No Houdini…no hope…just go now Mr Allardyce!

samallardyce-cropped_o5z7qav742vd1nm9ev6q0oyyrSo where’s that Harry Houdini when we really need him?

Nowhere to be seen, proving once again Mr Samuel Allardyce’s entire managerial approach is the illusion we’ve always believed it to be.

Here are the first damning words to appear on the ClaretandHugh Facebook forum following yet another pitifiul and shameful defeat at the hands of a man we should have learned how to handle months ago.

They come from a Hammer of many years – a man who has quite simply – like thousands of others – had enough. Thy sum up my feelings and those of others perfectly.

Here they are:

“Hate to sound like a drama queen, but Allardyce has almost killed my love for WHU – I used to get so worked up about a defeat, but since the West Brom game I just feel “meh!”. Please get rid so that my desire comes back!”

That’s what we’ve come to and it’s a theme repeated in various forms across all ClaretandHugh forums. The game is up for Sam Allardyce. Please mate, just leave, walk away, call it a day or whatever term you midlands folk use and understand.

Even those who have loyally supported him through thick and thin have had enough. Their loyalty has been admirable but the overwhelming mood at all levels is for change.

Sam we really do want you gone and replaced by a younger model who truly understands the modern game.

We can’t win, we can’t see out games, we can’t hold leads and we fall to a man who does it to us over and over again – it’s just not on.

Surely, a man so concentrated on defence as the West Ham manager should have given such a threatening individual as Lukaku the closest possible attention in training yet towards the end he had the run of the pitch. One word – it was PATHETIC.

This game like so many others was a disaster and it is now highly unlikely that Sam Allardyce will achieve the 50 point target he has set himself these past weeks.

We are gonna finish in eleventh place by the looks of things and Newcastle have infinitely more at stake sitting fourth off bottom as they approach their game against us next weekend.

Let this season end PLEASE…and Davids make this misery end – Sam Allardyce’s time is done – it really is.


About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

60 comments on “No Houdini…no hope…just go now Mr Allardyce!

  1. Enough said !!!!! Hopeless the first goal could of been avoided we break on them pass sideways instead of forwards and before you know it osmans put it in our net not good enough !

  2. I was about to write “You couldn’t make this up.” But that would sound naive. You don’t need to make it up; it’s reality for WHU since December.

    I thought the game itself was a step up from the last few performances in terms of entertainment. But Noble looks lost, and although I admire his loyalty to the club, to offer him 15 million quid’ish over six years looks like a mistake.

    There is no doubt we are the laughing stock of the Premier League. To promise so much early in the season and to finish so poorly, with so many last minute freebies for the opposition is tragic. I feel genuinely sorry for the fans that stump up the cash every week; all I have to do is watch it on TV over here. Words fail me. I don’t know how much more I can add apart from I am tired of every pundit who has nothing invested in our club telling me BFS has done a good job. I swear they are are just winding us up.

  3. Hippo has been talking of reaching the fifty point barrier for about two months now.It has gone beyond a joke.If fans still want to keep Allardyce good luck & i dont care if i get called anti-allardyce,i am! if he stays this club is going to be in an almighty rut that even Houdini wont get us out of.Be careful what you wish for Sam fans,it may even be you not us who bring this club down onto its knees if you get what you want!!!!

    • No Cluedini more like. At the end of last season he was a dead man walking as far as im concerned. He was given one last chance on the proviso and conditions that 1. Top half finish bare minimum with realistic hopes of top eight. Abject failure. 2. A GOOD cup run. Enough said. Abject failure. 3. A more flamboyant and more expansive style. Although a promising start (in spite of Allardyce, not because of him) to the campaign, again…… Abject failure. He’s gone. No doubt about it. The consequences of completely alienating the fans don’t bear thinking about to Dave and Dave.

  4. Everyone will say again that this man can guarantee the stability I’ll answer him he is the one who has problems of (mental) stability… lol


  5. He has had no answers for months now,The mans arrogance to still be talking about a new contract beggers belief.IF he is offered one all hell will break loose.

  6. We should have got rid of this mug last summer.If not then,then a couple of months ago.The compensation due to him was surely a lot smaller than the amount we have lost in position money keeping the muppet.The board screwed up & now we have a deflated team,deflated fans & an over inflated hippo at the club.Just get rid of the idiot for god sake Davids.

  7. I have an awful feeling we are in for a nasty surprise regarding our desire to be rid of… him..
    Brady has been professing her knowledge of our problems in her column in the Beano and according to her it’s injuries and lack of potency in front of goal.
    I rather think it has more to do with lack of potency in the boardroom when it comes to Lord of the Pies being furnished with his P45.

