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No rest for the Hammers ahead of Bournemouth

BilicThe weary West Ham squad returned to the country in teh early hours of the morning and will get no respite ahead of the game against Bournemouth on Sunday.
Manager Slaven Bilic revealed at his pre-Sunday presser: “We are all in!  Some guys who played yesterday are having regeneration, and the guys who stayed here are having a proper session.

“The game is in two days, so there are no days off. We have a big game, and after Bournemouth, we have a game against Man City, and then we can have a breather.

“It’s a tough situation but we wanted to be in the Europa League. We wanted to be in the position to qualify, and we are. It’s not job done but it’s a good result. Hopefully we’re going to make it.”
The squad appear to ahve been having a punishing schedule since the start of the pre-season but there is no let up th Slaven declaring: “We knew that we had five games until the international break, and there isn’t going to be a lot of training, just travelling. “
Looking back at last season’s clash with the Cherries he said:  “They forced us to make those mistakes, because they pressed very high. They had a good game, and we were not good in the first half.
“You can’t expect seven goals in many games these days, but if it happens, you expect it in the Premier League! I expect us to be much more solid in this game.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

12 comments on “No rest for the Hammers ahead of Bournemouth

  1. Adrien did not play
    Arthur,Reid ,Payet,Feggolui,Kouyate,Novedt did not play
    AC Collins had a break,
    Noble ,Obiang,Oxford,Burke,Ogbonna Randolf Byram needed the game to get them nearer fitness,
    Light training today and tomorrow what’s the problem or is it there second job working 8 hours a day as hod carries that is making them tiered ?

  2. I playe’d sat / sun 11 a side , 7a side midweek on red oker , trained once a week,
    And held a full time job working all hours god sent for the dosh ,
    No problem , even played for 3 months with a fractured instep ,
    Then went on the lash after games and ended up with a ruby or a no27 ?
    Their second job bubs was playing the x,box in complete luxury !!
    Every team in Europe plays and has the same problems, are we any different to them ?
    Get on with it !!!! Not interested at all !!

  3. Well if we qualify for the EL main they will have to get used to it.What a great way to give the likes of Burke,Oxford & Fletcher some playing time & experience though.If we draw a team in Spain they could even pop round bubs for an all nighter on the booze 😀

  4. If they went to bubs for a beer no one would see them for the next two weeks lol

  5. I’d love a job where I worked for 180mins a week, plus a bit of practice for stupid money. How can these “elite athletes” possibly be tired?!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  6. ….I’m pretty sure that none of them put in the hours the Brownlees do…

  7. It’s a p1sstake lads.Someone mentioned Andy Murray yesterday & it was bang on the money.The man goes out plays 5 hour matches sometimes with extensive sprinting,stretching,jumping,using almost every muscle in his body & then goes out the following day & does it again on occasion & generally 3 or 4 hours every other day for months with minimal breaks between tournaments & very rarely breaksdowns.These prima donnas mince around for a few hours each day in training & then 90 or 180 minutes a week.Ok I understand it’s a contact sport but give me strength they really are turning into pampered girlies lol

  8. I hope we do draw a Spanish side because lads you will all be welcome
    Unlucky it won’t be either of the Valencia teams as Valencia had a really bad season and the second club Lavante were relegated,
    I just wish the club would ban staff and players not to come up with excuses for any performance
    We had enough of that in the past and I think most were covered,

  9. Well it is factual what he said & teams who have qualified for the Europa league have tended to suffer in the main in the league but if we are going to play starting XIs that differ vastly it really shouldn’t be an issue.We have to make it in to the league section of it first however lol
    We probably wont though because I have read today on Wets that Bilic isn’t intelligent or successful,so there you go,we have no chance now the gods have spoken lol

  10. I can’t get my head round all the drama surrounding the start of this season.I mean no one thinks Slaven Bilic is infallible,no one says he won’t or doesn’t make errors but what managers dont make mistakes.But this constant groaning after such a short time at the start of the season is ridiculous.Would they be happy if he walked??.Judging by some of the inane comments I read I wonder.

  11. It’s happened then as we knew it would AC has his time out PAID injured again,
    Well done Daves you could have got £15 million for him brought Bony and we would be in a good place,
    Now you will be desperate to become friends with Sak again and tell him how he was always our number 1 forward,
    What a lovely thought our future could depend on VALENCIA
    Enough to start you drinking

  12. F*cking hell is Bambi on Ice injured again bubs? Did they take the bubble wrap off too early again.Maybe it’s bs but I doubt it.Bolloxs,nah he can’t be injured again.What the f*c k did the China doll do this time?

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