No Nene fitness fears


NeneheavenWest Ham believe that new signing Nene could  be ready to play within a week if he is required.

The Brazilian winger signed for the Hammers yesterday on a short term contract but unlike former out of contract signing Carlton Cole won’t take any time at all to get up to full fitness.

There are fears that the former PSG player would find himself at the centre of a new power battle between manager Sam Allardyce and co chairman David Sullivan after the manager was reportedly reluctant to the player’s arrival.

But it was made clear to ClarertandHugh that the boss would be unable to claim “fitness” as an issue should the player not appear on the pitch or is used only in miniscule cameo performances.

A well placed source said: “The club searched the world for unattached strikers to boost numbers. Nene last played under a month ago, so might only be a week away from playing .

“We needed someone who could step straight in should there be any problems with our front line strikers and he fits the bill given the restriction on options.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    fingers crossed it works out well. He’s all we could find at this time, and a massive gamble, so don’t expect too much from him, then we might be pleasantly suprised.

  • rads45 says:

    You dont need to be fit to sit on a bench watching football.Thats the only place he will end up with Samasaurus picking the team.He will never pick him just to annoy Sullivan because he was Sullivans signing not his own.Zarate all over again.

  • bubs says:

    There is no place for him if the squad are fit as we have been told,if he goes on the bench with Nolan,Cole,Ginge or Read,Alfitano or Noble, Demel or O,Brien,and Jarvis pick any 5 there will be no place for Lee,Oxford,Boothe or Henry so no growth within as normal under BFS.
    It’s as if this has been done 1 to keep our minds off BFS .
    Or 2 to make BFS tow the line ur else,
    1 is not going to work on me and 2 still does not get rid of the problem.
    What do you think conkerpot ?

  • rads45 says:

    Personally im up for it as a signing.If we lose Sakho or Valencia it leaves us with Cole as the only regularly played back up.He has come on a free & we are probably paying him nothing outrageous.All he is doing is taking Carrolls spot in the matchday squad.If we bought in no one people would be complaining that Carroll is out & we have done nothing to replace him in the squad.Its fine short term for me.If it goes to the normal script then we wont take up the one year option on him,just use him for the last 13 matches.Plus signing him has opened the divide more between Sullivan & Samasaurus,that cant be a bad thing 😉

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    I am also in favor of signing hin because we need a body.It won’t be a fit one though so it will take a couple of weeks. He will sit on the bench for Amalfitano and Carroll so he was necessarym and I’m sure he will play.

  • oldiron says:

    The silence on this signing is deafening from Sam, was this done to push him over the edge, Sullivan saying this is our Club you are only managing it.
    Nene could be a great signing IF Sam ever plays him in his right position, he may well play him out of position to annoy the player and Sullivan, time will tell.
    The arrogant one will let us know in time what he will do, I await with baited breath.


  • rads45 says:

    In my personal opinion i think Sam is walking into the QPR job in the summer.Fernandes tweeted he had found his ideal manager for his club a couple of weeks back & he wasnt on about Sherwood.He then a couple of days later put Ramsey in charge until the end of the season.I think Samasauras & his pet Nolan could well be there next year.Poor QPR supporters,there in for a real treat if it happens.I could be wrong,it is just a feeling i have.

  • mattefumi69 says:

    Anyway, the fact that there’s a discrepancy between the wishes of the coach and those of the owners is embarassing. Davids make available really good players and our sophisticated manager put them on the edge… simply a genius.

  • rads45 says:

    Btw Oldiron,yes your 100% right.Sams has been very vocal in the press about this signing hasnt he,he has shown real enthusiasm for it hasnt he.When it is someone he has signed he is shouting it from the rooftops about the guys abilities & telling everyone how hard he has worked to bring the guy to the club.With this signing nothing is heared 🙂

  • Wait a minute. Carroll’s injured again and the need was for cover. Not pushing anyone anywhere. Just the same situation as when cole came. Not getting this “pushing Sam toi the edge thing” They really don’t need to

    • Hammerman6 says:

      I agree its not to push anyone anywhere…….but why have we had no press comment from the manager about the new signing. Why hasn’t he spoken of when he feels his availability, skills and positional play can effect our push for a top 6 finish.
      No sorry Hugh, you and the majority of the fans who commit to this site, know that the poor chap (Nene) is being used as a pawn in a power struggle. Its Zarategate the sequel.
      I for one am getting really fed up with the same ol’ comments.
      Why can’t we be like any other club really excited about a new signing who just might get the bubbles blowing and the club on the up again.

      • rads45 says:

        It is difficult to be excited about a guy that we all know will be given minimal playing time if Sam has his way.Personally i have expressed my opinion that it is a necessary signing & i look forward to seeing what he can bring to us.IF he can actually get on the pitch.Sam won the Zarate battle,i hope this doesnt go the same way.It is nothing to do with lacking excitement,it is just a realisation that we will probably see little of him in the next 13 matches 😉

        • Hammerman6 says:

          I agree entirely mate it, it’s so bloody frustrating, thinking ‘Oh great’ a Brazilian with flair in the squad, we spend hours travelling to the games, pay good money to watch & support, and then spend 90 minutes wondering, if we will, as you rightly put it actually see him.
          I haven’t seen Poyet live yet. He’s been with us since last summer !!

  • rads45 says:

    So if that is all there is to it Hugh,just a signing to replace an injury then why did you write an article saying he is a pawn in a game & this issue could become the biggest show in town in the next 13 matches?.Now you say thay there is nothing to read into it,but in the other article you clearly believed there was.Just saying 😉

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