    We here are all singing quite rightly from the same page though…

    I just hate the way that Allardici has used his tactical nouse to stifle the West Ham faithful – because THAT is his only achievement since his hugely regrettable arrival in E13.

  8. Did you see this on SKY… West Ham manager Sam Allardyce is still unsure about his West Ham future with negotiations still ongoing with the owners.
    Surly this can`t be true… can it? Negotians still ongoing!

    • Been saying that for weeks now.Basically means they wont be saying anything to anyone until the season has ended.Not time to panic…YET!!!!lol

  9. Brady seems to have a soft spot for Sammy,must be love.If he stays next year we will have more of this crap.Carroll will comeback,play two games then be injured for 3 months,fat legs Nolan will be running around like a headless chicken because Sammy will still have him as captain.It will be a nightmare.Bottom 6 or 7 if he stays,cant see how it wouldnt be,we wont have a flyer like the start of this season to fall back on.Still believe he will go though,fingers crossed.

  10. Just back from the match and the crying shame is I agree with the poster in the article we lose at home and I just feel meh! This so called tactical genius has drained the passion out of me and many others and for the sake of our sanity must go never to darken our door again.
    The one bright spot of the afternoon was Cheik Kouyate during the lap of appreciation he hadn’t reached the goal in front of the BML by the time the rest of them had completed the lap he was so busy posing for photos and signing autographs,a true gent unlike the rest of them.
    Falling to 11th now means the fat one hasn’t achieved what has been asked of him so Daves in 6 days 22 and a half hours you know what you must do for the sake of the club we all love and for our sanity and that’s tell the deluded buffoon there’s no room on the coach unless he wants a lift to Sunderland.
    Keep the faith COYI

  11. Bloody fool.How embarressing is it going to be if Palace go above us last game of the season.When we were in the top four they were in the relegation zone earlier in the season.What a cock up

  12. I trust in your words Big Ben Quick… If Sam stays you’ll follow Rads at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea… Lol 🙂

    • Haha wouldn’t mind floating on the Adriatic if I’m in it I’ll change my name to Jonah and maybe the Samuel the whale can save me,he must be good for something lol

      • Ahahah… I love “Samuel the whale”… Lol

        • Glad you like it. I’m getting too keen,the quick countdown was a day short earlier but I can confirm it’s 7 days 21 and a half hours to go

  13. I feel the same mate, if you want Sam , have him but dont ask me to like him, id rather lose playing good football than lose playing his way, it would be ok if he was anice person bu hisnot send him ack to dudllie

  14. Hi Hugh,
    please look back over your records and you will see back in January when we were in the top 6, I predicted we would finish with 47 points………..no I am not a psychic or a medium, just a thoroughly heartbroken faithfully fan who has watched West Ham for nearly 57 years. Ernie Gregory was in the goal I stood behind at 7 years of age, I am now nearly 65. John Dick & Vic Keeble were my hero’s then.
    I have NEVER in all those years (even through our relegations, 1st Division & Championship struggles) has my loyalty, desire, passion & love for this club been even slightly dented, or diminished in any way.
    Until recently, and today I have finally realised my devotion has vanished and I feel nothing after this result. In the past, after a loss I would not watch M.O.D, read the Sunday papers or sometimes not speak about the result for several days, this was the strength of my heartache if my beloved Hammers were defeated.
    This Manager has removed all the feeling I have for this club in just a few months, with his arrogance, self denial and down right stubborn attitude.
    I watched the great Sir Bobby Moore make his debut against Man U after queuing up with my Dad for four hours outside the old Chicken Run, stood in the pouring rain at Hillsborough soaked through to the skin, when we beat Man U 3-1 in the 1964 FA Cup Semi-final after losing at home 3-0 to them the week before, and so on, and so on, now sadly at this time, these treasured memories mean nothing.

    Thanks Mr Allardyce for ruining my Club, my passion and my love of football.

    • I can’t claim to have been going as long but I feel your pain. Perfectly worded it captured exactly how I feel. But please keep the faith in just over a week this will all just be a sad memory and you can look forward to a great season starting in August without the dinosaur in the dugout

    • You will get the passion back my friend.Allardyce has many of us all feeling the same way.I went today with a totally empty feeling,just going through the motions to be honest.I am sick of feeling like this.Just want to get the buzz back i used to have on match day.People can say it aint Sams fault,well it is,it is because of the negative,dull football im going to watch almost without fail that i have no enthusiasm.This is what makes me so mad when people say they would keep him.He is killing many peoples match day enjoyment.

