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No plan…no structure …what do they do in training?

By Simon Leyland

I believe that the younger fans of our site use the expression FFS when tapping away on their phones. For once, despite their strange clothing. use of bad language  and lack of grammar- I agree with them.

There was no shame in losing to Brighton who are excellent at the moment. But as the venerable Hughie pointed it out in a previous post, the shame is the manner in which West Ham lost. No shots in the second half and conceding more goals screams relegation form.

Moyes with Warburton perhaps discussing how to stop the players looking like strangers on the pitch

This is all beginning to sound like a broken record and how do we forgive the fact that nearly £200 million was spent over the summer which should have seen West Ham push on.

I’d love to know what West Ham do in training all week. We play like a bunch of strangers, with no plan or structure. That must be on the ashen faced Supremo and his staff.

If he doesn’t go soon we’ll be sleepwalking to relegation !

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One comment on “No plan…no structure …what do they do in training?

  1. Containment. How to stop other teams playing football rather than how to play football ourselves.

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