree, If people think Noble is now too slow, take a look Zabaletta, Britains goalie is no better than Adrian, and Arnie is a loose canon at best. Little Pea apart the window was sadly lacking.
      We needed at least one creative player to complement the Jewel ( even more importantly now he is out ) someone to break up play and another quality centre back. Carvalho was one answer, but
      enough said about that !

  10. No they just want him to Quit so don’t have to pay. But if De Boer is facing Sack Slav is under pressure too esp w same formation out of position and 5 games in 23 won.
    And yes on paper we have a good yet thin squad but we don’t have a United Team playing well together

  11. I want to see Slaven Bilic given to the end of November before the board considers sacking him. There’s been so much banging on about West Ham having conceded 10 goals in 3 games with zero points gained and being bottom of the Prem Most people have forgotten the three games have been all away from home, and some don’t even mention about the number of injuries we have (just like we had last season)…… Reid, Cresswell, Kouyate, Obiang Fernandes, Lanzini, Antonio, Carroll, and Sakho have each missed at least one game.(And don;t forget that silly sod, Arnautovic, and his stupidity in getting himself banned for three matches) …… If you take that many out of Arsenal or Tottenham’s squads then they would be severely depleted too. I am sure that once these players are all fully match fit and available for selection then the team’s league position will be much healthier. If there isn’t a vast improvement by the Everton away game on 29th November then you can call for Slaven’s head to roll. That’s ten games. It won’t be until then that we usually see a true reflection of the league table anyway – and I really don’t see the likes of Watford, Huddersfield and Burnley being anywhere near to the positions they’re currently in after so few games. West Ham will finish in the top half with the squad they’ve assembled for this season, when they’re ll fit. Give them time lads.

    • Im with you but you won’t stop the web warriors wanting everyone associated with West Ham to be sacked,dropped or kicked out of the club.

      • Thanks Macca for supporting my view……. I thought I was the lonely voice of reason and common sense! …….If the current mood doesn’t stop now, the doom n gloom brigade will probably pull our club down as it did in 1992 in reference to the infamous supporters’ Bond Scheme. The scheme was completely wrong, but the protesting achieved nothing except in sending our team back down after the 1991 promotion. Fortress Upton Park only really existed when times were good. When they weren’t, the heavy negative atmosphere caused nervousness amongst the players and too many points lost. I’ve been a supporter for many decades and my observations are particularly true of the past 30 seasons.

  12. I’m with TRB on this. Though if he loses Monday i think too many will be Billic out for the owners to resist

    • Thanks for supporting my view as well…….. I think that David Sullivan is too much of his own man to take any notice of seething, angry fans. The board will only sack Slaven Bilic this month if they already have someone to replace him. However, there is no ‘shortlist’ as the media suggest every day. Sullivan is smart enough to understand that the three adverse results, mainly due to the many injuries, an early suspension, and four new first teamers getting used to their new team – not to mention having to play every game away from home – are the genuine reasons for the poor start. Sullivan will not be having the same knee jerk reaction as the fans.

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