      • Thanks for your reply Chickenrunner,
        I will try and keep the faith, as Hammers fans WE ARE THE BEST and I could never support anyone else.

  15. On a more cheerful note! I`m getting married on the 15th June at West Ham`s ground.
    The ceremony will be held in the home team changing room, then go pitch side for photographs, then up to the Greenwood and Lyle sweet for the reception!

    Happy days.

    • Congrats geezer,check the bath before the ceremony,Sam might be in it wallowing,only his nose & ears stuck up above the bubblebath 😉

  16. New two year contract for Samuel.Today he has totally made me reassess my thinking.That free flowing performance has made me believe in him again!!Stay with us Samuel.FFS,someone shoot me pls,i need to be put out of my hippo misery,lol 😀

  17. Yep,i agree Rads.Just got back myself,should have know Lukaku or Everton would do what they normally do.Still,look on the brightside,the season is almost over,hippo could be gone soon.Pls,pls,pls,pls!! 😉

  18. Your times nearly up Sam with your negative tactics. Newcastle must be thanking there lucky stars that they will be getting 3 points saving them from relegation in there final home game of the season

  19. I’ve changed my mind……
    Can we please please please get rid of this fat usless c###… i am sick to death of him & his sh#t. Go now never ever darken our door steps again. Even if another one of his “teams” come to us, still ban him from getting in…. aaaahhhhh

  20. Lol,seems like you needed to let that out essex 😀

  21. Sams”(not for much longer”)softies one,toffees,two! surprise ,surprise???.

  22. Does fergie sponsor our games? Keep playing until we f##k it up..
    You know wen you meet some one & think that they have a face you would never get fed up punching……… well….. i might have someone in mind…

  23. Dear Houdini, I suggest you a bodyguard. You know, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to wander the London’s streets alone… You are too popular and you would run the risk of being stopped to sign autographs… Lol

  24. Just seen the last post and thought it summed up everything I feel! While a fraction younger in loyalty, 64 my first game, we walked out after the Everton winner with a sense of ‘should I be surprised’ and a feeling of resignation, SA is killing all the passion felt for years on the North Bank, West Side, etc…..now I just want this to end – been thru Rodent, Grant, Curbishley but really think this is as bad as it gets in terms of destroying how I feel about the club…..they’ve got our money for next year but right now I wish I hadn’t bothered!!

    Keep hoping to see what we all want to see on Sky Sports……..him gone!!

  25. I can think of many i would love to punch,every single ******* still trying to defend Allardyce or make lame excuses for him.What a bunch of total ****ers.

  26. Cant believe people still wanna keep the idiot.What other fans would still want to keep a fella who has given them three wins in twenty matches.Those wins against the might of Burnley,Hull & Sunderland.All at home.All three relegation fodder.We are now third from bottom in the form guide for the last six matches,sat between Qpr & Burnley,two teams already down,but QPR are above us in it,that just shows what a joke this situation is.

  27. Hammerman I couldnt agree more. I too remember the team of 57/8. 57 years of entertainment has been ruined by this oaf . When Downing scored I couldnt even be bothered to cheer

    Please please let him go and may the passion return

  28. What ever they say on other sites this is the heart beat of our club and today it stopped beating, no not for good but I have read the post above and it hurts to see so many faithful suffering,
    This club has gone through bad times but never have the love of this club been under threat
    We will get through this and grow stronger but the board need to act now,
    No more press release,s from BFS
    End it now not 7 days release a press release BFS will not be offered a new contract
    We need something from you DS AND DG TO KEEP OUR FAITH

    • Im sick of it bubs,just read some guy on another site digging out the fans for not staying to applaud the players on their lap of honour because the players deserved better treatment.I felt like going mad & commenting but gave it a swerve.

      • Thats that bloody Coker saying all that ****.I read it myself just now.He is in Hippos suit top pocket,he replaces the handkerchief.He feels honoured if sam snots on him.Big Sam arselicker!

        • That Dan Coker is just ‘company man’ so to speak.He spreads the word of The Irons great achievements even when we have been useless.He always says he is unbiased but he is so totally up Sams ass its embarressing.Think i would listen to him for about 2 mins in the boozer before i would have to lump him one.

  29. I have been trying so very hard of late to find reasons to back Big Sam that now I feel a little let down by West Hams latest showing at Home to Everton . Even the man himself didn’t express any desire to continue ( fans have of course had a huge hand in it ) as Manager .
    If the desire is gone there is not a lot I can say in support … Maybe it is after all time for a change .. He is still a top manager , but being beaten today , our Last game at home for the season is extremely painful …. It would be typical of West Ham to beat Newcastle away next week and send them Down ,,, but too little too late for me .
    Sad really , because we were doing so well . .. Not feeling great at the moment , but happy to be still in the Premiership is about all I can say . COYI .

    • You know when you get that small chip in your windshield and it slowly starts to “spider web”…

  30. Oh dear KN,dont be down in the dumpsYoure supposed to come here to entertain us with some banter & to laugh your socks off at us,lol,dont thinkk this serious,sad,let down Kevin is so good 😉

  31. Hammer6. I feel your pain.if he stays i won’t return. I want the rush up or down.he has killed it for me too.

  32. Kevin. Listen. If allardyce is a top manager what is Mourinho Wenger etc. he’s a nothing manager without a trophy to his name who has tried to claim that saving us from relegation or improving two places on last season is success. Along the way he has divided our greatest asset – the amazing whufc fans and has trampled over a tradition of amazing football. The day he goes will be the greatest in our long history.

  33. Ahah… Kevin Kevin… Just a question… Who is your pusher? I think he’s the best in the world… From now on, no more junk, it makes you say strange things like “he is still a top manager”…. I’m just concerned about your health… Lol

  34. Just want this season to end . Next season will be another let down if we can’t keep our key players fit , no matter who is manager . Don’t forget there are 10 teams below us . We had a good first half to the season and a miserable second half . Other teams have had it the other way around . I am just as fed up as anybody else , but we are still a premiership club.
    Let’s be greaful for small mercy’s and steal ourselves for next season ., no matter who ends up as Manager . It would be nice to see us playing some attractive football though .

  35. Come on cheer up Kevin,we will start again August with a fresh slate.Dont be so down my man 😀

  36. Dear kevin maybe you don’t understand that the real problem is the Fat Man. You can’t say “no matter who is manager”. If Allardyce stays it’s very obvious that this is only going to get worse. You think West Ham crashed by coincidence? And when you write “don’t forget there are 10 teams below”… Come on, it’s pathetic… Leicester is below but plays an amusing football, much better than ours. Do you think that is just a coincidence? Do you want entertaining football? BFS OUT, that’s the answer. Good night Little Kev.

  37. I get knocked down , but I get up again . COYH . Oh boy oh boy oh boy ,, these messages are hard work .

  38. West Ham fans should arrange an open top bus parade along the Barking Road on the day Allardyce leaves the club. As it would somehow feel like a cup win or a promotion.

  39. Haha,love it H,would be a great day.But im sure there would still be tears shed by some delusional Sam admirers.Ones who say they have the best interests of the club at heart.Well im struggling to believe that atm if they seriously want Allardyce to stay 😉

  40. Kevin I feel for you as you have reached the point we have been at for 2 years,
    BUT you have not given me those dates and the teams we played that amazing football against since Xmas,
    I am a forgiving sort of old troll but I am not letting you off so easy,
    I just hope Diamie will enjoy his championship football ( Hull you ere conned )
    It’s a new day lads we did not loose a big game and we knew what was going to happen
    So let’s look forward
    Who is it going to be Rafa or Bilic ?

  41. Tranmere want you Sam!(and Nolan).

  42. Did anybody else notice the first two songs played after the game? Town called Malice & Telegram Sam! Coincidence? Only hoping that the “Telegram” to “Sam” consists of one word – “goodbye”…..

  43. Lol,hope so.I never noticed the songs,i was too busy commiting the murder of Samuel in my head.My mind was consumed by that for about 1/2hr while i walked from the ground 😀

  44. If Sam stays I will not put a foot inside Upton Park again, as sad as that will be after 55 years of supporting West Ham that is a fact. Whilst that man is in charge I will not attend any game, I will probably go and support my local team, DOVER ATHLETIC, they have a progressive Manager and an exciting team and are on the way up, unlike Alladyces’ West Ham.
    Please Davids get rid NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GIVE AN OLD MAN SOME HOPE FOR THE FUTURE let us play as we did when you were supporting the team, not like we are now, Sams’ substitutions and selections are the reason we are where we are nothing to do with the players , he ruined a perfectly good system just to find places for CARROLL & NOLAN what a mistaka to makea.
    Get rid or the OS will be half empty and we will be playing in the Championship with a stadium which holds 54,000 it will sound like an empty shell. Tragic if you let that happen , tragic.

  45. We all know that Sam is a xxxxxxx. And a xxxx but if the team that he “” MANAGES” are as bad as he says they are!! I would have thought he would be glad to walk out,”(PLEASE”).

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